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  1. Hahahaha….Trump is just another lying politician telling people what they want to hear so he can get their votes. Go have another line of coke Kudlow.

  2. Larry your model is simple, print and borrow at low rates and flood the investment market and inflate asset prices to push the GDP growth whilst growing the deficit. Might as well get the government to buy stocks. Be careful with the low rates, don't forget 70% of US public debts are held by other nations and America these days is a agriculture and energy export based nation.

  3. America is going to suffer big time if systems and laws continue to be not respected , this will also put the all world in dangerous as values of the other tow superpowers China and Russia will rise , change and reform is necessary

  4. Trump is about bullshitting through life with a group of DUMFUKS followers.
    Way to go America.
    Elect a fake businessman that is morally corrupt.
    Is this really the best you can do?
    Well dumfuks?

  5. I wish Australia had a leader like Trump, this man has had so much adversity thrown at him and he's brushed it off and shown the he is not rattled by all the BS and attempts to take him down, even then his first thought was about his family and the American people, he never carried on like he was been hard done by which he was. Truly amazing man. From Australia I truly hope trump blitzes the woke left socialists, put their heads on the chopping block

  6. Inflation is a collapsing currency- larry kudlow 🤣🤣🤣. Jay powell -"inflation expected to rise in the coming months".

  7. Man It's a GOOD THING the Economy is going Gangbusters!With Flynn and Stone etc I figure ALL US TRUMP supporters will have money for Attorneys when they get around to US!Just In Case maybe WE should start a GO FUND US Page!

  8. Trump is optimistic. He predicted his tax cut would pay for itself. Budget deficit year ended Sep 30 2019 was 984 billion, almost $3000 for every man woman and child. A total disaster. Trump said his tax cut would increase gdp growth to 4% or 6%. In 2019 the gdp grew 2.3%. Trump thought he would reduce our trade deficit. The trade deficit in goods has increased more than 15% since he was elected. Trump’s optimism was horribly wrong.

  9. The demosocialists would massively increase taxes on working Americans to pay for their Medicare for all and you can bet they'll include illegal aliens on that so you can count the entire world will be crushing our borders for those free goodies. And, these leftists will be opening our borders even more and this country won't even look like our country anymore. Republican forever!

  10. Trump is about optimism, leadership, economic prosperity OK hopefuly restoring trust back into the JUSTICE SYSTEM too

    TRUMP 2020 Landslide!!
    Keep SENATE & WIN BACK the HOUSE.😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜.
    REPUBLICANS First time, Go out and Registered till FEBRUARY 18,2020…AND Vote on Nov.3,2020.

  12. He wouldn't label cartels as terrorist organizations cause he doesn't want LEGAL immigrants EITHER. You see if he was to do something like that cartels would have to be labeled as a terrorist organization. Then regular Mexican people will easily qualify for refugee status or asylum seeking status. They will be able to LEGALLY enter the US. Wake up they're just using this issues to gain your vote and make it seem like that's what they care about. Why do you think the "wall" sucks because its just a front for political gain. He doesn't truly care he's more busy fighting for is laws that will help him and his rich investors more profit and less problems.He wouldn't cause he doesn't want LEGAL immigrants EITHER. You see if he was to do something like that cartels would have to be labeled as a terrorist organization. Then regular Mexican people will easily qualify for refugee status or asylum seeking status. They will be able to LEGALLY enter the US. Wake up they're just using this issues to gain your vote and make it seem like that's what they care about. Why do you think the "wall" sucks because its just a front for political gain. He doesn't truly care he's more busy fighting for is laws that will help him and his rich investors more profit and less problems. Murdoch, Rothschild invest in Israeli shale oil. Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to drill for oil in Syria, violating international law. And you guys support this people you support corruption whats so patriotic about that. You know why they paint Trump as the right leader cause he's helping them make more money period. Not voting for us voting for THEM.

  13. What economy? Bigger debt, lower interest to loan more money, record in housing loans, records in all loans, didn't know u needed to barrow money to have a good economy

  14. There’s no bloody way in the world inflations gonna go to 2% in America who the bloody hell saying that crap I think I heard he said it was some idiot on the left

  15. Mr President Puerto Rico State 51 State of the Union is Time to end this colonialism regime everyone is winning in the USA but we are in the same colonialism regime Mr President do something about it.🇮🇱🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇵🇷

  16. I'm sure, Dems are the China Cummins, they are crazy dogs ! They dangerous for our country! They are not our friends ! We need to stop the crazy dogs? They treated us like an enemy's ?

  17. Whereas, Dems are all about corruption, domination/authoritarianism, failed policies, debt, dependency, bad ideas, fearmongering, and they absolutely detest America's successes!! VOTE DEMS OUT!!

  18. Shut up barfitomain Trump and his thieves are about ripping off America. This kraplow guy is a scum sucking Trump suck off

  19. Please ask Larry his opinion on the public and private debt and how we get it under control or does it eventually swamp us and take us under.

  20. It is proof how mentally ill Democrats and their communist propaganda networks are when they refuse to report the good things the President has done. He is all about the prosperity of the USA. Democrats are all about turning it into a third world globalist waste land.

  21. What about throwing out all muslims? What about formally declaring islam is not a religion? What about not allowing muslims, or mexicans from joining our military?

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  23. As of Jan. 10th 2020. NYU,s Institute for Policy Integrity. Trump's administration agencies have lost a court case or backed off their plans 66 out of 70 times when facing lawsuits over actions they had taken. That's a 94% rate loss. All previous Presidents are around 30%.

  24. The first round of tax cuts went to corporations and the top 1 percent in the county not the middle class and the poor. And also added 2 trillion to the national debt. It is irresponsible to have another round of tax cuts.

  25. Stop with the first class "BS"!!! They are about themselves, the greedy Republican party who have sold there souls and can't do anything with this nit-wit. He has no leadership skills, economics prosperity, tax-relief plan whatsoever and you know it. Sober up and don't try selling the great people of this country on this again. This is your biggest mistake in history electing this clown. Except the fact you all are thinking otherwise but yet, going along to get along.

  26. So what is this? Drunken alcohol mixed with some cocaine?
    Is this Bezodiazepines mixed with speed?

    Or is heroin mixed with Speed of some kind?

    He doesn't even make any sense…… rambling jibberish ………"Income up Managers, workers, their getting this done…".



  28. Trump is an authoritarian. Name an authoritarian country that is prosperous. One. China and Russia are NOT examples. They are Oligarchies. Filthy rich and dirt poor. With no path for the poor to improve their position. And no accountability for the rich. That's where we are headed. If you aren't rich already, you can stop dreaming about it happening. It's out of the question.

  29. With the National Debt exceeding $23 Trillion, Donald Trump has America firmly back on the road towards bankruptcy.  To put this in perspective, paying off Trump’s National Debt will cost every American household over $400,000.  Welcome to the true cost of Trump’s smoke and mirrors economy. Republicans are panicking.

  30. I love watching Maria Bartiromo's program. She dishes out the right analytical and unbiased questions on current issues with subtle frankness and professionalism.✔👍😎

  31. Ah – another politician with his head in the clouds, but really, after listening to all the exaggerations, wishful thinking and fantasyland dreams of President Trump, have anybody actually seen all those millions of new jobs that were “magically” created over the last 3 years or so and have anyone experienced any new found wealth from the high wage offers that happens when experienced workers are in big demand????

  32. The Wall is going up.. Get ready for mucho economic prosperity….
    First rule in the war on poverty… Cut off the reinforcements….

  33. This is nothing more than propaganda. Kudlow: Look at the Stock market, but don't look at the real economy…lies. people, ask the WHYs.

  34. Trump supporter here, but I recall during his campaign when he said that he will reduce the country's deficit, but now he has added more to the deficit.

  35. I voted for Trump because I was tired of the POS, lying career politicians and it's those scumbags that are so upset because Trump is actually getting things accomplished despite their efforts to stop him.
    Continue to drain the swamp and remove the leeches.
    TRUMP 2020

  36. For the most part the impeached president has managed to avoid de-railing the economic recovery initiated by the Obama administration.  What is new is the significant decline in well paying jobs. Middle class Republicans are fed up with Trump and are leaving the party.

  37. The impeached president’s budget shows how little Trump values the good health, financial security and well being of hard working American families. Middle class Republican voters are abandoning the Party.

  38. 3  years ago at 70 years old Trump used to own a model agency in NYC ??? For what purpose, I guess to please Melania who is o happy with him already   

    And do you know in general,  what model agency owners do  to young girl if they want to become Famous, Top Model… Give them lesson of behavior ?

    Trump Model Management, later shortened to T Management, was a New York City-based modeling agency. Originally known as T Models, it was founded in 1999 and owned by current U.S. President Donald Trump until its end in 2017…. 

    According to model Nakina Carr, when owner Donald J Trump met a girl, he’d immediately move in to kiss her, not shake her hand or say ‘Hello, how are you?’ He’d immediately put his mouth on her,” “I saw him many times go straight to the mouth, to kiss them on the mouth, and they would turn their cheek." Among modeling insiders, Trump had a reputation at the time for preferring the younger girls. “If you’re over twenty-one you don’t have to worry.”

  39. The wealthiest 3 billionaires in the U.S. – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett — now have as much wealth as the bottom half of the U.S. population combined…. More than 60% of American people do not have $500.00 in their bank account at the end of the month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLUS 40 millions of really really poor people .. It means about 220 Millions of people not doing well in America …..    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Funny how we can have the 'best economy of all time' and still need to cut social security, take away food stamps, and take away people's healthcare. Guess we just don't have enough money for that. Plenty to increase defense spending though.

  41. You are wonderful Maria! Excellent reports consistently! Thanks for being on the right side of history! 💪💪💪❤️🗽⚖️🇺🇸🙏⏳⌛️🎁⚖️👍🌍🌎🌏

  42. Optimism, leadership, economic policies.
    Since BEGINNING was the war against darkness it's darker deeds against DHS-NSA. IAM🕎🛡🗡🏹wowed to bring all dark fruits around world kept rebel against free will.

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