Trump: Jury forewoman in Roger Stone case was ‘totally tainted’

Trump: Jury forewoman in Roger Stone case was ‘totally tainted’

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  1. I see youtube has used a scrolling circle to deny access to this video. Seems they don't want us to hear what our president has to say on this matter.

  2. I pray Almighty God protect President Trump and all those, including their families, in governments fighting evil and corruption from all evil attacks, especially assassinations and witchcraft. May God Almighty continually expose and remove voter fraud from all USA elections, especially Voter swaying at Facebook and google. May God Almighty cause the in Jesus name

  3. even though Roger wasn't involved with Trumps campaign….the left feel they are striking out against DJT by throwing the book at him over nothing.Trump will and can pardon him……and the pathetic left will scream and cry impeach…….and I say the left knows whats going to happen…….TRUMP 2Q2Q IN A LANDSLIDE

  4. TRUMP? Ask the people to APPLY 4 POSITIONS OF RELEVANCE & I BET WED HAVE A NICE WORLD BEGINNING..LET US LOOSE TO CHK ON EVERYTHING WE SEE HAPPENING IN EVERY CITY DUE TO (if we can begin it theyl have a hardtime stopping it & we will use courts to further it & once u start THEY WONT COME TEAR IT DOWN BCUZ WE SCARED EM UNDER OGAYBO..

  5. No matter what , our elected president TRUMP, is the best president ever!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020+, AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

  6. I feel this is all Rogers fault. Roger is an eccentric man that always wants to be involved in everything. That’s his problem. He had no busy in the Assange case yet he presented himself as if he was in the in crowd of it all. Juilain said he didn’t talk to Roger. He said straight out that Roger didn’t know anything.
    Roger put himself in this position.
    However, I don’t think he should go to jail.
    Just look though, look at Rogers behavior when the cameras on him. He’s sucking up every second of it. This makes him feel important. Lol

  7. Watch Kip Simpson, the only channel on YouTube I can find, that actually delves into the corruption all over the country exposing what msm wont. You won't be disappointed, perhaps angry over it all smh

  8. I'm sure glad POTUS didn't mention any names like that of Comey, McCabb, Paige, and Strzok. I do wish he had mentioned HRC.

  9. The judge who denied challenges of obvious Democrat activists also needs ro be booted. I'm sure she could have a richly rewarding experience in the private sector in any of several not-for-profits dedicated to this nation's destruction; she doesn't need the legitimacy (such as it is today) of our judiciary to exercise her insanity.

  10. Roger Stone is a good man an the demon rats cant stand him telling the truth !!! If the demon rats r against him u know he's good !!!!

  11. not just the jury , the judge , and not just this court , these people are placed to do just what they do all across America , great on ya mr trump , this is justice , too bad mr stone is now financially broke , life savings destroyed to not even receive justice , or a fair trial , he won yeahhhhh , oh no he didn't he was destroyed , and convicted for doing nothing , by a placed jury , remember the one lady that thought he was innocent was beat up in the halls of the court house , until she thought different , the swamp is deep , and wide , it'd be nice a pardon but won't restore what rodger has lost

  12. yeah so unfair to put someone in jail after lying to congress, obstruct investigation and tamper witnesses. your country is a circus now, i can't believe people support this corrupt man.

  13. That tattoo of Nixon on his back will make him real popular in da joint… hitting two for one…I am so happy for Roger, good job. When he get's out, he will be ready to Really show Trump his appreciation, like the old swinger days. Don't forget to tell them " I am not a Crook ".
    Way to go ROGER!

  14. Nixon said I am not a crook, Trump says I have always been a crook 🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒

  15. The Judicial System has been tainted/corrupted…… lol, whether they're bought/paid for or if they have been blackmailed
    & threatened we don't know but they aren't upholding the Constitution they swore to in their Oath. All of this coming after
    the FISA debacle & other questionable charges/sentences but educating the public now is paramount so that when they
    start using the Military Tribunals perhaps the Media won't be able to spark Civil Unrest which is exactly what I see ahead?
    We must be getting close to some of those "Sealed Indictments" & it's about time….. these people have committed so
    many crimes of Treason, Sedition, & other Frauds while LooTing taxpayer monies that they think it's normal?
    It's not normal >> It's Criminal & their time is nigh. peace

  16. Dr. Mr. President Donald Swamp Thing Trump.

    How do you look at yourself in the mirror everyday? God will get you for all your actions and words.

    From: Always Have Been A NeverTrumper

  17. He should stop doing these voice effects like he's talking to a 5yr old, it's stupid… and leave the justice business to Barr, at least until next elections.

  18. no more courts the President should over see all trials at least for the very rich it would save a lot of time instead of convicting his people and then pardoning them he can just let them go.

  19. The swamp knows their time is up, I expect more of this as they try to hold on to power at all costs. They've become dug in like ticks…..

  20. That sure is scary. That could happened to anyone. Imagine a racist foreperson in a case with an Hispanic or black defendant. Movie, "12 angry men". There is always bad characters. She should have recused herself…

  21. Trump is a disgrace and embarrassment 5x draft dodger lies too much. Imagine if Obama
    Took Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence agencies imagine if Obama promised to fix healthcare and then after three years in office never even had a rough draft of a plan. Imagine if Obama was a five time draft dodger imagine if Obama cheated on all wives

  22. —-to the trump defenders: Good Luck to you and your children.
    Life lasts longer than 4/8 years, but ‘we’ don’t have to pretend we’re enjoying it like you

  23. LMAO?.. This us comedy show gets better every day. Trump asked Fox to give him a reason to pardon stone… HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it! Looking toward to season 2 people!

  24. Roger Stone is a lifelong scumbag who lied to Congress and threatened a witness. He lied about being a liasion between julian assange and the trump campaign. He was found guilty on both counts and belongs in prison.

  25. The SWAMP… is deep n wide…that stretches to the Vatican…which in turn touches all countries…all kinds of people from all walks of life…ALL roads lead to Rome

    The Emperor of Mankind during the Great Crusade

    The Emperor of Mankind is the immortal Perpetual who serves as the ruling monarch of the Imperium of Man, and is described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as the Father, Guardian and God of humanity. The Chaos Gods and the daemons of the Warp refer to Him as "the Anathema" for He is the greatest embodiment of universal Order in the galaxy today.

  27. LOL "good chance of exoneration in my opinion"
    That's like the person robbing you at gunpoint saying "I think you have a good chance of losing some money tonight." XD

  28. When you think about it you will start to realize the we no longer have a law system here for all of us here today! God only knows what tomorrow will bring! we can only hope and pray that our lord father God will wake everybody up before it's to late! and God Bless everyone of you here today!!!!!!!!

  29. I feel more stupid after listening to this deranged jumble of paranoid lies.
    Now I understand how Trump gathers his mindless cult to himself; he continually floods their brains with toxic sludge….


  31. President Trump, I want to see some deep state people Jailed the republicans come up with all these lies that the left has committed but no justice! So I think you're a tiger with no teeth I'm starting to wonder about you.

  32. When the "judge" finds that the forewoman was "okay" and does nothing, Trump will have his excuse to pardon Stone. And I support that 100 percent.

  33. Trump is the best President ever…… Deamoncrats are the “do nothing” but hate and hoax epstein/oblama/clinton humiliation of the world.

  34. Where I live no one has to disclose who they vote for. It's a secret you can keep your whole life. Politics has nothing to do with what kind of performance I will do at my job. You are also not allowed to ask sexual preference or religion. The U.S. is one of the most behind countries in the world when it comes to being grown adults, reasonable people. The amount of money taxpayers pay for these jokes on humanity is ridiculous. Believe and look it up, your country is weeping.

  35. I thought one of the reasons all you guys like Trump was because he's supposedly tough on crime.

    Roger Stone had been convicted in a US court of lying, under oath, to Congress, colluding with Wikileaks and Russia to influence your vote n 2016, and threatening a witness, all felonies and very un-American, as I'm sure most of you would agree.

    And now he has been sentenced to 40 months in a federal prison for 7 felony convictions, a pretty light sentence considering what he was convicted for.

    So why do you think it's perfectly acceptable for Trump to recommend a lighter sentence for Stone, or any American for that matter, convicted of 7felonies, including Treason against the United States of America?

    That doesn't sound like being tough on crime to me. It sounds like Trump giving preferential treatment to one of his friends – a luxury you nor I would be afforded if we had been convicted of 7 felonies.

    Since you know I'm right – let's move on.

    It wasn't long ago when all of you wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail for life for using a private server to send and receive unclassified emails.. the FBI and Republican Congress investigated her for over 2 years, wasting millions and millions of taxpayer dollars – and came up with nothing..Nada..Zero..Zilch

    But now you want us to believe that Roger Stone, a convicted traitor to the United States of America, deserves his freedom?

    The obvious hypocrisy is the reason Trumpers will never be more than a punchline of every joke told at every water cooler across America, including the water coolers in the House and Senate, where Congressional Republicans are also laughing – at you, not with you.

    Donald J Trump and his Band of Misfits – tough on crime – except when the felons were convicted of crimes while conspiring with Trump to commit other crimes.

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