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  1. CNN is fake news. They have known why he postponed the news conference for days. Here they are making stuff up about these deals. Trump shouldn't associate with a fake news network like CNN. It will just make him look bad.

  2. CNN lying over and over! Trump should not talk to any of the press….. they just lie on him!

    CNN….. what about Pizza Gate??????????

  3. the orange caligula will NEVER be my president! he deserves the respect he showed obama over the past 8 years. RESIST or REGRET!

  4. the orange caligula does not know what the word 'sacrifice' means, but he's trying to convince us of how much he's sacrificing in order to 'serve us'. NOT MY PRESIDENT! NEVER!

  5. While Trump most likely is not a billionaire at present he will most certainly use the office of the president to make himself a billionaire by 2021.

  6. CNN praised & dropped to their knees for that moron Obama & do nothing but trash Trump. And they have the nerve to call themselves a news station hahahahahaha. The joke is on liberals.

  7. The US was dissolved. The Donald still on contract with NBC The Apprentice hired to manipulate the global debt debacle re R. This is just continuing fraud like Obama re Zenadev my co. See my YT Channel. Anyone know an honest judge? HRSiegal Stober

  8. Condescending shameful CNN tries to scrape what evers left of their credibility by trying to become an opposition. Sad. Your corrupt media-political gravy train is over. Bahahaha

  9. 'Conflict of interest watcjh' you are forgetting that you are actually not judges or juries. You are just journalists or people who perceive themselves to be 'neutral journalists. You are constantly trying to criminalise and demonize the president elect and you have never ever published anything before about the very clear Conflict of Interests which Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation – described as as money-laundering organisation by law-enforcement agencies — has with the millions received from the Saudis and the multibillonaires of Qatar. You are so one-sided and hateful against this one man who has already caused millions of people to earn huge amounts on the stock market because the stocks have SOARED since he won the election. People are making money like mad on their 4r01K stocks and many others — but your organisation 's 'openmindedness' when it comes to Hillary Clinton means that all your brains have fallen out. You constantly hammer on a situation where a businessman- soon to be president – actually has the full right to retain his property rights during the presidency under the current laws – but is not doing so, and now is still deciding with his heirs what would be the best thing to do. You sit outside Trump Towers because you have become disreputable journalists who people are now shunning more and more. You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. As journalists you are a thorough disgrace these days. I would be ashamed to admit working for you. You have really sunk very low since you were those enterprising and hard-hitting truth-seekers a decade ago when Christiane Amanpour still roared around the world with her red scarf and thorough interviews. Now you are just a bunch of Barbies and Ken dolls – empty headed talking faces

  10. Anthony Guglielmi, charges approved for "Detectives Will *negotiate a reasonable Surrender for his arrest*. >>WTF<< *FBI should storm his house like they did Rodger Stone with guns blazing*. And this guy has a valid *passport and is dangerous because he's armed

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