Trump Jr.: There’s no accountability on the left

Trump Jr.: There’s no accountability on the left

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  1. Douchey trump jr., shave your ridiculous pubic hair beard !!! It looks as ridiculous as your dads pubic hair implant!!! You guys are Shaistas and your lies on top of lies are now showing and are crumbling along with your fake criminal kingdom!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  2. Like how everyone on the right is being held accountable for the untold number of HUMAN BEINGS in CAGES along the border.

  3. Douchey trump jr., shave your ridiculous pubic hair beard !!! It looks as ridiculous as your dads pubic hair implant!!! You guys are Shaistas and your lies on top of lies are now showing and are crumbling along with your fake criminal kingdom!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  4. Well said … both sides of interview … funny thing all that was said is factual and traceable o actual public records even on the Internet … maybe just maybe some of those with uneducated comments should stop watching CNBC, MSNBC, VOX, Pokémon,, etc, etc … wake up and stop lying to yourself

  5. The Fox station refuses to acknowledge their audience has ANY level of education that enables them to comprehend basic literary skills. This opinion comes from a employee whose boss is currently the POTUS, has given him life (literally) & has control of every single aspect of his life. Exactly WHY would anyone value his opinion of his father? The one human being on this planet who has given him EVERYTHING.
    "Fox news. The station that asks…Why not?"

  6. We all know, Bozo Jr., that complaining about the other side, incessantly, is a tactic used when there is nothing good you can say about your cheating and lying father. Your grandfather ran a brothel, your father is a pig and you're on your way.

  7. If there is to be ANY semblance of a "transparent" impeachment inquiry, Adam (steaming pile of) Schiff MUST be replaced with a Republican.

  8. Translation: There's no accountability on the Right and they're terrified of getting indicted because they've got no defense except to blame everything on everybody else–just like usual. It's known as the Karl Rove Defense.

  9. Fox need to stop letting Trump's sons on the air.. Makes them look like the most ignorant new source.. I mean they already are but Eric and Jr. don't help in their case

  10. "Where’s the Whistleblower?" A top aide to Rep. Devin Nunes has been providing conservative politicians and journalists with information—and misinformation—
    that Devin is Whistleblower. Fox NEWS will say who the Whistleblower IS.

  11. Hey, Junior…YOU KNOW WHO YOUR DAD is right? The poster boy for zero accountability. No one wants to hear from the advice from the plumbers son. So you can just not talk.

  12. Come on Dumbo Donny Jr. Your granny girlfriend is older than your stepmom. Common sense and accountability shouldn't be in your vocabulary…

  13. The left canned a guy who took a picture groping a boob.. the republicans still have a guy in office with over 20 legitimate sexual assault accusations against him… yea.. no accountability is a left issue.

  14. "…for every demographic." Except farmers. And coal miners. Remember them? You know, the guys daddy said he was going to save.

  15. Honestly… wish it was "the good old days", like Daddy Trump said…. watching you get kicked in the teeth would be a highlight of my lifetime. GOD, I cannot stand the TRUMP family…. they try to turn EVERYTHING around!!!

  16. It seems that republicans are a angry people, more so than democrats. What a drag to carry all that hate day after day.

  17. I like the fact our President donates his salary and I think the Trumps should be donating as much as possible and not setting up cash grabs like Joe and Hunter Biden did. The truth is: Hunter did not have any experience for that job position and he did take home a lot of money and so did his friends. That money was funneled to them via the 1.8 Billion to Ukraine. This story is the real deal it shows that you can steal MILLIONS brag about it on tape and still run for President. I know I know he is the ex vice President and what I am saying is very serious but you are trying to impeach my President on a phone call that mentions this very same corruption. Are the democrats and traitor republicans saying: That nobody is allowed to talk about the Biden scandal not even the President? Are the tax payers not allowed to ask about it? I think it was a great call I read the transcript and they are trying to take everything out of context. The simple sad truth is Joe Biden caused this to happen by bringing Devin to the White House and putting Hunter on the board and then depositing the 1.8 billion into the bank that was owned by the same man who founded Burisma. This is money laundering, it's legal because Joe says so?

  18. "Hillary Clinton, probably the weakest candidate put forth in modern history." And yet, Trump still lost the popular vote. Nice job, Jr.

  19. Man these man babies the elite puts out are really clueless or really malicious. You're the one who has been living a life without accountability. You and your father should have been in prison years ago for fraud, Junior.

  20. Dims are gonna lose an azzload of electoral votes when God sends e coli fornia an earthquake…lol

    Shake shake shake senora…shake your body line!!!

  21. Apparently none on the right either. We'll see though. I'm kinda hoping that we'll get some accountability soon. Pressured speech like that hmm? stimulants?

  22. You have the senate, you're stacking the courts, so… hold some people accountable if you have reason to do so. Otherwise, STF up!

  23. One would not have thought it possible but Don Jr. is even stupider than his father and his father is almost incomprehensibly stupid!

  24. Republican accountability? Would that be Reagan who ran up the largest deficit in history at that date, or Dubya who was in office for seven years before the Recession that almost collapsed US banking, or Chump who gave away a tax break to the rich and business which will add a trillion dollars to the deficit?

  25. The book's subtitle is "How the left thrives on hate," but should have been "How vitriol and fear manipulate the right." As a progressive, I've never been to a march or rally where a talking head stands up, insults broad ranges of Americans, including our military, women, immigrants, etc. while everyone chanted and clapped along. You'd be hard pressed to find a single "I hate republicans" t-shirt at Me Too, Immigration, or Gun Violence rally or march. But, you sure as hell find extreme anti-liberal shirts at pro-Trump rallies. In fact, front page on my local newspaper was one not to long ago from a rally in a neighboring city. MAGA folks want liberals to be their monster. We're not your monster, your monster are the rich and powerful who are using you; using all of us.

  26. The left thrives on hate , did we miss where our president called mexicans deplorable? Or where he made fun of a reporter with a disability?

  27. Don Jr. dumped his wife and mother of his FIVE kids for a bimbo….just like his Daddy did. No respect for Trump scum. Nope.

  28. The trump crime family. All junior states is a lie. As an aside, why do all the trumps have such repellent mouths? And I'm not just talking about the lies, propaganda, cliches, and jargon.

  29. 'My conversation was perfect no quid pro quo…' Donald Putin trump said he didn't know stormy Daniels… Let's see should I Record the rest of the lies your father said and then came back around and admitted that he lied?
    If you're a chip off the old block which I am sure you are then you are a big fat liar! I hope you do friend for a public office so you can be totally exposed for the pond scum you truly are.

  30. Lets not forget how terrible and "fake" fox news was during George W Bush. MEANWHILE… WE ARE TAKING OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.

  31. Trump had to move out of New York because of Trump's disastrous tax bill. At this point when Trump rips a disgusting fart, he blames the Dems like a bone spurs coward.

  32. Don Jr. said patents protect names and likenesses. That isn't what patents are. How is it that all the Trumps are dumb enough to not know what anything is.

  33. What does Fox News want? Why push so hard everyday with the constant lies? Do they really want to tear our country apart, I don’t see any other outcome. Trump’s kids are beyond corrupt just like their father.

  34. When Trump, or his minion, tells a lie, they are speaking their native tongue. Treason is, of course, their regional accent.

  35. Why is this person involved in politics. Why does his opinion matter at all. No Democrat would talk to you, much less confide in you; you who has walked in his fathers shadow(s). Please, just move to Russia and MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. P.S. You think you could shut up?

  36. The ig reports and steel dossier will shut the process down trump knows this there is tons of dots that will make everyone understand exactly why this is happening

    Illegal money transfers
    New charges on the Biden’s Ukraine 2.7 million dollars gone and or missing

    And the Clinton administration signed a agreement with Ukraine to cull and open the doors for corruption investigations in the United States and Ukraine this agreement plus the evidence racking up not good

    All of this is being done for a reason the president with the agreement signed by both Ukraine and the United States knows he can get the information with no involvement except a fake impeachment hearing to try to stop this ongoing investigation as u can see it’s falling apart at the seams

    Their playing checkers and the president is playing chess
    And he will hit checkmate when the time is right as he stated you will see and you will

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