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  1. The Climate Scam (UN Agenda 21) is about making money .. wiping out the middle class.. Hunger games… Stack and Pack… getting people off the land.. The 'Climate Emergency' is nothing more than an attack on humanity by Satanists. Its about world fascism. Planting trees is not what they're interested in because this is not about 'saving the planet' its about enslaving mankind.

  2. Do we realize here that absolute certainty is almost impossible, that is why climate change is still called a theory. Gravity is a theory, atoms are a theory, in many respect anything outside our minds is a theory in that we can’t be certain of it. Just so u know

  3. The U.S. Forest Service plants thousands of Trees every year. Plus the referb of lands after a fire. Yet they are so underfunded it is a crime.

  4. Another day, another Trump scandal and crime….Judge Orders President Trump To Pay $2 Million For Charity Foundation Misuse
    Sooo much winning!!!

  5. Carlson get Pres.Trump to backdrop all his accomplishments on a backdrop or digital tv when he is at the rallys,,we don't even know half, he has done so many. good publicity for him,

  6. About time the facts come out with a common sense person, plants breathe Co2 and expel oxygen, need more co2 and more plant life

  7. When we bought our 80 acre piece of land in Michigan 20 years ago it was inhabited by invader species weeds and a few trees. Within the first three years we planted 1800 trees which are now becoming a forest. In the last 6 years we have hand planted at least another 1800 native species trees. I rarely fly because I hate the whole cattle call atmosphere of modern flying. Call your local USDA and volunteer to help plant trees if you want to be a real environmentalist.

  8. It will NEVER happen…The purpose of the Man Made Climate Change INSANITY is One to Fleece the Taxpayers and Two …Keeping the Sheep in the Herd…

  9. Insects and corpses, don't be a bigot Tucker, don't forget the corpses. ??

    Btw, after all the pedophile cases, gender fluidity and corpse eating they can't deny this wokeness is just a satanist cult.

  10. The elites flying private jets and chomping on their premium burgers, while asking the peons to eat bugs. Ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffet what is their favorite meal – the burger!

  11. Sounds like another tax for travellers! Go to town and then plant 40 trees or PAY THE COUNCIL TO PLANT THEM FOR YOU – Nice earner for the politicians.

  12. Soros and Biden is (paying to play) the Democratic party. All Dems are involved! Since 2016 they've fought this President, they don't want to be caught! Think about it.

  13. Who the hell knows what will happen in the next year or 12 years , it sure won’t be climate change , look for something more apocalyptic like a meteor our Sun or something beneath out planet or oceans we haven’t experienced in a gigantic scale ! Mother Nature has survived with and without us for millions of years and we are along for the ride ! Water quality or the lack of it is what we should focus on more so than air pollution at the moment, from micro organisms that give us life that is the real danger , the old saying , out of sight out of mind !

  14. Climate change has nothing to do with The cars emissions Because volcanoes around the world do more damage than our cars do. It's the hole in our ozone that is the problem lol

  15. If you think about it and look at the 2016 election map, there are far more trees in red, less densely populated areas and hardly any trees in blue very densely populated areas. So, in reality, conservatism is far better for the climate!

  16. Tucker, I dislike the Dems these days but with this BS you go on about that climate change does not exist, you (and the GOP) are losing the youth vote. The best thing you can do is say nothing.

  17. Mankind has absolutely no effect on the world's climate. It's been recently proven that deforestation has no effect on oxygen production. All this climate change talk is just a waste of time and money that could best be used elsewhere. But please, don't throw that trash on the ground. Makes you look like an idiot.

  18. I plant trees all the time lol they're all nuts! Join the Arbor Day Foundation! Very interesting, you gotta be green in your own way! Everyone sez they do but don't. I cut dead trees n take felled ones, for every one I plant one! How hard is that! N recycling is a joke! My ex worked in a landfill, it ALL goes there anyway! N you wouldn't believe what the stores throw away for a tax write off! That's why they don't want you dumpster diving, you're not getting garbage! You're getting new product! So who's to blame? NOT YOU! NOT ME! THEM!

  19. Trump stole millions from his charity, stole millions from his inaugural funds, stole millions from Trump university, Who pays the millions for his golf outings? Who pays the millions for his lawyers? Trump owes millions to cities for his rallies. WHO PAYS ALL THESE BILLS? AMERICAN TAX PAYERS DO. WHY SHOULD WE? TRUMP LIES TO US.

  20. They think the world is going to end in 12 years. Even the people who made the first calendar who thought the world was going to end at the end of the year are smarter then them.

  21. We still have Arbor Day back home …Honestly its a great pleasure to see trees you planted 20 plus years ago,I look at all the windbreaks we put on our farm and remember my Dad Mum brothers and my sister spending a week planting the trees brings back good memory's.

  22. Kamala Harris: "Sure, plant more trees so you can have more lynchings."
    Joe Biden: "I'll have some nice chamomile, thanks."

  23. Hey Lib Nuts!COW FARTS are the Smell of MONEY here in Fly Over Country!Those Philly STEAK and CHEESE sandwiches will GO Extinct under Your Plans!SAVE MY LUNCH!

  24. Climate change is real…

    …It's always changing. It always has and always will. So they're not lying, but they ARE trying to bend the truth to manipulate you in order to steal more of your money and gain more power.

  25. Plant a tree for every illegal immigrant. Carbon footprint much larger when an immigrant leaves 3rd world countries. Democrats are incurably inconsistent.

  26. The political system of the United States is comprised of emotional "reasoners" aka Democrats and critical thinkers aka Republicans.

  27. Stop it with the BS. Just make sure you can create enough ancient Ice to replace the already melted and melting ancient Ice.

  28. Tree try to hug me! (They just love me for my carbon dioxide. I've become so cynical since I discovered this. I'll never look at trees the same way again.)

  29. Tucker MS Friedrickson. The teacher you had on tonight is so right the Unions are trying to indoctrinate our little children into communism . WE have to get rid of the Unions .We have to home school our precious children . WE NEED Christian private schools .
    Politics. Does not belong in our children's schools. WE need to pray for pur children Soros is trying to bring Socialist Democrats in and use Communist theories into the children's curriculum. Places like Liberty College. And Cal Lutheran college and many more are the best way to go . for college students God wants all colors to be at peace. Hillsdale College is a wonderful Christian College as well. PUT God in our children's lives. Privately. Let God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit Raise your Children. Instead of George Soros the Demon Communist BillionIre.

  30. I believe in planting trees . I planted trees when I was a child and it's wonderful . In fact children can plant more trees than adults they love to do it.Give them something to do . They would love to see Smokey the Bear and some Forest Rangers .Children are Gods Creation. They ate interested in helping others.

  31. Your ORANGE MONSTER IS GOING DOWN. Haha ?. You’re a hideous subhuman you racist jerk. I can hardly wait until the Drumpft IMPEACHMENT. WORST NON PRESIDENT IN ALL OF HISTORY. He’s a moron.

  32. Birney Sanders has flipped his lid . The Democrats I think wants to lose. The people will not go for this kind of America. They are Insane.

  33. Last year it was discovered that we have over 30% or more trees and was initially thought. So their entire global scaling models which I’ve never been accurate either. Now I’ve got a sudden increase of 30% trees and of course it didn’t affect her data because your date is faulty anyway. The earth was at least 20° warmer for a lengthy period of time. And I am a creationist mind you because that’s how last year it was discovered that we have over 30% or more trees than was initially thought. So their entire global scaling models which have never been accurate either. Now, got a sudden increase of 30% more trees and of course it didn’t affect their data because their data is faulty anyway. The earth was at least 20° warmer for a lengthy time and we creationists agree with that. You can’t even have a logical reasonable scientific discussion though. All you can have with leftists is a shouting match. And all their data comes from sites and scientists that now only get paid or have a job if they support what is already supposed to be a foregone conclusion. It’s insane.

  34. make AOC and the indian and all the Democrats take rowboats overseas, and ride bicycles to the other states and not fly if they are so worried

  35. I planted 3 oak trees on my property this year, more than Greta and her family I'm sure. Can I get some CNN coverage for bravery?

  36. Has Greta planted any trees yet? I’ve planted dozens of (currently well established) pine trees in my youth. All of these climate change “activists” are all talk and no action.

  37. How dare you not fall for hare-brained communist tropes? They're recycled every 25-50 years, after all. How, dare, you?

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