Trump: New York should frack, ‘they’re sitting on a gold mine of energy’

Trump: New York should frack, ‘they’re sitting on a gold mine of energy’

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  1. Or just deport the last 40 years of anchor babies and its free energy and great universal healthcare for all. Pst….here's a little secret, Hispanics and muslims are not US citizens. Get em out and its beautiful rainbows of the US.
    Nothing grows under brown rainbows.

  2. What are you fox news always talking fake news way dont you say anything about the corrupt democrats and Congress

  3. Small earthquakes are happening in Pa. And they will become more numerous. Be careful what you wish for. Funny how the u.s. is going to protect the oil in Syria.

  4. Bill Weld is running on the Republican ticket against Trump. His vicious comments about our president isn't appreciated by the Republican party. He's an unknown name, he's old, white and dishonest. Mitt Romney isn't running in 2020 but he could surprise us and try one more time. He's a traitor too.

  5. In the interest of preserving the Constitution & moreover what little remains of States' rights, New York does have the right to limit energy & Modor on the Potomac should yield.

  6. Fracking also causes earthquakes, and there also sitting on a massive ancient landslide. Not a great idea there (O great unmatched wisdom)

  7. Sounds like good plan they can frack right next to the trump hotel or better yet seize your property by immanent domain and frack right there because they can and don't need to pay out any money either so its a great idea frack or drill right next to his properties


  9. Yes Methane from all the hot air. All NYC residents will soon have to walk around with tubes up their backsides to catch all that energy. Let Democrats run things and that's your future.

  10. Trump Republicans as "human scum" as he seeks to solidify Republican support of him amid an ongoing impeachment inquiry. And he can shoot you if he likes.

  11. This is something I disagree with Trump on. Not because of "global warming", but because the industry has shown itself unable or unwilling to deal with the "trash" and side effects of the process.

  12. Same Gov. peeps screaming must take action on climate change = same ones pushing war, & dropping contaminated bombs that cause soil radiation for years.

  13. Electromagnetic over unity. = Free
    John Christi & Lou Brits

    Hydrogen-on-demand = Free
    Stanley Myers

    Run engines on fumes = almost Free
    Paul Pantone

    -…we don't need power plants/lines. We don't need diesel or gasoline. We've been living a lie, & enslaved.

  14. The dems won’t like that, they’ve spent the last decade against fracking, while their sons get jobs on Ukrainian energy firms and their parents try to push America to rely on Ukrainian energy, convenient that! They don’t want American energy, their sons and daughters can’t get jobs on them as easily and operate in a corrupt manner!

  15. Trump – "They dont Frack in new york"
    New Yorkers – "Oh we Frack, best believe it we Frackin' ain't that right boys?"

  16. I dont care go ahead but like i have been saying any environmental damages your not making the tax payers pay for it he can or his buddies should.Tear down his building and start there.

  17. Gold mine underneath NY but the dems controlled NY won't allowed it. Increased tax just to squeeze the neck of the people. Ouch!

  18. I am truly disappointed by some of the comments. It seems there is a plethora of people that think NYC encompasses all of NY state. It doesn't. Just so you know…

  19. CO tells us that fracking is making us sick. Someone best figure it out as they frack under my home and I'm not able to filter for another experiment after the green one I barely lived through. And build that wall around Denver and Boulder!

  20. BS"D I LOVE President Trump and
    what he has done and continues to do
    for "America, First" AND WORLD Peace.

    PLEASE PLEASE President Trump –
    FRACKING does not fit in.
    Time to utilize off grid forms of power,
    Further protecting our environment!!!

  21. Its very sad to see a man, who doesn' t bother the harm he is doing to the world. To listen to the trash he is talking is painful. More painful that the crowd is laughing about this trash. Trump will be the last president of the U.S., but not for the reason you think. If you think about the fact, that he has been able to convince 50% of the american people, that God is guiding him by his decisions, its so clear who he is in reality.

  22. They are sitting on a gold mine for energy. 😂🤣😂🤣.
    Gold melts to biscuit's. Many want biscuit's.
    Energy spills spark's. All want sparkless.

  23. Well kinda looking at it Trump has a point. New York could actually become a rich state if they allowed manufacturing instead of going into China and other countries that are polluting the planet anyway.

  24. I wish fracking wasn't banned. Cuomo did it. There are so many opportunities in upstate NY. Where I live in Otsego county our average median household income is about 10k less than the median income of the entire nation. So many struggling farmers that could benefit from permitting fracking on portions of their land. So many potential job opportunities to be had to raise our local economy up.

  25. Trump called part of my "Constitution" PHONEY. !!! Totally Unamerican. I'm done with Trump. I hope more Midwesterners see the truth.

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