Try to Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers)

Try to Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers)

– (Ary gags)
– (Alberto snickers) ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today’s challenge,
we’re gonna have you try to do things in one second.
– Okay. – Try to do what in one second?
– Great question. – (FBE) Our previous episode,
“Try to Eat in One Second” did so well with our audience
that we’re gonna do another one-second challenge,
but instead of food, we’re gonna have you watch
the fastest workers and see who can complete their jobs
the fastest. – I feel like– for some reason,
I’ve thinking of the– remember those stackers
with the solo cup stuff? – Oh, no.
– I can’t do it, but that’s what I’m visualizing,
stuff like that. – (FBE) Whoever completes
the task fastest gets the point. After each round,
we’ll show you the video of the original
and see how you did in comparison. – Dang!
– Oh, god. – I’m excited. This sounds fun! – (FBE) All right, let’s bring out
our first challenge. – Oh.
– Oh. – (Alberto) Okay.
– I know what this is. – I get it,
but I don’t know how to do it. – I really hope we’re not making boxes.
– I get this. We’re gonna be making boxes. – (FBE) How fast do you think
you could fold a pizza box? – I’ve never tried,
so I have no idea. – Not that fast.
– I guess we’ll see, won’t we? – You’re already off to a–
– Oh, no! No! I’m already screwed.
I’m already screwed. – Yes!
– Okay, there we go. – (FBE) We’re gonna set the clock
to 30 seconds and see if your folding skills
can deliver. In three, two, one, go! – Ahhh! Oh my god!
(panting) – What the?! I ripped it
– Oh, no. Why did I– oh, gosh. I ripped something.
– All right. There we go. – Oh, I ripped something.
– Here we go. – Please don’t tell me
you have it done yet. No, no.
– Wait, don’t talk to me! – A lot harder than it looks. – (laughs) Wait, I got it,
though! Hold on! – Ah!
– This is the hardest part is folding the half.
– Yeah, I don’t know. This is a lot harder
than I thought it was gonna be. – (FBE) Three, two, one. (ding)
– Ahhh! I’m so sad!
– Did I do it? (boom) – (FBE) Three, two, one. – I did it! (laughs)
(ding) – (FBE) Two… – No!
– This one’s weird. – (FBE) One. (ding)
Time. – I almost got it! – (FBE) Ary, you got three boxes.
(ding) – Maybe it was my nails.
And I eat pizza a lot, so maybe that’s why.
– So close, but not at all. – I get it now.
– (laughs) Yeah. That’s what it’s gonna be
this whole time. It’s like, “Oh!” (boom) – (FBE) So, you both failed.
– That was really hard. There’s a lot of little–
– Yeah, there was a lot of folds and stuff.
I didn’t know what part to fold over. (boom) – I wanna keep this box forever.
I’m proud. – (FBE) Now, let’s take a look
at the fastest worker. – (cameraman) And… go! – Oh my god.
– Ah! – What?!
– Two?! – There’s no way. – (gasps)
– Bruh, he did it in just one gracious swoop. – Oh my god.
– Oh, okay. Well, all right then.
– It’s a flipping technique. – Excuse me? What?
– How is that humanly possible? – He didn’t even bother
with the edges on the side. It just did it automatically.
Holy [bleep]. – And they’re good.
– He flips it, but the things fold in for him or something.
– I couldn’t do one in 30 seconds. – He’s like a robot.
This is actually really satisfying. – (cameraman) Stop.
– Employee of the month. Of the year. – Wow! How did he do that?!
– That was impressive. And it… – Very impressive.
– …made me feel incompetent. So, thank you. – (FBE) Here’s your next challenge. – Yes!
– Money! – That’s casual.
I wanna be handed all that money every day
of my life. – Ooh, money!
– Oh my god. Thank you! That is so nice.
Thank you. You guys are the best. – (FBE) So, how fast do you think
you can count these bills? – I think I’m more confident
than I really am. – I worked retail
for almost three years and that included
counting registers every night. – I’m screwed again.
– But I also have really long nails right now,
and I know that messes with me. – I’m just gonna go.
I’m just gonna (snaps)… I’m gonna be quick.
I can do this. – (FBE) Let’s see if you can
put your money where your mouth is in three, two, one.
30 seconds on the clock. ♪ (playful music) ♪ 10 seconds. – Oh, I lost count!
No! I lost count! – (FBE) Time.
(ding) – Damn! – (FBE) Stop!
(ding) – I can’t do that.
I was hearing that, and it was making me go slower. – (FBE) How much did you count?
– 66. – 73.
– What?! – I’m failing.
– Wait. Whose is whose now? – I think this is mine,
’cause I lost count. I think I was at 33
when I lost count. I don’t know, though.
(boom) – I counted 79.
– I counted, like, 50 something. – Is there $96? – (FBE) There are $96.
(ding) – What?
– Whoa, that’s so weird how our brain does not process
information that quickly. And you think it would, right?
Especially with something that’s so applicable
to life like money. (boom) – (FBE) All right,
now let’s take a look at the fastest worker video
for this. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Whoa.
– Wow. – Oh, he’s so–
– Oh, he is zoned in. – How can they even keep track
of the numbers? – how does his mind
move that fast? And how does his thumb
move that fast? – (imitating money flipping)
How do you even count that fast in your head?
– No way that that’s accurate. – Is it like gel?
– Oh, we definitely needed some spit.
– He’s got some sticky [bleep] for his fingers. – (chuckles)
– We can’t win. He has an advantage!
– He’s a pretty good accountant. – I’m incompetent.
This whole video is just to make me feel
like I can’t count anything or do anything. – (FBE) Here’s your next challenge.
– Balloons? – Balloons.
– (gasps) – Wooo!
– Oh, man. – (FBE) Ready for this?
– All right! (huffing) – (laughs)
– (FBE) 30 seconds on the clock. Starting… now! – What the [bleep]?
– Oh my [bleep] god. – It’s impossible!
– No [bleep] way. – You gotta be Superman
for this [bleep]. – What?! It’s not inflating! – [Bleep]. – [Bleep]. – No! I just want one! – (both laugh) – Oh my god. It’s literally not…
– Okay, I need to learn how to tie a balloon. Uh… – (FBE) Three, two… one! (ding)
– [Bleep]! – Good jo– oh! (laughs) – (FBE) Chris, you won
with one balloon. – Yeah! Let’s go!
– Pretty obviously… – Wooo!
– How do you do that? I couldn’t do it!
– We both did three! – No! You’re a [bleep] cheater!
That’s cheating! – You got three.
I got none. – It’s just technique,
’cause you have to know almost where and how
and how much pressure to use when you blow. – Whaaat?!
– What the hell? – He does it so easily.
Dude, this guy’s lungs must be jacked.
– Whoa! – Ohhh, that’s smart.
– What? Wait.
– Ohhh, that’s smart. He’s blowing it up
while he’s tying. – He’s just, like…
– Mm. – That’s cool.
– That was impressive. That was a good strategy.
– Excellent. People are really good at things
that you’d never even think about. – Crazy talented people
out there in the world. – (FBE) Here’s your next challenge.
– Oh my gosh. I’ve done this
if this is what I think it is. – (FBE) We are gonna see
who can cover their box fastest with tape.
– (Austin) Tape up the box? Oh, god. I used to know
how to do this well. – I’m just gonna put tape everywhere.
– I’m gonna wing it. – I don’t even know how to use this.
– I saw a video with somebody that went like this
and taped it. – (FBE) 30 seconds on the clock.
In three, two, one, tape! – Oh my god.
Oh my god. – Ah, [bleep] my life.
No, I’m gonna get fired! You’re gonna replace me! – No, it’s stuck!
It’s stuck!! – Ah! – I hate this game!
– I’m stuck! This is a lot! – Okay. Oh,
I’m doing it the wrong way! – (FBE) Five seconds.
– I’m just gonna do it manually. This gun does not like me.
– (FBE) Two, one… time! – (laughs) Good job! – (FBE) Three, two, one.
(ding) Time.
– You guys gave me the fraudulent one. I’m so disappointed.
– No, no. No excuses, fam. You lost. – I did AWFUL!
– (FBE) I’m gonna give it to Jonathan. – Locked tight.
– (FBE) Congratulations. – Woo! A come from behind victory,
’cause mine got stuck, and I was freaking out.
– (both laugh) – Mine is the most beautiful
package ever. Wouldn’t you be so happy
to receive this in the mail? (boom)
– That one was a lot harder than I expected it to be. – (FBE) All right.
You wanna see how they did it? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’m interested to see. – Wow.
– Whoa. – Ohh. He uses his hand. – Oh, he’s just, like– WHOA!
– Yeah. – Whoa.
– Ohh! – WHOA!
– You can’t even see where the tape is coming from!
– Bro! – That looked like
it was coming out of his hand. – I don’t know when I would use that,
but I want that skill. That was really cool.
– I couldn’t even cover part of the box with tape. – (FBE) Here’s your last challenge.
– [Bleep] yeah. Oh my god.
You already know. Am I gonna drink them?
– Are we gonna drink them all? I’ll drink ’em all.
– Ah, yes! – We’re college kids.
We got this! – (FBE) Whoever can open
the most bottle tops will be the winner.
– Okay. – I don’t drink soda at all,
and I’ve never used one of these. So, this should be fun. – (FBE) Three, two, one, go! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – No, I’m stuck! – It’s hard with this angle.
– This is not opening. Oh! Oh, it’s fizzing out! – Ow.
– (FBE) Three, two… time!
(ding) – I just wanna say,
good for us. – (FBE) Time.
– Oh, god! – No, I wanted to get
the third row! – (FBE) Brit won this one.
– Obviously. – I got 12.
– 13. – 11.
– 11! – 14.
– One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven. – Yes!
– I got 20. – I got 20 as well.
– Oh! – (FBE) Did you both get 20?
– We did. – Wow.
It was oddly really satisfying. – It was a rhythm.
Once you got into it, it was easy.
But it took me a while to figure it out. – No [bleep] way.
– No way! – Oh my god. Jesus.
– Oh, he’s doing this. Oh, that’s so smart.
– What? This doesn’t even look real.
– This is absolutely crazy. – Oh my god. – See, we were doing this,
which if you think about it, is really dumb.
– I know. Yeah. He just… – There aren’t even caps,
and he’s just gently touching
the Coke bottles. – Wow.
– Wow. – It’s a cool party skill,
but in life, I don’t think that’s really
a skill you need. – (FBE) All right, before we go,
in our previous episode of Try to Eat in One Second,
we had challengers attempt to eat watermelon quickly.
But we were a little too polite by giving them just one slice.
– (Past FBE) Go! Damn.
– (Eric) Mmmm! – (FBE) So, we’re gonna take
another look at the watermelon video that blew our minds.
– Are we gonna eat whole watermelons? – (FBE) And then see
if you guys can do it. – Ahh! I’m so hyped!
I love watermelons! – He’s just gonna shove his face in there, huh?
– Yeah, I feel like that’s– oh.
– What the?! – Why’d he hit himself in the fa– oh.
– It’s like that. – (imitating loud slobbering) – Whoa. Oh, god. No.
– This is how you know he’s crazy. – He’s not even eating it.
He’s just grinding it with his teeth. – Dang! No way!
Wait, hold on. I feel like half of it
is flying out. Look at that!
He dropped half of it! – (sighs)
– Ehh… He could’ve done it a little neater,
but it was kind of impressive. – Now, that was efficient. – (FBE) Let’s see if you
can do it, too. – (both) What? – You want us to do that?
– What? – Oh my god. (gasps)
Oh my god. (laughs) – This is huge!
Honestly, I don’t know why they look a lot bigger.
– I’m already stressed. – You’re so excited for this.
– I love watermelon! – (FBE) Three, two, one… go! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – Okay, let’s go.
– Ah, I can’t even lift it! – You know what? This is too heavy.
I cannot do it. – (Brittany laughs)
– Oh my god! I already don’t like this. – (Ary gags)
– (Alberto snickers) – (snickers)
– (muffled) It’s leaking so much. – (FBE) Five seconds. – No! – (FBE) Three, two, one, stop.
(ding) I’m gonna give this to Austin. But Chris won overall.
– Ahh! Well, it was earned.
I’d shake your hand, but you don’t wanna touch these.
– I won something. – They’re all watermelon-y. – (FBE) So, you tied. Congrats. What are you gonna do
with that tie? – Um…
– Wear it. – Yeah. I’m gonna wear it
like a badge, dude. I’m gonna be proud.
– I enjoyed it. Yeah.
– Yeah. This is probably one of the best ones
I’ve ever done, like, videos. I love that.
– It’s super impressive just to see how fast people can be.
I think the one that amazed me most was probably the pizza box one.
– Time is money, honestly. And honestly, now that I have–
I work in an industry where the faster you are,
the more money you make. And so, it’s very, very vital
to the success of your company to be as quickly and, you know,
be as efficient as possible. – It’s good for people watching it,
’cause it’s just all satisfying. And for the people who are doing it,
it does improve your fine motor skills. – Thanks for watching us
try to do it in one second… – On the React Channel.
– Not so fast! Subscribe. – New shows every day.
– Bye, guys. – Bye!
– Hey, guys! Sabrina here, a React Channel producer.
Slow down and subscribe to FBE2. We are more than
just behind the scenes. We go live every single week.
So, we hope to see you there. Bye, guys!

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  2. I find it much easier to count money while holding it, not slapping it on the table each time.. definitely not anywhere near the guy in the video though

  3. when you eat the water melon there’s a way to cheat just say to you partner close your eyes and i’ll eat the water melon in 1 second and then just give the water melon to some body else then say open your eyes and i’ve eat it

  4. you can do the money counting one by using 4 fingers and everytime you repeat count by whatever 4 bills your using (only if its the same bill)

  5. Kids In China are taught how to use something like an abacus. Then they calculate large additions. At the age of that banker they picture the abacus thing and they just write down the number

  6. How fanny the girl with red sweater never had a soda ? to drink and she never used a can opener , but she still managed to open 20 bottles!!

  7. I dont know what u call this but can u do a challenge where u play a video and they are not aloud to look at it but they can listen to it to tempt them to look

  8. Daniel is slowing starting to become my fav FBE it was brandon it might be a tie cause i just like how full of energy the both are but i also like tom and alberto and well i like all of y’all tbh

  9. I’m confused why they say do it in one second always but there’s always 30secs or a minute on the clock….? What am I missing lol someone please shed some light on this lol

  10. well… pretty cool.. BUT… you gave those guys the wrong tools to do it: (wrong pizza box, wrong bottle opener.. so is not really fare dont you think?)

  11. "How can they even keep track of the numbers?"
    The thing is that in banks the notes are stacks with similar kind so they don't have to. Bank tellers also know beforehand what kind of bills they are counting for. There is no surprises! So the task they were given was different than the one in the video.
    So basically the comparison video is totally worthless.

  12. The domino's pizza boxes and the boxes they gave the reactors are completely different. The domino's boxes have less to fold so none of them really failed that challenge.

  13. You should bring in the fastest workers and have them do that fastest task without the reactor knowing that they are the fastest worker!

  14. 5:59 "We can't win. He has an advantage." This is accurate for all of these challenges. They rarely give the reactors the same conditions as the speedsters.

  15. Well, that prove you all never doing "hard" work before. I work on factory before and i knew how to fold and tape a box fast like that but with different method. As for counting money, i also work on retail foe a year before, as for me i'm similar to that girl, normal, but i already see myself an accounting from gas station counting a bundle of money in second, that person make my mouth hanging

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  17. I used to deliver pizza I could easily almost do it in 1 second.
    You have to curl the bottom part and tuck while bending the sides and tuck and then the top fold down in opposite

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