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  1. Trump gives the right for citizen's to sue sanctuary cities! Trump is fighting against the sanctuary cities policies!! Bless Trump!

  2. Remove taxes from Social Security. We already payed taxes on it for our entire career. The rats in Congress stole our Social Security money and gave us an IOU. They make it seem like it’s a welfare program . A revolution is coming if these rats don’t stop feathering their own nest and screwing the America worker.

  3. 401(k)'s have the reputation of being tax free. That's the mantra, "tax free, tax free." But they are absolutely not tax free. They are the very last thing in the world from tax free. You don't pay taxes on the amounts you contribute, but when you retire and actually want to SPEND the 401(k) money after retirement, you are taxed out the wazoo. They count the money as ordinary income. It's TOTALLY!! taxed at the highest possible rate. If the government really wants to help ordinary Americans, they should give us a once-in-a-lifetime break and not tax the 401(k) or IRA money when it's spent. Most Americans work 40 to 50 years to save up this money and really need it after retirement. But then *shocker* a big chunk of it is snapped right back up in the jaws of the beast. This is the part they don't tell you about.


  5. Why not 100% of my charitable contributions?????????????? Guberment in my pocket, just not for money , but power/control.

  6. Wait till the billions of dollars laundered through our foreign aid and embassies gets the spotlight. NO ONE will want to waste a dime on corrupt politicians.

  7. If I work 84 hours a week to make $100,000 a year, should I pay the same taxes as someone who works 40 hours a week and makes $100,000 a year? I'm only saying I wish they didn't butcher overtime so much. I'm giving up so much of my time (the only thing we have in life) to better myself, and the punishment I receive increases according to how hard I try. Food for thought.

  8. The politicians are going to be mad they can’t steal more of our money and buy expensive dinners, cocaine and hookers.

  9. They should be focusing this tax free investment idea on the working class not the middle class or elite class. That way normal americans could finally get up out of the rut politicians have buried us in for over 50 years.

  10. A portion of our salaries was invested… in Big government… and now it's all gone…. and 20 million illegals are living here. So there's that.

  11. Retired people should not pay taxes on social security or anything under 2000.00 a year. Seniors live way below enough to love by.

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  13. This is a good policy as long as this tax cut goes to those on low and middle incomes instead of 85% to the top 1% of earners like the last tax cut.

  14. While the democrats are giving away free goodies including to illegals and they can't say where the money will come from, President Trump wants workers to keep more of the money they earned with their own sweat

  15. "Trump proposing portion of salaries be tax-free, invested" Wow, what an original idea. It's called Social Security. Then there's the Roth IRA. Idiot trump will just rename them and call them his idea.

  16. We need to eliminate the income tax for people who make less than $200,000 a year. America needs more millionaires with a conscious.

  17. Flat tax! Everything else belongs to the earner! Whether you make $40.00 or $400,000! No loop holes , no tax programs, no IRS. Too simple? Business doesn’t pass on that tax to consumers, sales tax ??? Americans have to stop central gvt making humans into pets, for a vote

  18. I'm cool with lower taxes on the middle class, but we need to cut government spending. Americans are going to have to toughen up and let some things go. We have institutions that solve certain problems, such as the family, but we let the government take over these roles and it solves the problems poorly. It is time to use the right tools for the right jobs.

  19. Sounds like a new Social Security idea for the government to spend before the younger generation get's to benefit from their savings.

  20. I concur with that proposal 100% and I hope that the portion will be increased, culminating in the removal of this stupid and unfair tax altogether.

  21. You can be sure that the democrats are becoming apoplectic over this.  It's hard to adjust to reality when one has based one's career on stealing other people's money.

  22. Think of all the children, babies and families that need more money in their pocket democrats. Are you willing to give up the fancy dinners, nice suits, nice cars, nice houses, walls around you houses, tax breaks, and all that comes with being influential and rich for the children and babies of this nation? Think of them. Look into their eyes when they cry because they are starving or cold. They need you rich democrats and rinos.

  23. TRUMP plan … give me more of my money and less taxes …
    Dems plan take more of money and tax me into ruin…
    Hmmm which plan should I choose…???…

  24. Trump making more money off of trade with China, Mexico, and having other countries pay their share in NATO and no wars we can afford giving money back, plus millions of more jobs out there means more taxes coming in anyway. Trump will go down in history as the best President America has ever had! Because he cares about America and the people in it!!!

  25. All these decades stupid GOP tried to accomplish this by proposing altering Social security….falling for the democrat trap time after time….trump just makes it so much smarter!!!! Love him.

  26. Would be nice to participate in my company's stock purchase program and be tax free. Instead all gains are taxed at both arms and legs.

  27. When I was 5 years old, I learned it is easier to steal cookies from a full cookie jar, not a jar that has one or two in it. The DEMS will hate it if the jar is noticeably monitor-able.

  28. Selling Fascism for tax cut = bribery. Pathological liars lie; con artists, con; & cheaters cheat. The nieve & gullible get swindled. True Christians know this & abide by it.
    "16. These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17. A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18. An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,19. false witnesses that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

  29. Want to witness the best economy ever? Stop taxing our over time hours worked. These are the hours away from our families and our free time. People would be buying everything.

  30. Democrats saying trump steals tax payers money ahaha. A man with a net of billions needs to steal? Ahaha
    1. Obama gave mllions of tax payers money to TERRIOST iran for bribed peace.
    2 Hillary Clinton takes 💰 donated from tax payers to Clinton Foundation witch is for the hungry but instead funds her political agenda.
    3 joe Biden and jr took millions from Ukraine and Obama gave control of Ukraine to joe biden.
    4. Warren and Bernie who say they support climate change 100% but caught taking first class seats and private jets paid by tax payers

    So dumbass democrats WHOSE really stealing from the government who is the American people? Tell me who?

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