Trump: US ‘in the final throes’ of reaching China trade deal

Trump: US ‘in the final throes’ of reaching China trade deal

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  1. Trump has done nothing for the American people. Crime pay ?? has a leadership into nothing. China own USA and trumping donkey.

  2. President Trump please don't make deal with CCP Chinese instead of crushing CCP Chinese by squeezing their economy. If President Trump let the CCP Chinese off the hook this time, CCP Chinese will come back to hunt Trump and America for centuries!

  3. Hell there's no hurry to get a deal with China. It would just sit on Pelosi desk just like our other deal we did seal with Mexico and Canada for the past 9 months. One that created more jobs and money for the American citizens. I guess Democrats are in no hurry about it because it does nothing for their illegal voters.

  4. It does no good for the president to make deals with other countries only to have them sit on the speaker of the houses desk.

  5. The economy is going to go bonkers positively for Trump.

    Yet another feat that every politician said couldnt be done and yet he accomplishes it.

    Trigger the anti trump media and expect 10 times more hate filled stories. Count on it.

  6. Using Hong Kong as a bargaining chip is just sad business all around, but you know the US has to give up on them to make the deal.

  7. I am 100% sure China will not accept an unfair deal with Trump. It's not about economics. In China social medias, according to some online questionnaires, nearly 100% Chinese people are against Trump's deal. Imagine the gov wants to accept the unfair deal, but its people does not allow it to happen. So, never think about it. Also, if China accepts that deal once, one day when China becomes stronger again US will throw out another deal of course, keeping demanding China to give them more, like pirates. As a result, the meaningful trade deal would be both counties cancel all raised tariffs like nothing happened, that's all. And US companies lost its relationships and credits with China and other countries forever

  8. Trump Delivers results not like the useless criminals in congress. TRUMP NEVER STOPs winning….imagine with House & Senate OMG . Whats wrong with people cant they see this man is the Best president of our lifetime

  9. Once upon a time Ameria and the American people stud for something…
    Republican or democrat… rich or poor.
    Once you could bet your life none of them would play footsie with the communists…
    Some would stand on a religious principle, others a more political one…
    But no communist dictator would get the time of day nevermind a 'trade deal'
    Now it's more a case who exactly can bend over the most…
    Now that's where the surprise is…Reagan or JFK wouldn't, no, couldn't recognize their own parties…
    But that was then…now any commuint dictator looking for some 'company' knows just exactly the number to call….and the only seemingly relevant question is… 'your place or mine?'

  10. We are a capitalist country and we believe in fair trade with any country that plays by the rules.. That is simple as it gets

  11. In some of Trump's reasons to start the trade war, most of them are meaningless. For example, claming China as intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer. Find the reasons by yourself with eyes.
    There is a funny story on Chinese social media. It says "Chinese companies are stupid, they are stealing techs from American companies for decades. American companies are stupid, they allow Chinese companies to steal their techs for decades. Other countries are more stupid, they are watching Chinese stealing American's techs for decades, but doing nothing". No one is fool, bro

  12. Honestly, Trump needs to NOT veto the bipartisan support hong kong bill, regardless of how China may react. That is the #1 concern here. We don't need more deals with devils.



  14. What the hell difference does it make? We've had a deal with Mexico and Canada for a while now… worthless Pelosi is too busy making up stories about the President to do her damned job. DO YOUR JOB!!!

  15. let me guess …. china knows nothing about it and in 3 days Trump will say that the USA was not ready to do a bad deal ?

  16. Thank you Mr. President for being tough and still keeping peace without firing a shoot. You are the best President in my life time. Vote Republican Vote Trump 2020

  17. No views, really??? You're getting sloppy YouTube, the A team that was running things before and rigged things more subtly are probably no longer there…

  18. China already said no way and the president and press keep turning it around. He's trying to save his presidency, but realistically there is no one better to fill his position. Goodbye economy. Goorbye America

  19. Simply stop all trade with China, stop the $500B deficit.
    Have Vietnamese iPhones 12, Samsung did it and debut their Vietnamese production with Note 7. Sell Boeing jets the world over, but not China. Snub China's 1.36bn consumers, and concentrate on the rest of world. See how long can China survive when USA move on without a single product made in China, not even a nail. China will come begging…. sooner than you think LOL

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