Trump Impeachment Hearings: Day 7 LIVE | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Trump Impeachment Hearings: Day 7 LIVE | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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  1. [ The HISTORIC Record Will SHOW ] :: This impeachment is based on. Our Foreign AID Tax Dollars. That have been, Redirected back to the USA Democratic Party Members to FUND their Election Campaigns to Pay I$i$-MS13-ANTIFA Fake News Army's & Pay Off Foreign Leaders/ Our Domestic Enemies in their Secret Bank Accounts World Wide !

  2. Listen manuscripts aren't evidence. It would be the same as quoting a newspaper article like they did in the Steele dossier case and we know where that got us, the trash can.

  3. My 8 year old son ask me why the president was being impeached. I tried my best to explain it and he ask why is the president not in jail. I asked what do you mean and he told me that if his friend gave him a bike and someone came along and took it from him and wouldn't give it back unless he did a favor for that person wouldn't that be a crime he could be jailed for. I was blown away that even a small child understands what occurred is a crime.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is a wast of taxpayers money and really needs voted out of the office she does not deserve. I have never seen such waste of time and money.

  5. The damage this whole witch hunt has done by the Democratic Party from 2016 will take a hundred years to heal. The world is in shock , to treat a President that was trying to investigate corruption in such a manner is a first. After the dust clears many have to be held accountable for this coup, They have to, so this will never happens again, Imagine what this man could achieve if they were not stabbing him in the back constantly and Imagine what Putin , Kim jung un must be thinking,..

  6. who is the nbc reporter with the short brown hair in the live stakeout video that keeps arguing with senators like a stupid spoiled little baby and not letting them answer her questions … and we're supposed to believe nbc is not biased…. that's laughable and typical of the fact press. Get her out of there nbc she make you look dumber than you are ;-).

  7. I have some "What If's" for you to think about: What if some democrat senators and congressmen/and women are actually Russian/Chinese/Iranian agents; What if many in the press are also agents of these adversarial countries? What if many in our intelligence agencies are foreign agents for these countries, men like James Come, Brennan, the clap Clapper and many others.
    What If???

  8. Regarding the $83,000 per month received by low life Hunter Biden, I do believe that some of that money goes into a hidden account belonging to creepy Joe Biden.

  9. Not a surprise that the defense team didn't use up all of their time. They really couldn't argue that the offense didn't happen because there was just too much evidence showing that it had occurred. So, really, the only defense that they had was to argue that holding up congressional approved military aid unless a personal/political favor was forthcoming was not an impeachable offense. The team exhaustively pursued such a defense and presented it well but there's no use beating a dead horse. They could only repeat the same defense over and over again for so long.

  10. That MSDNC has Andrew Weissman on to answer questions who is as crooked as the day is long is just so telling of the integrity of this network. It is does not exist and I wonder did it ever? Weissman will be facing justice soon.

  11. Anything the democrats say is pointless because this hearing is only happening because they had the numbers in the house, so now it is the republicans turn so anything said now is pointless because he will be aquitted as they have the numbers i the senate – Move on already

  12. for the senate to review the manuscript in private and hide the evidence from the public is just another cover up by the republicans

  13. Collins, Romney, Nadler, Pelosi as well as other democrats are Russian spies working on destroying America, wake up Patriots.

  14. Collins, Romney, Nadler, Pelosi as well as other democrats are Russian spies working on destroying America, wake up Patriots.

  15. It was the House responsibility to produce witnesses NOT the Senate! What bunch of #sheeple and #simpletons. #grimreaper

  16. To bad the Lone Ranger's is not around anymore because you had Trump a long time ago especially when Trump had mansions in Florida to a Billionaire from Russia that is a good friends with Putin and that is money laundering ! And when Trump held the relief aid to the Ukraine why they're fighting Russia and the Ukraine people were getting killed by waiting for the money to come help them and that was worse than Bill Clinton messing around was a In turn . Just because Trump wanted to get dirt on Biden and when the Lady Ambassador was the one trying to stop the corruption on Trump and he fire her because he wanted the corruption keep happening . And the Lone Ranger would of done a better job then the FBI department and Justice Dept. because he would put up with a silly policy that is saying a sitting president cannot be indicted why in office is just saying that the president is above the law !

  17. If the manuscript of John Bolton is not based on the truth then he would have denied it by now. Moreover, John Bolton, National Security Advisor, one of the highest post of USA, how he can write in the manuscript of the book which is not true. This will lead to defamation of character. If this had not been true by this time President Trump would have advised his lawyers to file a case against him. The extract:

    President told his national Security Advisor in August he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former advisor, John R Bolton.

    is the deciding factor the President Trump abused his powers and there cannot be any defence whatsoever. This is the fact Democrats are prosecuting that President Trump must be removed from office of the president of USA.


  19. I'm not for or against anyone being republican or democrate . I am a republican however I would vote for a democrat if I saw that that person was right for the job at the state of the union at time time. That said, if anyone cannot put aside thier party affiliation simply to view the actual contextual facts, that person is a fool plain and simple. Simple hatred for a person's characters is not any opportunity to put aside the facts about that person's actions. It really shows how shallow person is if the cannot side with truth. I have never in my life seen such a lack of antelectual assertations and analysis of simple truth. It is really scary and I don't understand how this all could happen at such high levels of athority. It makes me realize how much to what extent corruption is in the Democratic system. And the blatant disregard for truth in mainstream media. I will never trust CNN, ABC, CBS,ECT ECT , ever again. This media system is just like a tabloid paper.

  20. Before going to the hearings, anchor Lestor Holt says that the President's legal team has their 'last chance' to present a defense. I guess he wasn't listening. The case for impeachment has already been thoroughly destroyed. The Dems' attempt to indict Trump has backfired and turned into an indictment of Biden and the Obama administration.

  21. Dems had there chance, the senate should call shiff,biden& the rest,no witnesses for dems,let them cry children always cry when they dont get their way

  22. When will Democrat Politicians stop wasting Taxpayers hard earned money? Answer: When they are removed from office. Russia, Russia, Russia will be what History remembers of the Democrat Politicians in today congress.

  23. Impeachment Distractions, Pandemic Viruses, Nuclear Holocausts, and the DNC Deep State. FEAR FEAR and more FEAR. Desperation to try and stop the people from waking up from their slumber.
    On new virus:
    We are in a war on our consciousness. The Demon Cabal likes us sucked into a fear mongering campaign on our consciousness. So the more we focus on fear the more we stay trapped in there false reality matrix. Do not fear. See it for the illusion it is. The illusionary attempt to control the human consciousness within their trap set matrix. See it for what it is and let the emotion of fear go. Move your day into your inner world of peace, love, and joy once again. Do not let it cut you off from source. Remember that is the goal. Trap you in their illusionary world of fear to control your path in consciousness. I don't watch anything anymore that pushes fear. Ask yourself does it sound like fear pushed bullsh-t. Remember the more people who focus this into the collective consciousness the easier it is to manifest it into the reality. Do the reporters sound like they are pushing fear or just a story. Words used, deadly, death, spreading fast, pandemic, emergency, ect. Illusionary Cabal magic to get the collective consciousness connected to it's fear matrix trick. STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS, don't ask why the balls don't go into the holes or the rings don't go over the bottles. THEY WOULD'T CALL IT A TRICK IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT WAS TRULY GOING ON. Do they look like reporters?
    The words used in the reporting. Are they all fear based and give you the whole story. Where are the reporters saying, "who started this"?
    "Who's behind it"?
    "Where's the government in protecting it's people in China"?

  24. Loved It…The Democrats Schiff And His Cronies Got Smacked Down Again…Just Goes To Show How Un-American They Really Are.

  25. If Trump didn’t do anything wrong, why he wasn’t let his team testimony under oath. He have to testify under oath too. Trump is liar person. I hope he get impeach as soon as possible.

  26. Schumer is full of bs and straw man arguments. The House should have done their job… and went to court if need be for witnesses and documents. Also, what do you do if Bolton contradicts all of the House's witnesses? Sheesh! Ridiculous! Schumer's self-important Mafioso political style is so dated and unimpressive especially in light of the intelligent constitutional arguments of the President's counsel. Todd, grow up!

  27. This is the trial. The Senate tries all impeachments, not the House. The House indicts, done. The Senate tries the case. Now is the time for the witnesses to be called and proceed with the trial. Repubs just refuse to have the trial saying the House erred when they inducted Trump. Enough already. Call the first witness for the prosecution.

  28. Nothing But Crap network should be ashamed of their floozy reporter that is nothing but a demonrat schill questioning the Republicans earlier!
    Hope you all enjoy at least the next decade of Republican leadership

  29. MSM is so corrupt. Demorat propaganda! Pathetic really. Trump will be re-elected in 2020. The demorats will pay a heavy price at the polls.

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