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  1. The way these people have treated the president? Are you serious?there was and is and attempted overthrow of our president. The highest crime you can commit in a nation. And they want the president to be civil??? Seriously? C. J. And Ruthie B

  2. IO want the impeachment. I WANT the republicans to be able to call witnesses and cross examine. It'll never happen as NOBODY of actual note in our Fake Government is held accountable. It's all just bread and circuses for the gullible and uninformed. There are no sides there are no officials; just actors playing their part to grant you the illusion of participation and keep you distracted.

  3. I only WISH we had someone like him in our country!  (Canada)  He is an extreme leftist, socialist, communist, friends with Obama and the Clinton's (gave Clinton Foundation 2.5K right after the 2016 election)  Hikllary Clinton actually came to Canada to spend time with him and pick up her money!!  His IDOLS are Fidel Castrol and the Chinese Dictators.  He got re-elected due to the fraudulent Electoral Districts that were set up years ago by the Liberal government so that by the time Ontario and Quebec vote there is not need for the entire rest of the country to vote.  They have this rigged so they get ALL the seats required to win any election.  It is the highest Liberal population there is in Canada even though the province lists 3rd (if I recall correctly) in mass area.  You have NO IDEA how blessed you are to have a man of the people (he is about as flawed as human as we can get) but he LOVES his country and will fight for you and your country as long as you keep him there.  GIVE HIM BACK THE CONGRESS and KEEP THE SENATE then he will really soar after he is re-elected in 2020.  I am just your northern neighbor who is living through the devastation of MY country because of PM Trudeau and see where you will go if you elect any democrats into ANY Office in the next Elections you have coming up.  DO NOT DO IT>  Democratic Socialism (Bernie Sanders favorite term) is NOTHING MORE than PURE COMMUNISM.  If that is such a good thing then do some history research and find out about what the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, USSR, East Berlin and I could go on regrading Eastern Asia and it's countries.  Pol Pot killed MILLIONS of people and there was a movie made called The Killing Fields where he had bodies dumped by the thousands only because they disagreed with him or were suspect of doing so.  It was a horrific time in history as were all the others.   WHY did they fight so hard AND DIED to escape or get rid of the communist rules they were all under at one point in history.  Once Justin Trudeau was re-elected I was going to go to the northern border between Canada and the USA and ask for asylum – it is that bad here now and Trudeau did it in a short 4 years.  That is ALL it took!!  Just remember that next time you go to vote!  IF you get a "Democratic Socialist" everything you have now, all that POTUS did in his first term will be GONE & in less than 4 years.  Not ONLY that BUT in their lust for power and jubilations for winning it will be WORST than it was.

  4. Don't expect Pence to pardon you after you threw him under the bus. And since you will be charged after you get out of the WH, I guess your whole mobster family is on the line.

  5. What is putting doubt in my mind about trump. Why did he withhold his attempts to block testimony. of repubs, blamed dems for not calling them. Federal judges stated supbonias are not. Negotiable. Trump is not king and our country does not allow anyone to play with do process. Mcgahn will be the 1st compelled to testify. My vote is now on the fence.

  6. Why don’t pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Perry and Rudy all just testify under oath? Support the president and put this to bed in 2 days. Make the dems look foolish. Why aren’t they standing up for the president?

  7. Why is he lying about repubs not being allowed at hearing when he has been blocking the testimony all along? This is not what I elected as my leader to do. I deserve the truth.

  8. The year 2020 will be one of Great Clarity for Humanity. As in 2020 vision, humanity is about to see perfectly; see the Truth of things. Nothing can stop this. President Trump will go down in history as, The Greatest President. To the Many who have sacrificed~ Love, Honor, Respect. ThankQ

  9. Anti-civility – are you Insane! Look at how the Democrats and the Media have behaved and look at all the great things President Trump has done for the country and our great economy – anyone who thinks Donald J. Tramp's civility is an issue must be bran dead – now how's that for civility!!!!

  10. Trumps arse must be sore after the New Yorkers kick it out. What an indictment when a President leaves the home he lived in because the American people want to see the back of him. He's running for shelter trying to find somewhere he can be liked, I don't know why, in his crazy head everyone loves him, it's all Tremendous. Republican carreers are being destroyed almost on a daily basis just to keep the Crooked Orange Racist in the Whitehouse……what a bunch of fools. History will look back at these people, and when asked by their Grandchildren, what did you do during that crooked presidents time….they'll probably get up and walk away like Trump.

  11. The president is going to Broward County because his campaign is aware of the positive poll-movements in the black demographic. The president is going to win Florida nicely, because of growing support among people of color.

  12. The Democrats are doing the right thing to start the Impeachment process, but Trump will never be Impeach. Not that the Republicans don't think he deserve it, they are just scared to challenge him. How some of you people can take up for this MALE is beyond me. When are you all going to realize that he don't give a {D} about nobody but himself. It is all about him. I guess the only thing that is going to wake you all up, is the day TRUMP becomes a DICTATOR over the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But by that time it will be to late. WAKE UP TRUMP SUPPORTERS, WAKE UP.

  13. It’s time to empower our selves, become conscious, aware of fact, truth, and reality.  The Russian Security Services (spy agencies) are well aware (conscious) of Americans “gullibility” (buy into or believe what is said to them).  This is especially true of someone who is in the office of President of the United States, President Trump.  So, when someone repetitively says,  “It was a perfect call” (President referring to his scheme with the Ukraine) or “Fake News” in a constant and glib way (disconnect from emotion) it’s a “Con”.  The President is not telling the truth.  We are being conned!  Remember his Attorney Cohen (for 10 years) testifying before going to Federal Prison that Trump is a conman, cheat, liar, racist, and predator

  14. I bet Prezident Trump only decided to run for office after making a bet with Comcazt for NBCUniversal.
    "Not only will I become prezident, but I will alzo win reelection." Said the future prezident. "And if I don't win I'll hand over the keyz to the Trump empire. My empire for NBCUniversal, no holdz bared winner take all, deal?" And they shook on it.
    Which would explain why NBCUniversal, comcazt and Disney are all bombarding the prezident with their fake newz media outletz like mad, becauze Trump done won half of the bet already and iz about to clean houze come 2020.

  15. Speech my ash. Spent all night calling people names. Felt like I was watching a junior high kid on a school bus trying to get attention.

  16. everyone!!!!!
    that is the quote!!
    FOX …. You are hands down my true favorite and pretty much only FAIR and BALANCED news organization!!!



  17. Liberals should join the happy people to Keep America Great. After all the plantation has put you thru…"what do you have to loose"?

  18. Trump made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to that! ? The bigger problem is asking a foreign country for political leverage in the first place as a foreign country should never be involved in US politics! If you do that and you hold up military aid then it’s a crime and a violation of the U.S.Constitution! ?

  19. trumpy Putins litlle girl!!!! Putin tel trump say MAGA is elect haha!!!! foxy news work RT say down with america and foxy news beleive!!!!! is too easy!!!! trump say down wit america an you beleive!!! Russia make haha

  20. I gave a thumbs up for the lady, but that man is a loser.. how arrogant he is to disrespect OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP …. I never seen him before, but now I don't want to ever see him again till he apologizes… and I really hope he does apologize. I have never seen so much hate, I guess this is the falling away, so I hope this man can get right with God.

  21. I realized long ago that the polls are usually only done by democrats, as thay tend to be unemployed, by choice… and also those on the democrat side also find ways to cheat as they don't have guilty conscience cause they have hate inside them.

  22. Спасибо Америке за то, что снова сделали Россию великой. Я уверен, что могу рассчитывать на то, что все вы будете стоять за мной, когда я уничтожу Америку изнутри—-V. Путин КГБ Директор СССР

  23. I'm in the Cincinnati area, my support is stronger than ever. As well as many other people I know. Don't believe everything you hear.

  24. We in Florida appreciate our President Trump. We welcome you with open arms. Those that don't stay home. President Trump is the best thing that has happened in this country in decades. We have to embrace this and support him. All Jesus Christ believers stand with him. This man is for good. Amen

  25. I really hope the president will attend the impeachment hearings. He'll finally be able to confront his accusers face to face and set things straight

  26. Does anyone think for themselves any more? The comments blow my mind.
    2010 to 2020 is going to go down in the history books as the decade of lost critical thinking. We're getting dumber and dumber by the month.
    This comment is brought to you by Q and Pizzagate

  27. After the next round of Trump hearings, the other 50% of Americans will be for Impeaching the idiot Trump. The entire country will be for removing the trash from the Oval Office and eventually to ADX Florence.

  28. The stunningly immature President again lying to his naive, gullible, and hapless fellow toddlers to ignorantly gobble down. Intellectually only worthy of a Sesame Street skit.

  29. Donald j Trump and his cohorts in government are extraordinarily dangerous.
    Trump is tearing American rule of law in the Constitution of the United States into combustible garbage

  30. Trump really needs the help of the people… to keep these clowns off of him. He is a great leader and may our GOD and Father keep him safe in Jesus name we pray amen and amen…

  31. Welcome home Mr. President. Please get your buddy Senator Scott and the local reps to do something about the red tide that is do adversely affecting the Gulf Coast.

  32. "Tone" ?? "Tone" ???? Idiot cute boy, have you never turned on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS….Have you never listened to Democrats in Congress?

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