Tucker: CNN attacks Bernie Sanders for being ‘sexist’

Tucker: CNN attacks Bernie Sanders for being ‘sexist’

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  1. He has to feel so disgusted that his own party continues to cheat him over n over again. CNN needs to disappear already, i would be ashamed to work there at this point.

  2. Bernie: What do you mean CNN won't turn on me!?

    Me: they gotta have those ratings, I thought you were smarter than that…

    even if trump didn't exist, the Democrats are gonna go cutthroat anyway… so I'm not surprised.

  3. I love how Warren immediately drops her head when the question was being asked, her body language shows that it was a lie, for those who follow Sanders and actually watch and follow him knows that he never once said that, and it is fact he has championed women's rights his entire career. The real facts if people choose to actually look, the Sanders campaign has the biggest donor, volunteer, and biggest grass roots campaign to date, it's to bad the corporate media will never be honest to say a real populist is in position to take the nomination!!!!

  4. Why do we as Americans even allow a socialist to run for president. I mean hes gonna loose to trump again but just curious

  5. i personally would not like to see bernie become president, but i would love to see him be the one winning the democrates votes to run for presidency.. just to win from this warren lieing politician who calls him out to be sexist.. bernie for decades has said on record a woman can be president.. such a cheap shot

  6. well.
    Should I believe Bernie Sanders, who has been true to his beliefs even when it wasn't politically expedient to do so, or should I believe Elizabeth "talks-with-a-forked-tongue" Warren, the Last of the Fauxhicans?
    Really, can't decide.
    I don't believe I'm saying this…. I agree with Tucker Carlson.
    He proved to have more integrity as a journalist than the whole CNN.
    Sure, Fox News attacks Bernie all the time, but we all can agree, across the board, whatever our political views are, that the Fox News Town Hall was leagues above the CNN debate in fairness.

    that "precisely according to plan" had ne doubled over. ahahahah

  7. Absolutely 100 percent right. If Sanders is the candidate, the Democratic party regulars, and big money donors, and business CEO' s, and billionaires won't stand for it.

  8. whether you like Bernies policies or not, there is no doubt he has been the most consistant politician of the past decades. To believe that he is a sexist is just plain ridiculous.

  9. Warren's campaign is dead – she is 3rd/4th in the polls. She stabbed Bernie in the back to try to gain Biden's VP spot in June. She'll drop out in February, blame sexism, then endorse Biden. Bank on it.

  10. I'm a Bernie supporter and this is not the first time I realized CNN is terrible. They have always been trash like all cable news including Fox.

  11. I hate Tucker when it comes to immigration cause that hits home……Wish He could change his stance on that however im glad he is speaking to his about how Bernie DIDNT call warren that.

  12. The media's all fine until they attack YOUR guy for no reason.
    Either way, welcome to the club, Bernie bros. Don't worry, everyone makes it here eventually.

  13. The rich are trying to divide the oppressed lower class with identity politics and distractions. Left and right have a common enemy.

  14. I never understood the energy behind Trump until seeing the way liberal elites silence a genuine guy like Sanders. I still think Trump is a massive fraud and his movement is dangerous, but the energy behind him wants to crush these corrupt capitalists as much as I do. Watching them squirm is satisfying.

  15. Thanks CNN for bringing bringing a new wave of young blood to the right side of the isle, now they know how untrustworthy you are too.

  16. Tucker Carlson is a bottom 7 nights a week, but he’s right on this one. To be fair, he plays whatever tune his sponsors call, so Pot, meet Kettle. Love to see Faux AND CNN eat a bag.

  17. I can see from India it was scripted and i also mention this same clip in don't walk run production YouTube channel video

  18. Bernie has the receipts to back up his claims. He's said on numerous occasions on video going back to the 80s, when he still had hair on the top of his head, that a women could be president. Chief pale face Warren has a long history of lying and/or embellishing stories. Bernie probably said I don't think you could win against Trump and she took it as because she's a women therefore Bernie doesn't think a women can win.

  19. Top 3 reasons why I watch CNN:
    1) Biased political agenda
    2) No facts (except their hatred for Trump running #1= fact)
    3) Oh wait- I don't.

  20. CNN supported Elizabeth Warrented Snake 🐍 or the consistent Bernie the commie? Even me who does not live in USA will choose the consistent Bernie the Commie!

  21. I am actually beginning to like Tucker Carlson. He's got more sense and candor than I thought. To hell with the biased corporate elites

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  23. Bernie attracts voters from the right because he’s a genuine politician—fighting for the working class. All you have to do is listen to him, instead of listening what other say about him.

  24. I think Bernie is the only non corrupt candidate on the democratic side. He has a lot of bad ideas (good heart but ideas that would never work) and not corrupt non the less. I find it really ironic that the left is now attacking Bernie when he is the one they should be supporting if they want a chance to win at all

  25. i am happy to see him understand how stupid it is to think Bernie would ever say something so ridiculous, and while I do disagree with the majority of Carlson says, i just loved how he went in on how absolutely stupid CNN is. Jesus at least the right actually have a news network that helps them.

  26. 4:00 – “Ask his first wife.”🤣 Oh Tucker, you’d be surprised how many [sane] people on the left really like you. Carry on, sir.

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