Trump Wars: The System Strikes Back

Trump Wars: The System Strikes Back

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  1. TRUMP and GOP and Peloskiand DEms in washington need to get off the public helath care system .
    they are all on medcare for all. they dont support it but use it

  2. Look at all these Liars eyes when they're speaking and spewing their lies their eyes give them away I could tell by looking at their eyes that they're lying just look and you'll see.

  3. Trump alone will take back a Republican Congress in 2020.. 25% are Democrats at his overflowing high energy rallies, the hottest ticket in town.

  4. The Demon-Rats are the most seditious and treasonous cabal of disgusting filthy lying whores and Bitches of ILL REPUTE.

  5. The betrayal of the demarcates of there oath of office. Of the integrity of the country and our national security its shocking to see the demarcates don't care about the people just there communist's agenda

  6. I loved loved loved hearing him call Harper out for playing apart in the Deep state herself while on Outnumbered yesterday!!!! && Omg how seeing them get called out and pushed back on warms the soul.

  7. I'm beginning to think CNN MS13NBC are actually working with the Trump administration why else would anyone say and do the STUPID things
    In not they're almost as STUPID ad the whackos who believe them

  8. D IS FOR


    Jesus revealed that only people that do things in secret are up to no good.

  9. independents those who really think will never vote for another dem how stupid can these ppl really be rather how stupid do they believe we are.

  10. Obama exposed his taxes, Biden exposed his taxes. Obama has been accused of a fake birth certificates until he showed it.. Seems the only person who's hiding things is the current President as he accuses everyone else of wrong doing. Just saying, show some taxes, prove them wrong, show your innocence and lets move on. Stop wasting millions in lawyer fees. Biden was asked for his TAXES 'here you go" , Obama was asked for his birth certificate "here you go" trump was asked for his taxes " imma sue you" and lawyers up.. Why?

  11. Sorry DNC you are living on borrowed time and you see your demise in sight, and you can't do a single thing about it. Hit the bottle some more Nancy because your wrinkles aren't going anywhere. ?

  12. The Democrats truly are a treasonous criminal disgrace to America and her citizens, the founding father would have strung these people up by their necks for what they have done.

  13. I feel superior to this political football players, because I know the word "government" means : to control the mind. Liberty and self-authority simply can't be governed = controlled and believing in 2 party system being the correct "choice" is just willful ignorance . Plain and simple.

  14. The Republicans do their investigation in the open, the Democrats do their investigations in secret, so they can lie, make up stories and find someone to lie to back it up!! The Dems are finished, they have NOT DONE 1 THING to help the American people, all they do is lie & cheat and steal our money; and support the rest of the criminals. They just take care of themselves!! If you do not like HANGING, them put them in front of a firing squad!!!

  15. They're really pushing the narrative that the transcript prove Trump's innocence. I guess they think the we cant freaking read.

  16. like watching FAKEBOOK, DRAMA through the roof of 6 weeks of LIES AND HELL,!!!!! MORON CORRUPT DEMOCRATS MAKE ME SICK, well back to good old nature shows….

  17. Our nation and our security are most endangered by the abandonment of the rule of law by the Democratic Party. Our Constitution is being circumvented and sometimes even assailed by the very people sworn to uphold it. As for these rotten Democrats, they can stand on the table and scream to their media collaborators at the top of their lungs and all most people will hear is desperately whining losers and liars.

  18. They think it is okay for them to use a foreign spy for information about president to be, but the president can't use a similar person.

  19. How dems say these crazy lies with a straight face in unison demands an Oscar. Are you sure they're not zombies?

  20. What before Pelosi said healing it was really stealing she has a speech impediment just like her brain has a very deep sickness it is all over her face she is a nasty w** that should be put in prison or thrown in jail in Mexico

  21. More projecting fascist right-wing horseshit from a racist Limey traitor who was probably in favor of Brexit; which, as of yesterday it turns out was funded by Putin via Steve Bannon, promulgated by UK's wealthy elite; Most of whom are fascists.

    Oh, but wait. This is FOX "News." Makes sense now. ROTFL

  22. Sounds like this “fact checker” needs fact checking. Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, America is in deep trouble if it’s citizens can’t suss our logical fallacies.

  23. Faux News lackies are paid to say black is white…this moron deserves his pay for sticking to the script Black is White

  24. @3:41 "No one is above the law, except Joe Biden…" And Hillary Clinton and 0bama and Comey and Mad Maxine Waters and Strzok and Page and Schiff and Pelosi and and and

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