Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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  1. Republicans are truly racist to their cores; but at least we know that about them. Many have never heard about Bloomberg. Republicans are simply afraid he will buy them and their interests out- which is possible.

  2. The obscenity of what all of the dems are doing is they could have bought a few of those vacant commercial buildings where businesses fled CA and renovated them into rehab jails, staff them and fill them with drug addicts off the streets. At the same time they could buy up all of the old motels in CA, hire crews to renovate them and fill them with homeless people. At the same time do the same thing in NYC, Miami, Chicago. Then instead of their lying and offensive ads they could show updates and progress on their "Solving the Real Problems" initiatives, proving they are worthy to be considered. The money ALL of the are wasting is just obscene.

  3. Republicans ask yourself why Tucker is defending a "Gun Control" policy, if you support it aren't you pro second amendment? I wonder what the missing ingredient is here?

  4. Tucker, you're right about Bloomberg but completely wrong about stop and frisk. Statistically, only 1 out of every 1000 stops led to the conviction of a violent criminal, and only 3 out of every 1000 led to any conviction at all that lasted more than 30 days. That is Orwellian to the highest degree and an abject failure. Defending it hurts your credibility. His claims about every criminal fitting the same description literally instructed the NYPD to cripple the black community and he is one of the people most responsible for the foul reputation our hard-working law enforcement have in minority communities.

    If you are in favor of a free society, you must condemn stop and frisk, PERIOD.

    But you are completely right that he is a garbage human being trying to buy his way into the Presidency. He is a living billboard for a Constitutional Amendment to mandate clean elections. And you can tell he was lying through his teeth about S&F to get black votes. The good news is it won't work. He will steal votes from Mayor Cheat and CloudBootJar, only helping Sanders.

  5. Absolutely NO ONE I have ever talked to said they would vote for Bloomberg, like Hillary. Out of no where, they are telling us he is winning. DNC is extremely corrupt.

  6. IMO Bloomberg=LOSER!! That's sick to want to buy the Presidency!!! He doesn't have the guts to try it without his billions!!!! i

  7. Donna Brazile says Hillary Clinton bought control of the Democrat party in 2015 and blocked Bernie Sanders from any chance of being nominated so why can't Bloomberg do the same thing?

  8. Interestingly, as I went to this video to post a reply, I had to wait 15 seconds for a Bloomberg TV ad. So yes, this person is truly trying to "buy" the election! I don't watch a lot of TV, rather I watch YouTube clips and there is one, single candidate FLOODING my YouTube feeds with irritating commercials and that is Mike Bloomberg. I have never encountered an ad by another candidate. I probably will at some point, but not up to this point. So yes, all empirical evidence says Tucker is correct.

  9. They all try to buy the election. All you ever hear is how much campaign money they have raised and how fast they've raised it. They make it sound like the more money you take in and the more you spend the more assured you are of winning the race. They all talk a big talk but once they're in there it's a whole new ball game. The only one who has done most of what he said he would do is Trump.

  10. Americans are generally well awake and intelligent. When Somebody gives you money to do something, it is obviously buying you because he thinks you are cheap ! Simply, Do Not Fall into this trap.

  11. He bought every elected VA State politician and they injected his goal banning guns and made it unlawful to criticize any Democrat in office. OPPRESSION.

  12. Terrific, just what we need, an Israeli president.
    Soon we’ll be treated like Palestinians in our own nation.
    The DNC has a big problem; they can’t make it look like they’re ripping off Sanders again, or 30% of democrats will stay home on voting day.

  13. This may sound terrible but I hope Mike Bloomberg's family gets beaten and killed in a home invasion. Then, maybe he will think twice about telling THIS citizen that I cannot defend my home and family. Phuque Bloomberg, I follow the Constitution.

  14. what's honestly sad is that bloomberg, of all people, is actually starting to sound like the only sane democrat on the stage…

  15. Thanks for the billion spent. At least more business and job created before you even become President.
    Too bad, Fox.
    The real billionaire not like the fake Trump

  16. Remember when everyone laughed at how the underground news claimed said that Illuminati or secret societies were trying to take over and make it a one World government? Hmmmmmm…

  17. Progressives only watch this stuff because they love hearing Republicans spit facts about corrupt Democrats, even though we don't like Republicans at all

  18. Once we got a billionaire in the office to make policies that make him richer, the rest popped their heads up and are trying to do the same. Big surprise.. Stop voting for these rich shitheads.

  19. Okay hear me out. We liked trump because he was rich and said he was going to run the county like he did his life and make the county rich. Mike Bloomberg's wealth is 62.8 Billion. trump is 3.1 at best.

  20. I'm sick of his whitewashed, half trusted ad's already.

    BTW. He's the financier on ,mom's demand action and every town for gun "safety" both anti 2nd ammd fronts

  21. Which party is the one controlled by rich elitists again? The left keeps yelling it's the Republicans while blatently changing their own rules to let clowns like Bloomberg in. Am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy here?

  22. Bloomberg is the most profane example of elitism that has ever existed. Buying the power to tell everyone else how to live is called tyranny plain and simple. Say anything necessary to get elected and then send out the storm troopers to steal people’s freedom. No one should be allowed to ignore voters and buy the White House.

  23. "comprehensive welfare state"
    How dare Bernie do this!? This is a Christian country and my christian values tell me to… not care for others? Jesus was, after all, famous for his hatred of strangers… oh wait

  24. Why doesn’t Bloomberg fund medical care for all it’s a much better way to spend His Money then apply the rest to the deficit

  25. Anyone ever think Trump is cunning enough to con both sides? What if he’s using Bloomberg, to show everyone there is someone much worse then Trump ever could be (We all know Bloomberg is shady). Just to make more people like him. Bloomberg has enough money to just disappear again after he loses to Trump. Then more people like him?

  26. Thank you Tucker. I'm a solid Democrat but you have been capturing my attention with honest analysis on many things. What are you doing on FOX??

  27. As a policy supporter of: M4A, tax the rich a fair amount, free college, and a green new deal, Tucker & I are on the opposite spectrum… but even he can't stand the idea of an Oligarch buying the election. That's where I believe most people do come together: We don't want a dictatorship, we want democracy.

  28. You do this you will never be anything but a fool you cant buy me vote that is bribing me for being president no pay off is enough to give up this country and sence bribes are illegal dummies

  29. Bloomberg buying support,
    Bernie Sanders trying to fight for his Socialism Belief using "hates" as the foundation to build on (obvious Bernie Bros toxicities),
    Pete stealing ideas & rigging to get votes,
    Warren is lying to the bones about her ethnicity…,
    Biden is loosing his own mind days by days,
    Klob has no real foundation or vision with her campaign that will actually do something for the average American,
    Tom Steyer (while a good person) has no clue what he's doing but burning money…,
    Gabbard would make a great VP for foreign relation under Yang presidency,
    ….. DNC reimaging what it stand for supporting those with money/power (obvious corruption). DNC should be put in the dictionary as Corruption.
    Brainwashing usage rising to the max….
    Who can fill in the rest? LOL
    Average Americans too dumb to see that they're being played like puppets.

  30. Haha hahaha you don't have a democracy you morons
    You have rich people fighting over the presidency
    And the plebs being brainwashed by your media both right and left

  31. The Democrats are always crying about "dirty" money in politics, then bend over for Bloomberg's big injection of cash. So much for "grassroots" politics. The Democrat Party has sold it's soul, many times. This is just it's most obvious, and complete moral failure.

  32. Sanders is a communist; and Bloomberg is the "Soros anointed one" by Soros. No democracy in democrats, as they change rules, etc. Just like 2016 total corruption with DNC.

  33. I miss the good old days when calling Democrats socialists and authoritarians trying to take away our rights was hyperbole and not a statement of fact.

  34. Dont worry tucker because of president TRUMP we are alot smarter voters and we wont repay his greatness with forgetfulness

  35. Can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Tucker Carlsen (I'm on the left) but this is exactly what pisses me off about Bloomberg. Check out this video from the Hill where Saagar mentions a few Deomocratic PACs that Bloomberg has effectively bought.

  36. I'm a democrat, and I honestly hope that Trump wins the next election if Bloomberg is the nominee. Four more years of Trump is much better than 8 years of a man who has bought the whole Democratic party.

  37. Stop and Frisk had a 99% failure rate you white supremacist hack. But facts don't matter when you have a narrative you need to push.

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