Trump’s tariff threat would create $85B in taxes: Report

Trump’s tariff threat would create $85B in taxes: Report

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  1. Big deal. We'll have no economy if the illegals continue to flood in. Why is this woman bellowing and raising and dropping her voice like a cartoon? Does she think that is the way to hold the attention of viewers?

  2. I'm willing to pay the extra to stop the human trafficking and the drug flow that are harming our children the whole society,. I stand with our president Trump 20/20

  3. We wouldn't be in this position if the head clown and his gang would have voted to pass President Trump's bills in the first place for the border wall and security

  4. $85B in taxes would only be possible if the U.S citizens continued to buy goods/products that were made in Mexico. Do not buy = no added taxes. U.S manufacturing companies would either move back to the U.S. or cease to exist. What is the problem here? Mexico loses the U.S. wins. DemocRATS lose again.

  5. Oh Kennedy Buck Up Girl! Crimney but you sound like a Democrat!. Bring Mexico jobs Back to the US and watch Mexico Cave! The Tarriffs will work. And Shumer Feinstein and Kane are so deceitful.

  6. Oh man, if, if, if 25% tariff, shut up. We don't deal in "if". Put troops on the border, if they step on to US land blow them away, sick of this shyte the number of illegal aliens in the US now is a military force in itself.

  7. How about using our air power we have a lot of practice hit the cartels and the caravans from the air problem solved !!!!

  8. we cant just sit idly by and let this overun of our borders continue..this is one option we put on the table. at least He has their attention now.and the tariffs do not have to continue,he can let up as soon as we get
    results.potus has leverage,let him use it!

  9. If those Shape Shifting Reptilians,., so called Republicans don't want to Assist Our POTUS in fixing this Border Crises, I suggest they Back To Polosi's Team and let Our POTUS continue MAKING AMERICAN GREAT with the people on His Team!! We can withstand a little setback momentarily,., WE ARE RESILIENT,. We will bounce back STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE,. TRUST THE PLAN-!!! #2020,. @,., @,., @,., God Help America!!!!!

  10. Talk about undermining the president's bargaining position. Everyone knows you cannot afford to use nuclear weapons but they are still an effective threat. Of course Trump does not want to put tarriffs on like Britain does not want a no-deal brexit but you have to entertain the possibility.

  11. LOL,. Why surprised??….that's how Trump does all his business…using other people's money. He doesn't have a clue how to fix problems.

  12. 5% increase in the price of goods I purchase from Mexico is a price I will gladly pay for national security, even 25% is a small price to pay (3.00 for an avacado instead of 2.50) I'll just eat two instead of three!!

  13. The chart was about 25 per cent. What โ€˜s the alternative then? Dems and Rinos have forced this tariff in the first place.

  14. Tariffs are small to begin with but Mexico doesn't see it that way – as they see it as a signal that the government is serious – otherwise the US is a toothless old man…

  15. Additional tariffs would make Mexican factories uncompetitive. It's true that it would worsen the immigration crisis. However that can be effectively mitigated by better ICE management. Eventually, all companies selling to Americans would have to move jobs back into USA, which will be good for US economy. Since 2/3 of US GDP is tied to consumer spending, the reciprocal taxes on US exports will not damage US economy as much. Think of tariffs as a mechanism to hire more Americans and a free market mechanism to increase minimum wages.

  16. Guess what, CalAvo produces millions of avocados annually, much are exported… do don't fear the guacamole!!!

  17. Knowing Mexico's history, they will probably hold on until people are dying from starvation! I've studied Mexico for some time, starting with their break from Spain before the 1812 war. There's always much bravado, followed by a failure.

    Nothing against the country itself, but for nearly 20 decades, their "democracy" has been led by, what the majority of the world would call, criminals.

    I've lived in Mexico border states all my 57 years (California, New Mexico, Texas), the story only gets worse year by year…

    Stop pretending we are helping, realize we are facilitating!!

  18. Our President has better judgment and common sense than all of these politicians combined. Let him do his job the way he sees fit.

  19. i believe not a man in congress supports our president we will never get control of the border or china until a real president comes around with real balls and donald trump is that man so 66 dollars a household is what their crying about i just lost 3 friends to drugs this year i support trump not congress they are just a bunch of money hungry no law passing loosers.

  20. This "Tariff" is to scare Mexico into dealing with the border!! Settle down all your chicken littles!!

  21. Crybaby Schumer has spoken . WOW. Anything they ( the democRATS) can do opposing Trump , they will do.

  22. You mean $85 Million in new Revenue! Yippie! The economists are only mouthing theory. So far, no inflation in durable goods. Some manufacturers in China (like GM) absorbing the tariffs; China subsiding others. Some companies may leave Mexico (like in China); some may come back to the US! No President has ever been as practical, and had such cahones.

    And Democrats and Mexico want the violent drug cartels to rule the border! How thoughtful!

  23. Schumer is a limp wristed, too long in washington, BS broker… I doubt he knows what his home district wants these days… Maybe they should stop voting for his sell out politics????

  24. Well, if crushing latin american economies happens, it's latin american countries fault…
    IT IS NOT UP TO THE U.S.A. to prop up failing countries!!!!


  26. Democrats won't talk on immigration, tariffs go up. Republicans block tariffs, Trump declares war on Mexico and closes the border and tears up NAFTA.

  27. Trump didn't think the Senate and Congress would stand upand put a end to his threat. Scared that they will be replaced in next election if they go along with the stable genius..its suddenly getting real for Donald. Huh oh…..

  28. So Mexico just admitted that the mass civilian invasion they call migrants, are NOT really running for their lives, their just sneaking into OUR Nation for the money. re: 'looking for work'. Hint, they're looking for welfare, foodstamps, free medical care, and work under the table, simultaneously. They're unlicensed. unskillled. but they work cheaper than licensed electricians. car mechanics, licensed carpenters, licensed road workers, tile, all that. As far as gardeners go, they are untrained .. unskilled.
    The lawns are turning into a mess. Everything is turning into a mess. And then there's the restaurant problem. Can't afford to eat out anywhere too much anymore. Cuz, they're not required to have a personal health card. And it's all over YELP various fast foods where these illegal immigrant workers are dropping food on the floor, picking it up and serving it to the customer anyway.
    Then you've got bully slum lords that threaten and scare the illegals with deportation. Which they should be regardless. But not bullied by slum lords, etc.

  29. Can you imagine any country (in this case mexico) let illegals in by the hundreds of thousands? At the same time diseases are spread and crimes are committed. Then let them march across from South to North to reach US? Only a failed state does that!

  30. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ—ฝ t ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  31. Al you cry babies, donโ€™t blame Trump, blame Congress for ignoring the boarder laws and the will of the American people. Call, write to Congress and pressure them to act.

  32. Tariffs are fees for entering America not taxes only, these U. S. States cannot tariff each other, call then Protectionist Fees or Survival Fees against dirt-bag nations.

  33. Mexico either stops participating in the invasion of our country or we return the favor. Occupied Mexico…doesnโ€™t sound bad. If people to the south love America so much we should take America all the way to Guatemala.

  34. tarriffs will cost each $665????? Is that CNN's analysis on someone eating an average of 600lbs of avocado's annually?Why am I not putting $665 in my pocket without tarriffs?We could all save thousands of $$ if we reformed the welfare system.biggest fraud known to mankind

  35. He is a business man.
    This is a normal bargaining tool.
    You push and make demands.
    They push back and make compromise.
    Then you find middle ground and everyone is happy.
    The pressure is all on the other side of the boarder.
    Support your President.
    He knows what he is doing.

  36. Should have done it long ago, 35% tariffs on all goods coming from Mexico & we have enough money to build the wall, if it don't work then shutdown the border with Mexico & cut all trades with them! He he he!

  37. We have billions to rebuild other countries when we go to war but, we refuse to pay the price necessary to protect our country? I WILL PAY THE 600 DOLLARS to protect my wallet from the moochers coming across the boarder.

  38. these congressmen/senators are traitors. If they don't fix immigrations law, tax 25% on Mexico. I can live without taco and avocado.

  39. Schumer, if you and the other obstructive democrats did your job and agreed on the wall and changes in the existing immigration laws, then a tariff would not be necessary. None of you are doing the job you were elected to do and you need to leave town permanently, we do not
    want you in our government. Mexico can pay the 5% tariff, or build their own wall on a much
    smaller border that we have.

  40. 5% for us = 25% to them. I do not believe your numbers at all !!! I will wait for the numbers to evaluate more accurately. But my accounting and financial figure tell me they will suffer 5 times to our 1. Meanwhile, those who attempt to fight our business minded President are ending their stay in politics McConnell and the rest of you Rino's. I ask people this, Who has got this economy going again after the democrats destroyed it since clinton. Bush was our Rino president. His war on drugs was like an outhouse. It didn't pass the smell test. Trump 2020 – Republican House 2020 and the border and Health Care will get solved…

  41. The 5% Tariffs is a drop in the bucket compared to what we are already spending on the boarder and in our communities from illegal. no not undocumented, illegal immigration.

  42. Did the U.S. Chamber of Commerce write this report for you? They have sold this nation out for 30 years for cheap labor and profit margins. They, along with the worthless and corrupt Congress, do not care about the sovereignty of this nation. To hell with both of them.

  43. Just more taxes on the American consumer. The big negotiator is a failure.ย ย What an idiot.

  44. The people complaining about the tariffs, are the ones who have invested in Mexico's economy, like Walmart, Chevy. We the people dont give two shits about avocados, make your products at home and screw MEXICO AND ITS AMERICAN INVESTORS

  45. I'd rather have him place the tariff's on Mexico. It's the only way we can get them to do something concrete to help with this massive invasion into our country. Illegal aliens cost the country over $100 billion a year, and there's no price we could put on all the lives and families ruined and lost to drug addiction. All of these things cost us more than the increase in taxes.

  46. The demon Democrats don't want to help our country with the crisis at our southern border. So Mexico has to step up and do their part in helping with the illegal immigrants coming across their border into our border. Tariff Mexico if they don't want to change their stance on this problem. Build the wall Trump for 2020

  47. We are paying 20 billion health care for aliens, 85 billion in welfare, 50 billion in boarder asylum claims. I think the loss of American lives and tax payers. Vigalentes we the answer since Congress is not working

  48. Trump has to play hardball and he knows how. The American people cannot blame him for anything. For when Mexico started just today to send troops to the border, we know that the threat of tariffs is working. Trump is just using his brain and taking care of business. You watch, Mexico will stop the flow because they have too much to lose. If in fact the tariffs of any amount go through, and the US has more to pay for goods from Mexico, it will only be for a short while. The Mexican government cannot afford to have this happen to them They will comply and the US will gain and this illegal invasion will stop!

  49. Bring on the tariffs show me the money especially dollars from GM those traders, donโ€™t trust Mexico, it wonโ€™t hurt us we will not buy their products.

  50. Buy American made products and then no one would have to pay the difference for the tariff's. Illegal immigration cost the US billions each year, the tariffs won't come close to covering what we pay in taxes to provide services for "free" to illegal immigrants. Additionally, companies will come back to the US to avoid paying the tariffs which only boost our economy further as well as continued lower unemployment. I come from many generations and I myself am a "farmer/rancher. We import more than we export for livestock so why not just stop exporting, then we don't have to be bothered with tariffs at all. The US is the largest single consumer market, dollar wise, in the world. We can grow, make, raise, invent everything we need without the need for other countries contributing. Perhaps it's time to do it for ourselves and stop worrying about being frenemies with other countries to help them.

  51. I REPEAT AGAIN, BRING BACK THE MANUFACTURING FROM MEXICO, they are not worthed of our trust. Let them rotten and seal the border, the only thing they know is abuse of kindness. The proximity and lower salaries to production, have to be weighted in light of problems they create for our country. AS SO RIGHTFULLY SAID BY PRESIDENT TRUMP, WE DON'T NEED THEM, THEY NEED US. SHORTS VIEWS OF COMMERCE CHAMBER, RESIDED IN THEIR RESISTANCES TO CHANGES FOR MAKING USA LESS DEPENDANT. COMMERCE HAS TO BE MORE SELECTIVE IN MARKETS. Profit is good, and consequences on national level are a must for considerations. LIKE ANYBODY, americans want easy returns on investments.There's still ways to easy returns and americans have the nick for it. In a divided interest to production, one must deployed a bit more imagination and the returns will be there. It's all a question of timing. The winners are always those ceasing the moment. In our conjuncture of making America great again, we have to reallocate ressources to efficiency, productivity, good salaries and lower taxes. Those incentives, as always, are the determining conditions of strong economies.OF COURSE, there's always a period of adjustments and we are ready for it. When we aligned priorities of the country and commerce, we are all winners. Gerry

  52. BS! We are talking avocados and tomatoes period. There is nothing else we need including migrant workers who pour billions into that economy! Of course now that Mexico is going to supply 60,000 troops to stop the caravans and border crisis I GUESS TRUMP WAS RIGHT AGAIN. Go away wimps, limp-wrist cowards need not apply. sm

  53. Those stupid are the stone on the road of trump, they spread fear and doubt. The president Trump is faaaar away above them and their Ana.

  54. Just in time for summer …Prices will increase an wages remain stagnant, every American is paying for these so called punishment Tarrifs. Sad so Sad

  55. This impact is from over 30 years of bad business. It is inevitable to be punk checked when oliver twist talks back and says he wants what is his by fair measurement

  56. So let's talk about the economic drain on our economy if illegal immigration is NOT addressed. Far worse than any tariffs. Tariffs don't happen in a vacuum.

  57. Then the tariff should remain because you all aren't taking care of your own people/citizens which is causing this problem in the first place, the money the Mexican govt should pay in a tariffs should go to taking care of these illegals/migrants!!

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