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  1. Watching fox 🦊 and friends puts FAKE CNN and JUNK MSNBC to absolute shame way way better!!!! 😊❤️🤘 MAGA TRUMP

  2. Not a "threat"… just the all-too common childish fucked-up brainfarts via this asshole's good (only?) friend, Twitter.

  3. Rrump will ruin America. He has no idea how too sell bubble ed ghum as a fake blind man. Trump has no straddegy.

  4. These tariffs only affect American businesses that export goods from China!!! China is not affected at all. So Americans are losing. Those companies will not stop importing goods from China, they will just raise prices for American customers. Economics 101 for the Trumpterds

  5. It would be much simpler if he just kept his frikkin mouth shut. His blab is what causes market investors to jump off cliffs. It is a game to him.

  6. I don't get it! Trump at first cozies up with the leaders of China and North Korea. Then insults them with tariffs and sanctions etc. To me, Trump is not only sending mixed messages but is also playing with fire through his ignorance. I agree that we need more fairness in worldwide trade but damn. God help us if it comes to a major war, then our American blood will be on Trumps hands.

  7. Lib logic – 10% cost increase = 50% price increase. Because reasons!

    I wonder what a 25% increase will do! I can't wait to find out!

  8. Trump Canada Mexico trade deal not signed yet, and might not be if they don t drop the steal and Aluminium tariffs are dropped EU trade fail, China trade Fail, Japan no trade deal

  9. The President knows exactly what he’s doing, the market will come back, high stack gamble. Investors must grow a pair, have some guts and don’t run.

  10. We shouldn't even be doing business with China. We can be counted among the biggest fools in history.

  11. Administration of the old, the Congress of past and politician have bowed to China and destroyed American jobs for the longest time. It is about time for someone to stand up for regular people. At least Trump is good for something.

  12. CNN tells half truth (which is a complete lie) – The DOW closed at 66 points down.
    More FAKE NEWS !!

  13. It is VERY CLEAR that trump is one of those kids of whom his father paid for MBA from Wharton. Trump still does not understand that the people who purchase Chinese goods PAY THE TARIFFS The American public pays not China. Trump again exempted textiles. Once again exempting Donald's 120 Chinese made goods and Ivanka's 464 Chinese made goods from tariffs. So much for America First.

  14. Trump still believes that, by introducing tariffs, it makes China send billions of dollars to the US. The man doesn't have a clue about how it works.

  15. Trump's announcement on Sunday abruptly ended a five-month truce in a trade war that has cost the two countries billions of dollars, slowed global growth and disrupted manufacturing supply chains and U.S. farm exports.

    Businesses, while largely supportive of Trump's tough stance on China, want the tariffs to be lifted.

  16. Trump's announcement on Sunday abruptly ended a five-month truce in a trade war that has cost the two countries billions of dollars, slowed global growth and disrupted manufacturing supply chains and U.S. farm exports.

    Businesses, while largely supportive of Trump's tough stance on China, want the tariffs to be lifted.

  17. Satan Trump bankrupted his businesses now getting ready to bankrupt America and American people…
    W A K E U P A M E R I C A before its too late…. IMPEACH THIS LOWLIFE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  18. CNN=wake up every day and find some negative news to bash Trump……unemployment is low,(let's find something else to talk about)…plenty of jobs(oops,lets not discuss that). Trump's poll numbers better than obamas(let's find some poll that matches our narrative) CNN,you are the National Enquirer of news these days. A total joke.

  19. I hope tariffs work but we do know trump doesn't really know if they will, he tweets policy with little or no consideration of advice. He may get lucky. Is there another way that won't hurt American consumers & exporters as much as tariffs do?

  20. We are showing the WORLD how incompetent the USA really is. Trump must be impeached for more than 1 reason. He has FAILED to fulfill his duties in a competent way. IMPEACH THE DOPE!

  21. The Dow is up to 25000 and change.
    And down today.
    Here we go again
    The sky is falling oh my oh my
    Stocks down
    It's because of this or that.
    But it's down
    Well the last time it went down cause of tariffs it went back up right soooooooo
    ALL THE STOCK GURUS you are listening to will just keep yelling the sky is falling cause it makes great news.
    OH YEA
    TRUMP 2020

  22. Trump's assets if he has any are tied up in real estate. He doesn't have 401K, invest in stocks or any of that. He has nothing to lose by these antics.

  23. "Don't just get more soyboy exports" lmaoooooo CNN/MSM is forced to watch Infowars and it's killing them.

  24. Herr K….did I say I was Muslim? And it’s no skin off your fat German Ass if I am! Yeah I’ll stay here in Canada 🇨🇦 so my grandchildren wont be shot at school 🏫!

  25. The Chinese are liars. They negotiated one deal and then at the end they tried to sneak an entirely different deal through that would allow them to do all the things they'd been doing all along. I warned president Trump that the Chinese Communist Party couldn't be trusted, that they would stall as long as they could and whatever they signed they wouldn't comply with anyway just as with WTO. To make America Great Again we have to make America rich again and independent again. Bleeding over a trillion dollars a year between trade deficits and remittances by illegal aliens is killing us. The impact due to the multiplier effect of the principle of the velocity of money has reduced our GDP and GNI by two to three trillion dollars a year. We need to bring all manufacturing including the supply chains back to the US. Robotic Technology will help a lot because it reduces the need for manpower. The process of globalization robbing Americans off jobs, income, tax revenues began right after World War II and hasn't relented since. It's time to become independent of the rest of the world and now our one vulnerability, energy from fossil fuel has been solved. This is going to hurt the rest of the world badly. Whether President Trump knows it or not, the FED increasing interest rates will strengthen the US dollar nd economy relative to all other economies. One reason is that much of the world's debt is in US dollars. Making it harder for foreigners to get them will hurt and reduce their GDP and GNI. We're on the right path, keep going. The stock market and global companies don't care that they are killing America. Their only loyalty is to their CEO's bonuses based on profits. Well guess what. You won't be making profits at the expense of American workers and taxpayers anymore.

  26. For America or Europe to set up a factory in China, full technology transfer must occur. That means the Chinese learn all the manufacturing processes, how to make a product, are able to copy it for free, sell product in America with no import tax, provide a social security retirement fund for the Chinese workers. Peter Navarro is aware of this. It must stop. Wisconsin representative has the right idea. If a country charges American imports into their country 100% tax, we should do the same on their imports coming into America. Charge the Reciprocal import taxes. Do it now!

  27. Don't be fooled by the White Liberal noise Like Anderson who think they are the gold standard of Progressive thinking. Well to do Libs like her who hide and March behind social justice while protecting their own privileges.. They show off FAKE empathy while sipping guilt free on Bubbly behind gated walls far from the violence and the problems. There millions of them that do nothing like MSNBC, Maddow and CNN..

  28. Trump tweet before he asking someone to go and buy all the stocks he wants at cheap prices! and another tweet next month that the deal is complete and he can sell back all the shares at high prices! They can make hundreds of millions. Elon Musk got into trouble with SEC over his tweet how about Trump that cause the whole market to crash?

  29. trump lost a billion dollars during the bill clinton economic boom …and thats all you need to know about his understanding of economics.

  30. Time for all Americans to back our president who is pressuring predatory China to stop unfair trade & intellectual property theft. Like in WWII all Americans worked long hours to build war machines & supplies to beat Japan & Germany. Time to back China down–get some guts America!

  31. Dry your eyes Nives, I know it’s hard to take but Trump is going to jail.
    There’s plenty more fish in the sea.
    Dry your eyes mate, I know you want to make him see how much this pain hurts, but you’ve got to walk away now, its over.

  32. The only thing keeping Trump impeachment is the vast part of the public who don't want him impeached just because the economy is doing good. This tarriff war will most likely cause economy problems. I don't understand why Trump is reigniting the tarriff war.

  33. What American's (the uninformed ones) don't realize is that American manufactures are raising prices on their goods.

  34. I am from mainland China. I am just a ordinary person. I completely agree president Trump's decision to raise tariffs on Chinese goods. More is better. No deal with China communist party is the best. Of cause we need to spend more money for some goods, but that is worth to do so for our future and our next generations, Because they are the devil. If the devil is stronger than you what means to you ? I love China, I love all the people who Identify with freedom and democracy. I even love those people who have been brainwashed and still support the evil China communist party. Most westerner don't know what China communist party have been doing, and don't believe what they have been done. I just hope don't let it happen on you and our next generations. Let American Great again ! God bless American!!!

  35. American people has to impeach him at the earliest because he is concentrating only to develop his own business, he never bother about the welfare of any of US people. Really he is misusing his presidency by giving lots of deliberate comments to rattle stock markets and those who know these comments before he says, makes millions from stock markets. that means he is the president of Mafia, not the president of US

  36. this trade war is a joke. Many Chinese companies use intermediary trade in Mexico, tag the goods (still made in china but tagged in different countries) and then import to US, thats why mexico passed china and became the largest US trading partner. The same thing happened to amerian soybeans farmers after Chinese retaliate. Brazil exports soybeans more than they could produce, where are those soybeans coming from? The biggest winner of US-China trade war is not US or china, but countries like Mexico and brazil.

  37. All of a sudden Democrat's and Liberals understand Taxes.CNN now defending Communist China? Shameful Their lying.

  38. Trump and his BS are going to ruin this nation's economy. Before today, 10 of the 20 biggest single day losses in the history of the Dow occured in Dumb Donald Trump's 1st 2 years. Earlier today the 3rd biggest drop in the Dow occurred. Now that's some "bigley" BS. How much exactly did daddy Trump pay Wharton to convince then to give a dishonorary degree to his idiot kid anyway? Fucking ignoramus.

  39. No one would want to make Deals, Agreements or even Treaties with US. They always are the ones who broke their deals.

  40. News reports on 14 May , 2019 say that China has hit the U.S. with higher tariffs effective from 1 June 2019 on items including frozen vegetables and liquefied natural gas. A substantial impact of Chinese retaliatory tariffs seems to be on farmers. Such like agricultural commodities as ‘ soyabean’ , ‘frozen vegetables’ are feared to be impacted. The Trump administration is devising an appropriate aid measure to farmers to set off or compensate them against likely consequences of Chinese retaliatory higher tariffs. Closely relevant to these developments , it may be apt to bring out here this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alert to the U.S. on 1 October , 2018. The said alert in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for the U.S. in 2019” – was published last year on 1 November 2018 in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine at The alert unambiguously and with absolute clarity relating to the said scenario on farmers produce as a consequence of Chinese retaliatory tariffs announced on 14 May 2019 is found described like this in the article :-

    “ 3 . June – July Around in 2019. …………………………….Hotel industry or produced commodities having taste or smell may be in the centre of strategic maneuvering or competition between U.S. and competing nations. These trends are likely to be there during the course of the year in some hidden form but are expected to be announced in April – May or September – October , in 2019.” The alert is clearly relating to produce of farmers and is confirmed on ground by the trade war between the US and China.

    Later , separately , through another predictive article – “ World trends in April to August 2019” – brought to public domain widely in March and subsequently on 5 April , 2019 , this writer has alerted that a period of four and a half months from mid – April to August , more so June , in 2019 , has tendencies to give rise to major worrisome concerns , calling for more care and appropriate strategy. Decision –making nature involving financial and economic issues could be impacted.

  41. Wow CNN said something mindless and negative against Trump I am so shocked. Leftist idiots are not real aAmericans.

  42. Trump added ten trillion dollars in value to the stock market since he was elected. Something a communist idiot named obama was not capable or willing to do. obama added 11 trillion to the national debt with nothing to show for it. obama despised America. Democrats hate America. If you vote, never vote democrat. If you do so you are voting for the death of America.

  43. ❌ Rump the Turd's Tarrifs Is
    A Fool's Tax and is
    only going to affect
    American citizens and

    In this situation the Fool
    is the American Public

    Rump the Turd's Tarrifs
    are InDirectly Taxing the
    American Public without
    them being the wiser
    🔴 Everyone's Tax Rebates
    has just gone Poof

    So do you like
    Rump the Turd's Tax Plan
    for the Rich now ???

    The Foolish President
    strikes again , to prove a point
    that he can't even
    understand 👎👎👎

  44. GOOD! LET MEXICO PAY FOR THEIR PEOPLE – Mexico is so freaking irresponsible just like fake news CNN!!!


  46. President Trump and the worlds should call for a total economic boycott of red China …..
    "We must take strong defensive actions to protect America's leadership in technology and innovation against the unprecedented threat posed by China's theft of our intellectual property, the forced transfer of American technology and its cyber attacks on our computer networks,"
    "These tariffs are essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to red China,"
    Trump 2020
    I am no longer ashamed of my country like I was the previous 8 years (Obama). Thank you, President Trump, for making America great and strong again.

  47. Meanwhile the manipulation of the 2008 – 2019 "stock market big ugly bubble" have been kept alive, while all of the U S economy indicators are in the red zone.

  48. Hey Trumpsters; how is your 401-k doing now? Trump took credit for what happened under Obama, will he take credit for what happens under Trump?

  49. CNN is the worst news source for this country. Cnn works for the Saudis to provide fake news everyday. Working against real Americans. Working for self designated globalists. Wake the fuck up people.

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