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  1. I'm absolutely NOT a GOP member, fan or voter. However, for the first time EVER..Tucker reported the straight story. It probably feels very strange Tuck, but it suits you.

  2. So asking probing questions (when involving democrats only) is a credibility killer, not having a plan and making false promises isn’t. How are there people that do not see that as a problem?

  3. Wow ever since I joined the Yang Gang I find myself watching Fox more. CNN is trash just like the rest of them Democrat’s!

  4. It's still way too early to bother with individual Democratic contenders. In 6 months or so, the silly debates will be over, the real front runner will be obvious, and the American people will have a clear choice to replace the present disaster, who by then will have been impeached for his crimes and will be hanging on as a disgraced, powerless lame duck.

  5. Buahaha. None of these have a Chance against trump. Better go find some Democrat that believes in the CONSTITUTION to have a chance.

  6. Democrats-"We need more government to take money from you who work and spend it on what we want because we're smarter than you." Also former Soviet Union plan.

  7. What's the "Big Done" that Biden actually did? ⁉️
    Raising taxes 🤑💰is a crime against humanity! In this Twenty-First Century it should be possible to abolish the 16th Amendment and do away with taxes all together. That would truly make America great again, to give workers more take home pay to support their families. 🇺🇸🕊️

  8. Just imagine the hooting, hollowing and screeching going on around a totem pole while the natives are dancing and prancing for socialist rain.

  9. The tricky thing about being the frontrunner is you're also the biggest target, and I don't think any of these people can weather the storm as Trump did in 2016.

    Also, it's amusingly ironic that the journalism professor made an easily avoidable grammatical error in his tweet.

  10. Anyone that watches Tucker is too stupid to see the truth of what is actually going on. Duped idiots in the comments below.

  11. Wait..did her people "drink" a beer with her?
    Shes so FAKE, she doesnt even know how to FAKE drinking a beer..shes a PHONEY, ALONG WITH ALL DEMOCRATS trying to HOLD OFF GOING TO PRISON..AS..we cant go after a political candidate while running for a nutshell..because the Democrats ARE nutz

  12. I will give a pronoun for warren she is; delusional. Make-believe Indian with blond hair. oh yeah I want to trust her, what a joke demotard party is.

  13. I wish some one would ask Elizabeth Warren if she is going to get ride of private health insurance companies, what is she going to do to the V.A? Is she going to take benefits away from thousands of Disabled Veterans?

  14. And you turn your back on the Constitution of the United States just like Donald Trump!. Tucker Carlson and his warped propaganda!. Go home and beat your wife!. Big mouth.

  15. Yes Fauxahontas will raise taxes and she will raise taxes sky high on everyone no exceptions that's why she won't admit it. I can't wait till Trump wipes the floor with Warren he ought to spare her no mercy whatsoever.

  16. My pronouns are kapaloompa/moudiyoyu/cavapapow
    And I should be able to sue anybody who shows bigotry and intolerance towards me for not using them!

  17. Tulsi 2020. Healthcare will pay for itself if preventitive care is a focus, clean food and you cut the obscene profit margin of the insurance & drug companies and reduce malpractice.

  18. anybody else feel like were headed in to the abyss when all this corruption comes to the surface the rinos bushs ect the clintons this rabbit hole goes deep I dont see how this country can pull out of this with out restoring are faith in the justice system somones going to have to go to prison

  19. The lightning there is peculiar; it is so convincing, that when it strikes a thing
    it doesn't leave enough of that thing behind for you to tell whether–Well,
    you'd think it was something valuable, and a Congressman had been there.
    – Mark Twain's Speeches, "The Weather"

  20. If Tulsi Gabbard wins the Democrat Nomination, she has my vote because she is hot and she is the only candidate who is remotely reasonable

  21. Its so diabolically frightening seeing Tucker so absolutely calmly report on the insane Fascist Aggressive Radical Corrupt Extreme Left state of the Democrats in the USA.

  22. That's why the left are laughed at by conservatives. You can't argue with stupid. They have the advantage, because stupidity has no limits

  23. The democratic party stopped being a political party after the 2016 elections and turned into a circus. They stopped believing in capitalism and freedom of speech and embraced socialism and speech censorship. They few moderates they have left should band together and start a new party….or join the GOP.

  24. Let me see…

    They turn on Bernie. Check.
    They turn on Biden. Check.
    They turn on Robert. Check.
    Harris is dead.
    Now they turn on Warren.
    Next is Hillary.

  25. Are these idiots THAT much more than mere IDIOTS.
    My family is multicultural I have relatives in latin America ,Europe and I am in NYC
    when they hear this PRONOUN thing they ask me if it is a joke? And if the USA "EXPECTS" the world to change because some AMERICAn assholes have an itch . The problem is that OTHER countries feel that the fact that TRUMP is not condemning this lunacy means the GOVERNMENT is ready to make law. and THEY hate us because we IMPOSE a TOTALLY insane concept of culture and expect the world to accept it. AFter all we are THE USA.
    Putin ALREADY stamped this out in Russia and the once GODLESS commies are now IMPOSING that THE BIBLE is their moral guide. I do not recall who during the french revolution as he was going to be decapitated exclaimed
    Je défends la liberté mais condamne
    In romance languages it is made clear that LIBERTY could very quickly become LIBERTINISM
    Libertine practices or habits of life; disregard if authority or convention in sexual or religious matters. anarchy, animalism, arrogance, audacity, boldness, complacency, debauchery, disorder, dissoluteness, dissolution, effrontery, excess, forwardness, impropriety, lawlessness …
    THIS is what democRATS are asking of us.

  26. Do you really, really think that Pocahontas would make a good President?! You saw what happened with Obamacare. Medicare for would bankrupt the country… you've been "Warren"ed!

  27. Jesus, fellow democrats, Elizabeth is completely unlikeable. Who is answering these polls lol Do you want to see her get rolled like Hillary in 2020?

  28. I live in Canada, and our health care is not only free, but doesn't cost tax payers an arm and a leg in taxes. I really don't get why this is such a big struggle for the US.

  29. I pray for the day when DONALD TRUMP goes to prison for treason,and fox News gets shut down for good.after all fox news is the real fake news.

  30. Elizabeth Warren's got so much energy you see how she's waves everybody oh she's going to be such a good president all yeah

  31. Yeah warrants a real good candidate lied about her heritage she would make a good Democrat they lie through their teeth they lie so much they start believing their lies

  32. Warren is an authoritarian. She was a professor, and most likely in her life always felt like she was the smartest person in the room full of students. during that debate, she looked like a professor whom her students are calling her out on her BS, and she is genuinely pissed about it and it shows. That may be fine in front of students, but that's not a good look as a politician. She would be a terrible choice for them, but the Dems are going with her anyways.

  33. Remember how one of the big attacks in '16 against Sanders was that his proposals weren't feasible and couldn't be paid for? I remember.

  34. I wouldn't put any weight on what the Democrats say, pay attention and remember what they say when you vote, ask yourself is any of what they say have any common sense, subjects are – they want to TAX YOU AND I MORE, and then give it all away to non paying illegal immigrants that have not earned a dime of the money they could receive and do. Medicare for all is taking away our ability to oversee our lives and just raises taxes, the politicians want to take 90% of ALL income not just from the 1% wealthy .

  35. The fake news media raised warrens poll numbers to provide cover for gropen joe if not the other dems would have brought up ukraine and he would have folded like a cheap suit.

  36. Warren just makes it ALL TO EASY!!! Just imagine our GREAT POTUS mopping the floor with her during a debate. The only thing better would be watching TRUMP drive Hillary into the ground which would be an early Christmas present.

  37. TUCKER FOXNEWSMONGER…. you are spewing gossips again… you cant bring out the footage of the low attendance trumps propaganda rallies, can you? its always like that, even worse than his inauguration,.. its pathetic like your fake news … fox is the very definition of fake news..

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