Trump will see a 50% bump in African American votes: Sen. Scott

Trump will see a 50% bump in African American votes: Sen. Scott

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  1. If Bernie wins the nomination, he won’t get a large enough black turnout to beat Trump. Warren would get less. Pete and Klobuchar would get almost nothing. Plus, there are a lot of white people who won’t vote for a communist. Trump wins.

    If Bloomberg steals the nomination, progressives will explode. Voter turnout among the youth will plummet. Black men won’t turn out to vote in large enough numbers to beat Trump wins.

  2. Kneel Capooto often looks as if he is smelling something bad when he has to report anything good about President Trump. It hurts his widdle feelings that people are waking up to the truth about leftist wingnuts in lame stream media…LIKE HIM.

  3. That’s good Trump is working for all of us black and white democrats have ben horrible for the black and white working stiffs that is the backbone of American prosperity. Democrat’s and Republicans almost succeeded in Destroying America as we know it. It makes me sick to my stomach to see these Democrats and socialist disrespect America and Mr Donald J Trump Mr Trump is the one of a very few Presidents that called out these people for what they really are liars crooks and thieves the hole bunch of them Dems and Republicans. I think god for Mr Trump doing the right thing for America. I hope when he writes a book he could call it HOW I SAVED A COUNTRY BY MR DONALD J TRUMP PRESIDENT OF AMERICA. I would read it from cover to cover. TRUMP 2020 FOR THE GOOD OF AMERICA

  4. This is a throwback but remember when Biden said to black Americans "They gona put y'all back in chains" referring to republicans? Well, people are realizing democrats are the original party of slavery and segregation.

  5. If he gets 15% of African Americans, and 10-20 % of Hispanics, if that then the Democrats are done for… And if Trump does that, then the next Republican President will get way higher support..

  6. USA under attack from within by the Democratic Party, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, while peddling non stop, Russia is our enemy. Haven't we had enough?

  7. African Americans are not stupid like democrats believe them to be.
    They can plainly see that President Trump has done more to improve their lives in the last 3 years than democrats have in the last 40 years.

  8. It just occurred to me tonight that a major difference between Trump supporters and the Dems is that Trump supporters are not wimps. The have guts, staying power, and are willing to take a risk. The Dem supporters are all professional "victims" and parasite wannabees.

  9. Im not a minority, Im black… and I'm voting for trump this election im sick of our democrat party using the color of our skin as leverage in politics. TRUMP2020

  10. I'm sick and tired of being classed as african American. I'm a true blue Black American, our family goes back more than ten generations that I know of and I can't find any in chains. I voted for Trump in 2016 because he said what have we got to lose and he had such a great message for all America not just California, DC and New York. I guess you can place me in the 'Deplorables'

  11. Hope we can all work together no matter what race we are all Americans. I want the American work to succeed no matter of race. I think the president will help us all. I know he has helped me. I’ll vote for him.



  14. African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans are increasingly voting for Pres. Trump!!! We love Trump!!! and we are voting for Pres. Trump!!! TRUMP / PENCE 2020!!!

  15. Trump will get 30% of the African vote in 2020. I won't lose my job or be condemned for saying that because I don't work at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the NYT, Washington Post ,etc. Trump is full of surprises and the MSM is always surprised. They never learn!

  16. Sen Scott had one sentence to say and he was out! Even while speaking that short sentence, Cavuto showed who is the king by breaking in with some stupidity. Fox is going the CNN way?
    I am going to stick with Carlson, Pirro, Chaffetz, Gutfeld and Varney.
    Rest can join the CNN/ MSHIV teams in the sewer
    Sky News Aus is a really great channel for unbiased news/ views + humor.

  17. African Americans will be at least 15 percent. They. are reluctant to admit they will vote for Trump. Also, between now and November a lot of corruption in the DNC will be coming. to light.

  18. Bernie Sanders is an Anti-American/Howard Zinn wanna-be and his Howard Zinn-ite followers are unaware of their own indoctrination. The Left-at-large suffers a form of myopia unseen since before the Dark Ages as evidenced by their daily hysteric fits. Intellectual insight will forever escape them and it appears they are unable to be helped. Yet, they cling to their child-booster seat of moral purity in the realm of woke-ism. Pathetic, spoiled bunch and they will learn the hard way come November…I can't wait, lol!

  19. Senator Scott drinking that Republican koolaid if he think that, the community has not forgot what he has said about us behind closed door.

  20. It is well known that drug laws already put a disproportionate number of African Americans in jail. Who do you think would be most hurt by more gun laws and gun restrictions?

  21. Still, guys, in the best scenario, only 15%? Sometimes I worry about "democracy" when a whole race of people act like robots, doing what they've been programmed to do.

  22. I disagree – I think Trumps going to get 25%+ African American vote💪👊 No pandering. An awakening. USA bleeds red/white and blue and unlike the Dems – he IS uniting us!

  23. 12% Wow ! , if it hits 15% Marxist DemocRATS won't be elected ever again in any USA election . President Trump 's best legacy for generations to come !!

  24. Still quite depressingly slow though, isn't it?
    I mean, talk about dragged kicking and screaming. How are these demographics SO reluctant to walkaway in the face of all this evidence? Not just about Trump's demonstrable success and care for ALL decent Americans but the glaring corruption and degeneracy of the demonKKKrat party. Stockholm Syndrome or just plain obstinacy?

  25. I am so happy that the President called out Mr. Cavuto for the low ratings guy he is, …he has been backstabbing the President since he came into office….they guy is a stiff shirt hack and should join Shep Smith out in the field behind the Sheep

  26. That's because we are Americans we don't give two shits what your last name is or how good your tan is….TRUMP 2020 LETS GO AMERICA

  27. I do think the dem party is about to split. I hope moderate realize they have much more in common with conservatives than they do socialist communism.

  28. He's exactly right about Warren's strategy from the start. She knew everything she ever did was moderate and borderline conservative but to go all-in on free stuff let her pander to the most desperate and weakest minded group.shes took a hit from moderates for it now but if she gets a chance to be just her and Bernie she could snatch what she needs last minute.

  29. Our brothers and sisters African Americans have seen the light and know that the democrat party has done absolutely nothing for them. Welcome to the republican party and lets get things done. They have been taken hostage for way too many years. The democrat party took advantage of their votes and in return did nothing for them and too often looked down on them. African Americans deserve to be respected as much as any white American and let’s stop the name giving and all be Americans! And lets Make America Great Again with the help of our brothers and sisters!

  30. There's a group of people in each race. That rather have the handouts. Because of handouts you don't have to work for. They're thinking is. If you're stupid enough to give it I'll take it.

    For some people it's a lifestyle.

  31. being free means having a choice and many african americans will be exercising that freedom as they are told what to think by their party.

  32. ''Trump will see a 50% bump in African American votes'' — I don't think the people that he and daddy trump kicked out of their homes because they were black will be voting for him.

  33. Cavuto is such a pathetic leftist shill. If you don't like the Booming Trump economy, move to Italy Cavuto. I hear the European Union has the same economy that Hussein Obama had……….. A pathetic joke.

  34. MSnbc Yesterday admits Black male support for Trump is 25-30% support ….the hosts reply…( You cant count on black men) 😲😲😲

  35. Wait, a minute ~ 6 – 12% how about 6 to 60%. Once upon a time, back in 1860 if you were one of about 2 million men, women and children you were owned by 2,000 more or less white southern plantation owner. President Lincoln, a republican was concerned, so he issued an executive order. How did that work out, we all know, 700,000 poor young white boys settled the argument with the 2,000 Old rich white guys, of course they died doing it, over a million others were just injured. O.K. 3.5 million Black Americans got to try to live free, or did they? In 1973 we all know that all free black young girls got the right to freely reside if they had to keep their baby or not. Seams like a great democrat platform and decision, the liberal supreme court agreed any woman can have the right to an abortion. Seams like the great democrat platform is working, the black community embraced the concept and idea, Every one happy. 40 million (African-Americans) live in America today, more or less, here's where it get complicated for the democrat plank. 2,000 plantation owners loss all they had acquired over years of fighting Indians, mother nature, foreigner governments and others, that was because slavery is a bad thing, (I understand bad, is bad) and now 2,000 white democrats ~ the leadership of the DNC and a few Media outlet ~ have been running on the hopes that the 40 Million black folks will support their planks. In 1973 the liberal all male white supreme court agreed with the democrats, yes a girl, black or any race has the right to end her babies life, I would hope that a baby having a heart beat will have the same rights as other Americans, but that's just me, with one question still outstanding, what about the 15 million, what about the 60 million ~ young girls have opted out. Liberals gave the right to control Americas population to girls, many that could not vote, and the young white democrat volunteers who advise young black and white girls of the benefits killing their baby. The Black community might want a new approach. Knowing what that 1973 roe v wade turned out to be might allow people to reconsider killing black babies, 9 guys liberal white old buys shaking the roots of American society to keep control of the liberal way things should be done. 700,000 died, the colonies became a nation, 15 million died no body cares, if black people like the liberal wing of society, that's fine, but at some point we may find out just how the liberal leadership feels about little girls with big girl power. Being aware is not enough, being smart is not enough ~ what about being an American, babies with a heart beat should have the same rights at a mother, it's a mother body, but it's an American Baby. The plantation owners lost their "right" because they made a bad choice, it is the first choice that is always the one with consequences.

  36. You CANNOT be a Democrat and a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ at the same time. The two stand for COMPLETE opposites

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