Trump on cleaning up California: If they can’t, we’ll do it for them

Trump on cleaning up California: If they can’t, we’ll do it for them

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  1. the peoples rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come before a state's right of sovereignty. if sate has failed to protect these rights if is Failed State and the federal government should act to protect the lawful citizens and their rights.

  2. Trump as the nation's "daddy" lol! Clean your room or else…. I say take their funding & cut them off if they don't comply!!!!!

  3. POTUS needs a Very Strategic Plan on what he has planned to do with/about Commifornia….The State is "Home base" for the Mexican Cab*l AND The Pelosi Mob Crime Family….Eventually There the National Guard and or Martial Law will need to Step In and "Tear Up The Nest"!

  4. Rid California of the venereal disease called democrats and replace them with politicians that can do something! Hey, here's a novel idea, give Trump the challenge…JOB DONE!

  5. Portland has a many homeless people here walking around stealing everything at night it’s a joke I work at night I see it. Trump ❤️2020

  6. Oh BELIEVE ME…Illegals in California Live The Life of Riley. The are ABSOLUTELY Put 1st Before "Legalised Citizens"….Illegals Are Put 1st in Line When it comes to Housing…Medical…Education…FoodStamps…JOBS…And The List Goes ON and ON!!!!! STAND UP "AMERICAN CITIZENS" and RALLY Come NOV 3rd. VOTE REPUBLICAN in California IF You Know WHATS BEST!😕

  7. Trump maybe you can clean up your FBI and your DEA while you're at it there is crooked as the homeless are dirty and everybody knows it

  8. The Democrats worry about Russia interfering with the election helping President Trump but want the illegals to vote for the Democrat runner. It's time for voter I.D. I guess the Democrats don't want competition in the election.

  9. The feds need to come to Kalifornia and take over Sacramento!!! All those traitors must be rounded up, prosecuted and imprisoned. All the anti-2nd Amendment laws must be ruled unconstitutional and invalid!

  10. The Marines need to go into CA, NY, WA, OR. to take out all of the illegals from sanctuary cities. Tent cities must be eliminated, and these people need to be sent back from where they came. Then, the Marines must go in and arrest Gov. Newsome and take him out in handcuffs. He needs to go to jail for TREASON. The same thing must happen to Gov. Cuomo of NY. He needs to go to jail for TREASON. Some serious MUST BE done, and Trump is the only man with balls who can and will do it.

  11. WE🇺🇸Californians THANK YOU…
    Mr. President

    And while your at it

    And Her NEPHEW
    Gavin Newsom with you…👍👍👍

    OUR TREES, plants flowers, farmers 🚜 🚜🐮🐷🐓🐴 🚚 🚚 & wild animals🐺🐱🐼🐛🐌🐝🐜🐎 🌳 🌳🌲🌴🌲🌴🌿🌸🌿🌼🌱🌸🌳🌲🌴🌲🌴🌳🌼🌹💦
    Thank you…💦💧
    so greatful to you

  13. It gets worse knowing all of that and that California seems to be the place where they’re sending all the corona virus cases – rampant homelessness, disease and now add corona virus – um, check please

  14. Just like he built the built the wall, protected the second amendment and got rid of Obamacare, right? dont kid yourself; trump is no better than obama or Bush. Another huckster making promises he has no intention of fulfilling. What happened to deportation btw? Having an "R" after your name is just a way to convince basic bitches that you're not the lefty you truly are…

  15. What is happening to California is happening to Hawaii too. They have one thing in common…they are being run by democrats.

  16. I live in California and it is horrible out here! Thank you TRUMP for trying to fix this dump. I just got a text message from our local dispensers of Medicaid (IEHP) telling me to "spread the word that now undocumented citizens up to age 26 can now get 0 payment for all Medicaid services. Please correct this Mr. TRUMP!

  17. Your Cleaning California Thank You, Can You Clean Pelosi And The Corrupt Democrat’s, Thank You, Take The Trash Out It Stinks,😃😃😃

  18. We Californians aren’t all raging leftists, Mr President. Our governor is batsh*t crazy.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

  19. The President did NOT take an oath to, "preserve, protect and defend the United States"! He too an oath to do all that for the CONSTITUTION of the United States"!!

  20. I remember when California officials cared about the American people, and the state. Now the DemocRATS have turned California into a joke. Very Sad! MAGA, and KAG 🗽🇺🇸❤️👍

  21. So many Californians coming to Texas. There's no shame they leave just to vote for the same policies down here that there were fleeing from. We don't like progressive values here this is a conservative state.

  22. California here comes President Trump
    To clean up the Democrats sum.
    Yes the president is coming to clean up the Left coast and the president is bringing his magic wand .

  23. We have the pinhead liberal problems in canada. Drug addict and homeless population grows and all the govt wants to do is more studies on it. I will clean out my garage by studying it… forever.

  24. Please get Trump down here!! The LITERAL plague has come back, homeless are everywhere in the cities, slum lords are ruining housing, and woketivists are making it impossible for any small business to simply exist. We NEED change now.

  25. Democrats are MORONS. They keep voting for the SAME FAILED ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY. They think that “THIS TIME”, socialism will “finally work”, and they elect IDIOTS like AOC.

  26. They say do to affordable housing. I live in FL, and there are 100's of homeless here, but not one is latino or illegals. And we have a shitload of them here. Maybe if we quit giving the illegals and muslims free rent, then we can begin to deal with our own homeless.

  27. Yeah Mr Trump you can clean up California get a broom and a mop and get started don't forget to pick up the trash in the parks.

  28. With all those people in that state and not any to make a change, now that’s a massive amount of stupid people! And your wondering why they want your guns! Before some wake up!

  29. WOW the governor is going to make 300 properties available that should solve the problem for the 60,000 homeless!! Democrats are so smart!!

  30. Hey 😀 use the same system they thought they would use to change everything. Bring some common sense back to California instead of left wing doctrine that is anti American in my opinion. Love from Australia Trump GOAT Western Leader in modern times! 2020

  31. Please do clean up the streets that Democratic politicians can’t. They encourage homelessness by building houses and trailers.

  32. The majority of California’s problem is the homeless who dont want housing…they want to shoot up heroin and smoke crack until their teeth fallout and they are totally fine with living that lifestyle. Its a lawless state and the homeless do what they want bc no one is holding them accountable

  33. The Minimal wage not matter if you don’t have a job just abolish it altogether seven or nine dollars an hour is better than zero if you want to people to have more money Then cut spending And income taxes It can be done Trump even plan to try to replace food stamps with food boxes which is said it could save hundreds of billions of dollars alone



  35. Let's not fool ourselves, Pelosi and the rest of the Cali left are on the take. They are sucking dry the massive taxes placed on everything. It is obvious that she is a key figure in the modern day underground. These low lives will need to be taken by force the old fashioned way. Raid all state offices and confiscate, throwing all officials in holding while a thorough investigation is conducted. We cannot leave out Hawaii or Nevada as they are hand in hand with Cali in dealing with homelessness. Hawaii is one of the most corrupt states in the nation per capita.

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  37. Conservatives now support federal overreach. They have no principles. They just hate liberals and love this crooked president

  38. How can you have all that money and do nothing to stop the fires and at least try to solve the homeless people with it? This goes to show you that the Democrats their do not care and want nothing but hand outside so they can spend money on useless things like sanctuary city bs!!!!!

  39. It's the democrats from California they spent 5 billion on a train That eventually was canceled but they won't waste the money on the homeless

  40. yeah this is something that Nancy is let-go you know that all the illegals and and people are people that need housing food they don't worry about it but she lives in what a 10010 million-dollar Mansion you guys are idiots for electing her she's too old get her out of there get some new blood in their somebody cares about the California

  41. Kinda like when a child won't clean their room untill it gets really bad then the parent goes and does it for them and there's hell to pay afterward. Maybe Trump will 'clean California's room' for them and THEY will pay for "The Wall" instead of Mexico 😂😂😂

  42. Kick them out Mr President. Fix the problem for them as the corrupt useless Democrats can't even run a state not to mention a Country.

  43. The dems aren’t responsible for this. The feds are. They were to worried about the war on drugs instead of the low income wage. This is why we have such a huge wealth gap. And all you republican idiots who say it’s the dems can get out your disgusting trailers and go suck a fat d***

  44. Can I assume that as the low IQ continues to drop in California, Democrats will eventually stop voting and the intellegent people will eventually vote in some Republicans to fix things?

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