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  1. He was never running. He was running for the right to say "Opposition candidate to Evil Orange Man" in his next bid for reelection.

  2. I gotta admit, I was warming up to Beto’s goofy adventures to places like the dentist and barber. It was only a matter of time that we would have been treated to a video of his colonoscopy while he asked the doctor his opinion on gun control.

  3. The Democrats have gone completely crazy. For the first time ever I'm going to just vote Republican straight down the line. I've always gone by the candidate for each vote at the federal, state and municipal. Sometimes Democrat candidates were better especially on the local level, but these days they're all just echo chambers for the madness that the party fell into.

  4. McDonald's is hiring so between Beto's minimum wage level credentials and wanting to be a man of the people attitude he can flip burger's from now on. Lol

  5. Beto being anti-gun and anti-religion and trying to win his home state of Texas is like taking a child’s candy and toys.

  6. I’m a nationalist too. I love my country and I don’t give a damned about the globalization agenda. America first.

  7. I think we all knew this was coming. That whole "Hell yes I'm gonna violate your 2nd Amendment rights" was obviously where Beto let his inner psycho come out and he kissed that dream goodbye.

  8. Come on guys he wasn’t really running for President. I think he used that platform to make money to grab a Congressional seat in Texas. If they change TX from the inside out we won’t have anymore true Conservatives in the White House. It is their plan to disarm the populace one State at a time.

  9. I’m glad Beto disclosed his true intentions on gun ownership. He just ensured he won’t be running for the other Texas senate seat.

  10. Beto is a clown. Democrats are so corrupt and out of touch with reality. That's why they will lose in 2020. TRUMP 2020

  11. Anyone who thinks Beto was actually running for president isn’t all that smart. He was paid to run to make everyone else’s ideas not seem so drastic and over the top. He nullified everyone else’s ideas of gun bans and laws.

  12. I believe beto was a pawn, used to figure how many citizens back his policies. I believe they're using all these dem candidates to get numbers. They wanna know how many of us need killed off, and from what areas, before they can implement socialism.

  13. The masses of "the once-great conservative morality party" have chosen to deny bribery, corruption, lies, divisiveness, and more lies, always more lies. Trump wants power, and a vast majority of our party freely kneels with eyes to the floor and hands covering up the sounds of rottenness. For this obedience, King Trump has been willing to break democracy to grant those wishes. Many have denied corruption for so long they now believe it doesn't exist or they don't care. To those I say, when you finally open your eyes and bravely challenge him, Trump will cut you down with ease because it will be too late. The Atheist King Trump has his power, and the freedom your kids died protecting will soon to be for nothing. As Putin rises, freedom will fall, America will no longer be the land of the free. The landlord will be Trump, but the door to real dark power will have been left open by the Trump supporters, and you will see a familiar face rising from the ashes of American liberty.

  14. I'm a nationalist. I want America to succeed, which includes *everybody*, not just those I politically agree with.

  15. I am a registered republican. Good going corrupt bactardc in the GOP – tomorrow I am voting "democrat" across the board.

  16. Be careful! There are a lot of nationalists congregating every two years. At the World Cup and the Olympics, there are nationalists from US, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica, France, China, England, Argentina, etc. all waving their country's flags. It's scary!!!

  17. I hate to watch these Democrats to have presidential debates. When is the next presidential debate for Republicans? Donald Trump will be the best speaker. I just like his confident speeches.

  18. I don’t think being a nationalist is inherently hateful or what not I believe that strong nationalistic feeling is not good throughout the world as both world wars can be drawn back to nationalism

  19. You mean to tell me that the US PRESIDENT is a NATIONALIST?! Oh the horror! Wouldn’t you expect the leader of the government to be a nationalist by definition though?

  20. Off course you should be a firm nationalist! Especially a politician who basically is employed by the people to see to the nations interests. That´s basics for gods sake!!

  21. What does Trump talking about being a nationalist have to do with Beta dropping out of the race? Why is his exit even newsworthy. It was inevitable.

  22. If you are not a nationalist, it should disqualify you from ever becoming President.
    The President is the one job where you have to be a nationalist to stand in for American interests in the world.
    The left just showed us again how much they hate America, with their idiotic comments about this.

  23. Merriam-Webster, "Nationalism": "a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others".

    If political leaders are not FOR their country first, then they are not serving the interests of the citizens whose interests they were elected to represent. Let each country serve their own interests first then agreements can be negotiated for mutual benefit or be declined. Each considering each own's best cost-benefit analysis.

  24. They are globalist socialists. Like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, if your foreign company or foreign country has money to give my Foundation for my son, I'll give you a piece of my country. This is just where I stay when I'm not on the island with my friend Jeffrey Epstein.

  25. I'm not much of a nationalist, but how can being an american nationalist be considered racist, ask yourself, what race is an american? Americans dont have a race geniuses, it's the most diverse country on earth

  26. Nationalist?!? You can't be pro your own nation if you're an American, did you forget? We havta put down the country, then claim victumhood.

  27. You know the problem isn't that he's a nationalist, it's that he is an american nationalist.
    Take a kurdish or palestinian nationalist, and they're practically salivating in delight.
    The regressive left only hates the western nations.

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