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  1. NORTH SYRIA= ISRAEL’s OIL PIPE LINE . It must be destroyed so that Israel will be sanctioned 🥰 Turkey is trying to do that 🥰 so cute. I support Turks

  2. So happy turkey is going to finish Assad and his shia off! Turkey can look after syrians as they are with millions of syrian refugees in turkey given jobs/schools/healthcare/businesses turkey can either absorb syria as part of a new turkish empire or put a free syrian government of Sunni islam which 80 percent of syrians are

  3. hahahahaha,. what a joke

    his "unmatched wisdom" started this war,… as a gift to Putin

  4. FOX NEWS supports Trump's planned surrender of the USA to Russia.
    PUTIN will make Trump CZAR-FOR-LIFE of America.
    We will see Trump's kids succeed him. A Dynasty of pure Trumpism …. every Republican's living prayerful wish!

  5. The job was get rid of ISIS, the Kurds and Turkey are fighting, they were fighting before. How do we get out gracefully? ISIS is gone, Syria is still Syria, The People in the region have few guns. There will never be a way out for the Kurds or the Turks, but Americans don't have to die because it's not graceful to leave, but Americans gave them each a chance. The Turks have never been a friend to the West, or East.


  7. Pushing turkey into the arms of russia is great news NEXT THING turkey will abandon europe and align with russia GREAT JOB

  8. We have NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN TURKEY..! Maybe the Turks will sell them due to Trumps SANCTIONS..! HOW DUMB CAN TRUMP GET..???

  9. What has happened to America all this radical right and radical left propaganda media is so sad it use to be the UNITED States
    now the people have there strings pulled by media agenda. This was the country that the world looked to, it was can do America
    if China had come along then it would of been bring it we will out think , out innovate and out do you. Now it Tariffs, retreat and
    corruption, these things would of been Alien to America once.This is the opposite to making America Great again!!!

  10. Our evil orange imbecile criminal loves this kind of chaos, I guess he was getting bored with the domestic Chaos he causes here in his trumps America . Yes this is his type of MAGA and his dumbed down cult following maggots love their orange sun God.

  11. What did Ban Ki Moon do sitting as Secretary General in UN and Obama was sitting as President of USA? And Xi China President and Narender Modi PM of India and Pranab Mukerjee as President of India?

  12. Turkey is trying to secure a zone where they can send the illigal migrants that tried to go to europe, they're not trying to "fight terrorism" as the media suggests. However, going to war i dont think is the way to go, maybe if they made a more peaceful treaty the refugees could return and live alongside the kurds. But the refugees CANNOT enter europe, and Turkey has plenty of funding to prevent that from happening.

  13. This is not sanctions against Turkey. This is not stick. It' is a carrot that dangling in front of a horse that take the wrong way.

  14. Donald Trump is playing both sides. He knew exactly what the Turks were planning to do before he recalled the troops. He was working with the Turks.

  15. So once again, the U.S repeats history and decides to prolong its TWO DECADE involvement in the Muslim world for little to no result.

  16. Kurds proxies of West in middle East. Earlier Communist Russia used them during cold war. Both west and USSR used Kurds just because they have lots of oil in thier land. These foreign powers using nationalism as a weapon to make fight between different me countries. Kurd Vs Turk, Kurd Vs Iraqi, Arab Vs Parisian etc.

  17. shame on you. Kurdish parties are terrorist parties and should be punished. Turkey defends itself against terrorists and tries to bring the Syrian people back to their country. If you were fair, read the New York Times report on Russia's terrorism and deliberate bombing of hospitals and civilians in Syria and try to punish it for terrorism, the defenders of justice in the world.

  18. Sanctions? That won't clean our allies blood off Trump's hands. 11,000 died fighting ISIS for us. They liberated many villages and the ISIS capital Raqqah that was not in their territory or their own people. They wouldn't attack non kurd towns until they had a agreement from the US that we would have their back.

  19. While the corrupt UN hides and listens to rich teens with Aspergers read from a script about Climate Change.

  20. Senate republicans have had enough of this cancer within their party. They will vote to remove Trump from office…..

  21. More folks that Trump fired are testifying behind closed doors today and they won't let Trump's little spies in… Good for Adam!

  22. Steel tariffs huh? Mr. President tell Erdogan to stop the air attack on the Kurds or US pilots are going to start painting Turkish silhouettes on their aircraft!!!

  23. Ineffective. Give Turkey 24 hrs to comply and kick it out of NATO. Trump with foreign policy is like 4-year-old left home with box of matches…

  24. Fake news, come on Fox.
    You know there were only 50 or so US troop there and the Turks were coming regardless.
    Why should the US get into another war? If you feel for these Kurds so much, then fly out there and fight the Turks yourself.

  25. Imagine right next to mexian border there is a rebel group trying to be autonomus. And they have close ties with Al-qaida. Im sure americans would be peacefully accept it and do nothing.

  26. Trump is doing the right thing – forcing Europe to be accountable and to sacrifice THEIR people instead of AMERICAN soldiers lives as part of NATO. The European Union have NOT PAID THEIR NATO DUES!!! Only 8 of 20 countries PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE to be protected. WHY does the USA have to do ALL the protecting and LOSE ALL the Lives of THEIR Brave Soldiers ALL the time!!!

  27. We must decide to leave NATO. We give them a trillion dollars a year, and they are impotent. NATO is a joke. They make fools out of the American taxpayers. GET U.S. OUT OF NATO.

  28. This was all about the Trump/Putin Deep State. How dare a rogue commander-in-chief use our American soldiers and allies as a campaign ploy. How can any American support that?

  29. So, Trump lost both the Turkish and the Kurdish allies in one instance, and failed on his promise to "bring troops home". Excellent job trump!

  30. Firstly… USA will NOT go to war with turkey because they have
    50 active thermonuclear missiles that the USA have stored there.
    Secondly… they simple wouldn’t win..

  31. Trump gives turkey permission to invade northeast syria….gets criticized on both sides of the political spectrum …….trump sanctions turkey for actions he gave them permission to undertake….you trumpers are taking cognitive dissonance to new levels

  32. So it is our fault the Turks invaded that area, and it is our fault we could not resolve their differences that go back for over a thousand years?? Get real.

  33. And the moron tRump thinks sanctions will end the genocide he created? Erdogan is laughing at the USA. And to rub salt into the wound. Erdogan is holding hostage over fifty of our hydrogen bombs. Way to go Donnie.

  34. Claiming peace in the middle east, when there is no peace? Boasting the Antichrist's accomplishments! Giving our Christian brothers (Kurds) 5 days to leave isn't peace it is fake peace and betrayal.

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