Trump: We are leading the world economically

Trump: We are leading the world economically

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  1. Jajaja ? you can’t even lead your country it’s so divided you want to lead the world ? trump tards the Financial collapse is coming..and the world is coming ?

  2. For decades, the US spent 100s of billions every year to defend NATO countries. These countries did not meet even their minimum dues and also cheated the US in trade and with the global warming hoax (Paris Agreement), which cost the US even more money every year.

  3. The United States has been leading the world economically since the end of World War II, so what else is new, dumbass? Does that simpleton have any other groundbreaking Revelations that he just discovered? Like water is wet, ice is cold, or fire is hot?

  4. Trump breathes out lies.
    Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19
    Abominable lawless administration and staff.

  5. How about ecologically? Or natural power over fossil fuels? Leader in affordable medical care? Economy means nothing when there is nothing left!

  6. USA should not negotiate with China anymore! Keep the tariffs high on Chinese made products. This will reduce our deficit quicker.

  7. Trump holds his own umbrella.

    Obunga the cowardly sissy SOB POS always had others hold it for him.

    Them are indisputable facts.

  8. Check the stocks on U.S. Steel…..down 43% from last year.
    Cherry picking numbers to feed to the blindly faithful doesn’t change the fact that the trade wars with China, Mexico, Canada, India haven’t been resolved. Plus today he threw Brazil and Venezuela into our trade wars.
    Add onto that the $30 billion dollar subsidies for our farmers and ranchers getting screwed in this war is nothing less than taxpayer funded welfare.
    For the “World’s Greatest Dealmaker”…you would think he could have gotten something done by now.

  9. I am 43 years old and For the first time EVER $8000 was deducted out my taxes this year I didn't even make $40,000 and I'm married with 7 children and 4 grandchildren living in my house. Trump's economy destroyed my family financial year and almost starved us out. TRUTH to GREED!!!

  10. Trump is really pushing that 'Do Nothing Dems" mantra. Pelosi will have to pass SOMETHING before the end of the year, or that phrase will STICK next year!

  11. Now we should stop being allies with Western Europe, for 40 years Western Europe was steeling from the US and demanding the US pay for their socialist culture.
    While Western Europe is currently teaching their kids to hate Americans in schools and Western European governments give speeches blaming the US for the two world wars, we feed 32% of Europe with our surplus food.

  12. Fake news ! It's the people not the president and of course you're leading us into war with China over you're Trump University education. Republicans have swarmed into communist thought and attempted leadership in America!

  13. Right…………. That's not what God has said. America is in for a rude awakening as well as the rest of the world. Get right with Jesus Christ while you have an opportunity. God Bless! May Gods will be done.

  14. Nobody is watching the 5g nightmare that will be the beginning of the end as we know it. You will either take the mark of the beast or die

  15. 23 Trillion in debt keeps dumbasses from seeing the truth about our economy. Thank Communist China and the Muslim theocracy Saudi Arabia for keeping us afloat. LOL!!!You can't fix insanity.

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