Trump imposes 10 percent tariff on $300B of Chinese imports

Trump imposes 10 percent tariff on $300B of Chinese imports

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  1. How to prevent companies from moving their factories to other countries instead of the
    US? He need to carefully pick a category of manufacture jobs and apply higher
    "border tariffs" in the name of national security. Maybe only 50B, or a bit more. Border tariffs mean you tax every foreign country, so the jobs must be done in the US. Jobs that are important to our national security and tech superiority. Those that must come back. Shoes, Socks, clothes? They can stay in China.

  2. China depreciated their currency, about 10%. That takes 10% off the tariffs. Chinese exporters absorbed some, and only a small portion falls on American consumers. Comparing to China taking jobs and IP from the US, eventually killing off innovation and the communist party taking over the world, it's small price to pay.

  3. It's high time! Finally a president that is righting the ship of state rather than kick the can down the road. If China wants a trade deal Trump will level the playing field. If not, it becomes more appetizing for US companies to manufacture their products in America. Meanwhile the treasury is collecting billions in revenue from the tariffs.

  4. Turncoats in Washington Sold them our 99 year Panama Canal Lease after we earned it being the only country that could finish its construction.
    Now they’ve just celebrated their something like hundreds of billions in dollars of cargo just going through the canal, surly no charge.
    Clinton shuttered our military bases when one such closed base is then sold to a pinko commie owned business that took over the already developed and fortified seaport,
    Long Beach Naval Base, America’s mineralogy Sold by these traitors.
    Uranium One was just a symptom of years of their treasonous practices disguised as governing…

  5. China cheats America everyday, and the companies that make the communist products too with lowball cheating wages. More Made In The USA is better anyway better wages helps enabled one to afford better fairer made products.

  6. Trump is a conman. If anyone ask him to explain what he is doing and how it will hurt China 🇨🇳 he has no clue and he will instantly change the subject. He uses fabricated lies and leverage to garner his inflated wealth.

    China holds more USA T-Bills than any other country in the world. Chinese thinks 5 steps ahead of America.

    He con people to believe Mexico is building USA a wall. The last time I check he had to petition congress for the money, "Taxes payers money." This trade war is the best thing to happen to America. (A Purge)

  7. China has been robing the U.S. for decades. The Chinese will be hurt the Most and has much more to Lose. It will be a better thing if the tariffs were 59-75 % instead of 10 percent. Trump will be re-elected again in 2020.

  8. man I feel trump is a spy from Russia. ever since the tariff war between china and US. Russia is the one who benefit most!!!

  9. So in doing this it also increase the price of the items? Yeah that's what we want more expensive Chinese quality product cause we're all so rich from the jobs Trump created to pay for a pricier iPhone…. smh

  10. Hard to say if tarriff good at this point. If they are willing to negotiate and not steal our intellectual property then do that. if not a good deal then the President will deal with it.

  11. Why even mess around. Why go slowly. Devastate Satan and increase the existing 25% tariff to 35% and add on 25% instead of 10% on the remaining. Stop screwingcaroundcand hit them so hard they won't make it to the end of 2019. Heck if you really want them to wake up fast, cut all their imports from the USA immediately, with a 2 week grace period to think about it before they go into force. That way it has maximum effect on them and a short minor effect on USA Farmers and Companies. They depend heavily on US imports and if it goes into effect, it would not take long before their shelves are all bare and the people there in full outrage over their current Satan Worshiping government. It would give the Satan Worshiping people and government a very good idea on what is coming for them here in the US as well. Nowhere in the bible does it say destroying Satan and his minions is a sin. So there is nothing stopping the military from just wiping them out with no notice. After all, they are all known! Many have already been wiped out and/or arrested, and the MSM cannot report on it as the are involved and part of it. They cannot state Satan or Satan Worshipers as they would have to expose themselves.

  12. Thanks Republicans. You elected this humongous idiot in to the white house, and now we're going to have prices sky rocket because his stupidity has ran rampant🤪🤪🤪🤪🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. The trade war gives a perfect opportunity for China to fix the economic policies, the development pattern of China relied too much on export, the trade war force China to change the pattern, trigger the domestic need, make better products and upgrade industries and raise the revenue of Chinese people. And what American will get from the trade war? Trump is a gambler, he gambles the American credit, America already lose the credit in the world, no country will trust America anymore, nobody can change the globalization trend, without state credit, It's difficult to be the strongest country in the world.

  14. I love Trump he is crashing Jewmerica at an accelerated pace. Won't be long before Big Business and the CIA give him the Kennedy Option. ⚰️

  15. Hey Paper FYI my reason for my dollar tree stop is for box matches and they are made in Chili 🌶 good to know. Yes we need to get it right for China but personally I think are greatest enemies are actually our allies such as Britain and Israel

  16. America……let go of China……make Americans worldwide in America lands…..for their country and their people…….

  17. sit back and enjoy the billions of tariffs on china.. we don't need china and they have billions in our notes…. trump is dissipating that deficit smart man he is… brilliant in a word

  18. I support it. Every time others say these types of moves cause problems they have always been proven wrong. I stand behind our president, In this case because I think he is right. When Obama won, I didn't give him my vote but I didn't cry, I just got behind him so he could be as successful as possible. He did some good things but I don't think trade or jobs were his strength. For TRUMP they are.


  20. Only 15% of the products in Trump stores are made in the US. Donald Trump suits are made in Mexico, shirts in Bangladesh, ties in China. MAGA hats are made in China.
    Ivanka Trump won initial approval from the Chinese government for 16 new trademarks in November
    Ivanka Trump imported 53 metric tons of Chinese goods the same week her father gave a "Buy American and hire American” speech.

  21. Why Sept. 1? Why only 10%? Do it now with 50%! How could such a weak man who is not able to think through lead a country?? US deserves better leader.

  22. It's mind blowing that the President of the United States still doesn't understand how tariffs are imposed and that apparently nobody from his staff has informed him.

  23. Funny, I still don't hear anything about jobs coming back to America. All I hear is the market is a little down, but nobody talks about the businesses having to now pay extra taxes! Its pretty funny stuff.

  24. Folks they sent all OUR jobs over seas "those jobs are never coming back" but President TRUMP has brought them back and we are living again !!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!

  25. DJIA goes from 18,589 on November 9, 2016, to 27,000+ today, a new all-time record. Jumped over a 1000 points / record fastest 1000 points move in history. MSM acts like the world is going to end when the Dow falls a few hundred points.

  26. China is not waiting for the American people to vote!!! Its waiting to bankrupt America before the election. You wait it out and see😉 don't forget that the election are a little over a year from now. So, wait out America!!!!

  27. We have another option ,India -Pakistan is over 1/3 world population ,they may not want soy beans but maybe we can grow something they need ,besides russia will have bad years for crops buy or starve

  28. This is one guy from FOX news I can't stand listening too – that raspy throat. This is one of those people when you hear them speak and YOU end up clearing your throat a few times.

  29. Stop stealing our intellectual property!

    Stop forcing technology transfers!

    Stop hacking our computers!

    Stop dumping into our markets and putting our companies out of business

    Stop state-owned enterprises from heavy subsidies,

    Stop the [importation of] fentanyl [and]

    stop the currency manipulation!

  30. We outsourced to China and help build their middle class. Now they are not returning the favor. US companies should leave China. We need our dividends.

  31. Raise the hell out on China. Move Apple out! Move to Vietnam or somewhere cheaper and respects our business. China took our labor and developed their middle class. Now they steal our technology. Boycott China! Bring back Jobs or else we shift to full automation! Yang2020

  32. I do my best to boycott California and China. IMO, California is actually worse, because they are Americans screwing America.

  33. We are paying more for steel goods. More for everything else now too. Steel industry is NOT coming back to the US. That heavy dangerous work is automated with robots. It is a political scam to be in the back pocket of business as an excuse to raise profits for business. Employees will never see a bigger paycheck nor additional employment. The poor farmers are hurting from all this.

  34. US media is world's most sucessful media to wash people's mind without any doubt. Trump is the biggest liar in the history of the US president. He promoted the tax cuts of the middle class and the rich in the United States including the most exciting inheritance tax of rich people, whose goal is to reduce it to zero. Then the government's fiscal deficit needs to be filled, so a trade war against the world was created. Increasing Tariffs will only increase the consumption pressure of the people at the bottom of the country for such an imported countrie- USA. Use the money of the poor to make up for the fiscal deficit and help rich save more and more money. These leaders and wealthy capitalists are so smart. People are still very stupid and are still supporting these rich people. LOL
    The United States is the most greedy country in the world, and God is tired of it.

  35. The President said that we are getting billions from China due to the tariffs. I don't understand. Isn't China the seller and we are the purchaser? My grade 12 teacher told me that tariffs are paid by the buyer. Can anyone explain it to me or tell me where to find the answer? Thanks guys

  36. This trade war is way to disruptive to the stock markets and has been lingering for way too long, this needs to get resolved fast..

  37. China doesn't pay those Tariffs…the importer does, then the manufacturers and vendors then ultimately that cost gets passed down to us the Consumer , so us making 75 Billion from tariffs is a farce… and us bailing out farmers through subsidies amounts for  basically a handout by the Govt to prop them up to survive through the problem Trump caused himself… which the GOP and Conservatives rail against  in regards to any social program they always wanna cut.  If you do the math we are actually running in the negative for money brought in by the Tariffs vs all these bailouts (not including job losses, companies halting new production or plants to be made, and business straight up setting up in other countries for production of a product and/or pulling out of deals already almost in place)

  38. These farmers will lose their farms to corporate Agricultural companies. That was the plan all along. Enjoy getting pennies on the dollar for your land. Trump is a Con man. Always has been.

  39. Huawei must never enter the U.S. United States companies should not do business with this Huawei company, because the C.C.P. is behind this to do no good. It’s for spying on the world.

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