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  1. I 100% agree with Art Laffer!
    The polls are wrong as usual, remember 2016 polls, Clinton 96% – Trump 4% ?
    Commies in charge, are manipulating the numbers!
    That's all folks.
    Trump 2020!

  2. Silly rabbit. Everyone knows the Fed is not a Gov agency. It's a private bank that loans money to Gov. Who do think we owe the national debt to?

  3. Why is FOX using an ABC poll. The poll aggregate shows his approval rating near 50%. FOX keeps moving left. Hope Trump starts a conservative network after he leaves office.

  4. I've no idea why people are saying he's at his highest approval yet. If you look at it all on aggregate his approval rating is the same as its ever been. He has the lowest ranked overall approval for a presodent. Why are people saying its high!?

  5. I love this man but I like him more in the movie little rascles stealing a kids popcorn lol lol go trump and thank you trump

  6. Democrats just can't bring themselves to give credit to President Trump for anything, sooooo jealous that's why he will romp in 2020. I can hear them from my country crying and throwing temper tantrums, especially the Hollywood elites. Keep pressing on Mr President.

  7. The reason we don’t see 94% is because of ALL of the lies and half truths that the Democrats are spewing every day to try to hoodwink the American People! If everyone who scammed us and got what they deserve, theSwamp would be drained by now!

  8. Good idea about bringing the Federal Reserve back under the government, that is important. But certainly Trump is doing well as a president and is very good compared to the evil George W Bush on the republican side who kicked so many of us to the democrat side but now as we find the republican president to be good, we will vote for him 2020 election. Alternative energy is an important issue for me, but we also need capitalism to be able to invent newer technologies, not socialism.

  9. After the worst Recession after the Bush administration it took Mr.Obama 8ys to get the U S back on track & clean up the deficit ..Basically if you do your research Trump is Riding on Obama's hard work..Trump has been able to sustain this by giving a tax cut to big business and the Wealthy …this way they can put it back into the Economy, this won't work much longer….Please do your research , don't just make comments that aren't logical…this is backed up by Factual Economical Research

  10. It's not higher because Democrats  want to hide there favorable feelings for Trumps work. Who in their right mind would come out and say "I Like what Trump is doing" fearing retaliation or even physical harm. No, I think many will vote him in again, even Dems, because they would rather make fun of him that to be in the reality of a Social takeover by the far left. I am unbiased.

  11. IN THE PAST WITH WEEK PRESIDENT YES WE HAD A BAD economy ever 12 years but president Donald Trump a man that love his country and is no dumb obama who that had no idea of what he was doing or bush that did not care or Clinton that became president at the right time but for whatever reason they just were not smart and if you are truthful every bad thing that has to happen is because of dumb dems or rep so let president trump keep winning we need it. bad very bad

  12. President Donald Trump is the BEST and the one man in the last 100 years that has proven he belongs in the White House,

  13. Man trumps approval rating has got to be higher then 44 percent. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. No matter what PRESIDENT Trump did or do the demograt liberals and political hatred always turn him down is jealousy politics action

  15. I'm getting tired with these (already discredited) 'polls' : Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of statistics 101 knows that together with the results, they need to provide statistics including the following : The population size / the polling method / the margin of error (based on previous disastrous poll vs actual difference / the population 'mix' (Urban vs rural vs suburbs / race / gender / age / political orientation …. the list goes on) – giving a mythical number is utterly useless – did they not learn their lesson in 2016 ?

  16. 👁👁 REMEMBER ,,,,, POLLS ARE FULLY FUNDED BY THE DEEP STATE,2016 poll Hillary 98% she would be our next president 🤣his raiting is probably around 80%.

  17. Just purges these Democrats and Republicans alongside with their's worshippers followers, the worshippers see them as GOD they're a bunch B.S!! The worshippers will said anything good about their's Democrats/Republican God.

  18. DemocRATS created the last recession to make Bush look bad and they will do it again to make President Trump look bad.

  19. Obama said it would take a miracle to bring back factories to the USA It was a miracle. God gave us Oresident Trump.

  20. Yeah no matter the attacks on him all over the media trumps getting things done and voters realize it.

  21. Add 20 points to any of these fake poll and you will still be low, based on the fake Reagan polls that had Reagan 15 down before the night of his election and he had a landslide in his favor, and recently Hillary at 85% and then Pres. Trump easily trounces her. The real problem are the Soros controlled Diebold computer programmed electronic voting machines, which fractionate votes and then put them back together how they want, however it didn't work during the Pres. Trump race, because the swing state voters used paper ballots counted by hand, but I am sure they are working over time to get around counting by hand. To win the presidency, you only need to win the large swing states. AI prediction during the last Pres. elections, based on Trump inquiries from places like Face Book & Google, had Pres. Trump closer to 70% of the vote.

  22. That is right and PRESIDENT Trump was doing and is doing the very best, God bless President Trump and forgive your enemies.

  23. I say that the treasury should stop printing five and ten dollar bills backed by gold I borrowed lamps from the Federal Reserve started out like that

  24. Its funny! All these Russian trolls commenting on social media, to divide us. Haha, like we did to you!! Suckas!

  25. Look at who did the poll ABC news hello biased fake poll msm has poisoned the minds of many people sickening

  26. If you want the approval rating to go higher sign a REPARATIONS Bill for African American Slave Ancestors. Partisan comments , inherent enconomy from the Obama administration ! Fact check Obama inherent the economy from Republicans! No one should have all the tools to do what ever they want! Checks and balances is required to maintain steady Leadership!

  27. We just got out of a recession with the Obama administration!!! We are in a better place in a short period of time and that's because you have a president who works for his American people and Country a very BIG Difference!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP MAGA 🇺🇸

  28. Shitty polls ..
    Shitty Poll.. People are working dubble jobs and have no healthcare and no retirement plan

  29. Facts First: Trump does not have a 94% approval rating among Republicans; he is at 90% in Gallup polling. Trump has not recorded the all-time high for Republican approval; his peak ranks sixth out of the seven Republican presidents after World War II. And Reagan's peak was 94%, not 87%. So GFY!!!

  30. Look up the other polls they have every Democrat polling higher than trump…. what a joke that's absolutely impossible…. I have never been polled and I don't know anyone who has.

  31. Trump is making the bubble bigger, how economy is doing better? with incoming Feds rate cut, this shows economy is slowing, with lots of farmers' bailouts

  32. The GDP and stock market are not good indicators of how well the economy is doing for average Americans. The unemployment rate is a sham and doesn't account for those who have stopped looking for work; the real unemployment rate is much higher. Jobs have been shipped overseas at an even faster rate since Trump was elected. The middle class is shrinking as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. More than 40 percent of Americans can't afford basic necessities like rent and food. Most Americans aren't saving enough for retirement and nearly half will retire broke. Americans owe more money than ever and most are currently in debt. Americans born into poverty are more likely than ever before to stay that way. Almost 20 percent of Americans can't afford or access needed healthcare. Wages remain stagnant while the cost of living continues to grow. Experts are predicting another recession will happen soon, possibly even before the election. The economy is the result of long-term trends, not the result of a single president's policies. It's wrong to give Trump all the credit for points of success in the economy, just as it would be wrong to blame him for all of its failures.

  33. Randy Smith you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Trump took over a economy that was already doing fine with a 4.8% unemployment rate . Remember it was the Republican party that voted against all uaw workers on the bailout. The worker's can only build what's put in front of them. So that means no American automaker's. You can go buy your Kia, Toyota, Nissan all foriegn owned. The economy was a absolute wreck after Bush. Do your homework. The stock market from 2008 tp 2016 went from 9,000 to 21,0000.

  34. Seriously, that's his highest ever lol Obama's highest 69%, GW Bush 90%, Clinton 73%, GHW Bush 89% even Nixon had a higher highest approval rating at 66% Trump is the most unpopular President in the history of the world.

  35. Don't understand polls. Trump does more and keeps more promises than any president yet only 44% approve. So sad what does it take to make people happy. Lets see how they vote when they all their rights under socialism. So very sad what has America come to.

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