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  1. REASONS TO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT:  socialism, high taxes, open borders, anti-police, anti-ICE, anti-semitism, anti-Constitution, fake news, mobs, do-nothing mentality, plans that will never work, AOC, Schiff, Scummer, Pelusi, Nadler …

  2. If they make a college education free then I want for the government to pay me back the $100.000 I have paid for my two daughters plus interest.

  3. There's absolutely nothing stopping you or anyone else that you are talking about from donating to anyone you want to find an organization donate do not force others to do what you will not do voluntarily. Fuc off you moron Trump has done more to help Middle America and the middle class did any president in recent years going back before the 1990s. I made about 48,000 the year that Trump did his tax cut and my tax return increased buy more than $2,000. By no means am I rich and Trump helped me a lot. During his first year the corporation that I worked for Dave although employees a $2 rates that mean mean absolutely nothing to you but it's a big deal for people like me

  4. 22 trillion in dept
    Stock market is just a measure. Stop it
    The only way the low income can bounce out of poverty is work/jobs. At some point we have to address 17% high school drop out rate. I really don't care if you go to college. Our what it cost you.
    Better spent on the homeless.

  5. Whose else is here to see the hateful and blind sided fox news trump supporters rhetoric? Disagreeing with truths and promoting lies.

  6. We can afford it. Has no clue that it cost $4 trillion in new taxes. And that is before they raise tuition. As they will when it's taxpayers money their spending..Thomas Sowell…
    By the way. He and his friends use every tax deduction to avoid paying taxes. That his how he got rich. As the world was born into poverty. Wealth is the exception..

  7. People make inequality far worse, not Trump, not one Party, not one person…
    Ideologies/beliefs may be the main cause of Stupefaction of the Human brainMind/heart

  8. LOL, actually democrats are responsible for the wealth gap by putting so many regulations in place that it's very difficult for the poor and middle-class to open their own businesses, the number one route for the poor and middle class to make it to the rich. This guy is clearly delusional, left people behind?? Does he even watch news??? We have a small business boom, high stock market and record low unemployment, 3.9%. Bloomberg must be paying this hack, delusional basted.

  9. I find it funny when the rich or so called elite say we should give away everything! At the same time walk all over human rights to make themselves rich .

  10. If the government really cares about the middle class the would look at ways to lower the cost of living no increase it

  11. This guy is an idiot. If it wasnt for those tax cuts we wouldnt have had the job growth we currently have and its because of that job growth that we now have stiff competition between employers to find employees which has resulted in wages rising for the first time in a long while. I cant help it if able bodied people at the bottom refuse to work and are broke because of it. There are tons of jobs out there that pay really good money if youre willing to look and work hard.

  12. While capitalism has been the best system to generate wealth in the world,we must recognize that,the 4th generation of capitalism( financial capitalism) is failing our society and is undermining our notion of "nation".A nation suppose to mean a group of people living in the same territory, and who are bind by somethings(vision, values,principles) that are bigger than themselves.that is why soldiers go give their lives in the battlefield to defend these "somethings". In a nation, every individual suppose to sacrify something for the group. Now, if wealthy people of the nation refuse to sacrify some of their money for the general interest of the group, why a soldier supposed to sacrify his whole life for the Interest of the group? This is a philosophical debate we must have.

  13. How about, instead of taxing these millionaire/billionaire crony criminals…lets indict them, prosecute them for the crimes against the US citizenry that they have committed…seize their cash and assets, then burn the cash, and auction the assets?

  14. The truth, they want more social programs and regulations because that makes the wealth gap even larger. That's the idiocy of stupid brainwashed Democrat supporters, calling for more of the same BS that caused the wealth gap to get out of control. You should check out socalism and communism, those systems insure that the wealthy remain wealthy and the poor remain poor, that is specifically why a lot of rich people call for socialism, don't be so stupid as to think it's because they want to give their wealth up, here is a clue, they could easily give their money away, nothing is preventing them from doing so.

  15. Yeah! It sounds good but the system that pearl had said failed during Obama's time. Calif state increased the tax and it didn't help the economy of that state. It grows worst. Unemployment, homeless people everywhere. People leave calif and went to other states, looking for better life. Morris Pearl is too rich, he can afford everything but cant clean the state.

  16. Who is this buffoon? Any idea how much debt we are in as a nation? Wealthiest nation in the wotld? Don't forget ww have astronomical debt. This loon is obvious a progressive talking head.
    Oh, I should add over 60% of the people are living from paycheck to paycheck.

  17. Don’t be fooled Democrats want free education for all and they will also determine what that education is in our schools , brainwash trap ! It’s all about government control , it’s a trap !

  18. Ah you have nothing to lose so it’s so fugging easy for you to be a talking head for socialist movement,,it won’t touch you , hurt you in anyway ,,so keep tooting the globalist agenda !

  19. Its not illegal to pay more taxes than you owe. These 'Patriot Millionaires' should voluntarily pay more taxes and not wait for big government to force them and everyone to pay more. But then they are hypocrites and want wasteful politically corrupt big government to dig more into Americans wallets and privacy.

  20. Congress has made inequality far worse. Trump has added value to the economy and it is sitting there waiting for Congress to legislate policies to ensure trickle-down. Congress needs to serve We the People. The New Deal did not consist exclusively of the Fair Labor Standards Act, but had lots of sister legislation passed and updated as needed to ensure things remained fair. Likewise this tax cut could serve the entire country and not just the corporations if Congress would legislate policies to ensure trickle-down turning into a rising-tide and force that wealth to circulate throughout the entire economy and not just cycle-back to the elites. We need a Congress again. They can cooperate with Trump at any time and make it so We the People reap those benefits, but they won't. Congress can easily pass legislation to keep the goods and service providers from raising their rates with every reported increase in the American wage so they're not stealing all the profit. They can legislate consumer protection to stop the profiteering in all necessity industries and drive the rates down in the medical industry. Congress can freeze prices. The fact the American People are still living from paycheck to paycheck is a proof of Congress' dereliction of duty and refusal to represent the People whom they are supposed to serve. The prices and cost of living are rising equally with our incomes so we never are able to stabilize and get on our feet but we're all still one disaster away from ruin. Congress' inaction is keeping the inequality as the new normal. This is disgusting! There is no reason in this wealthy and greatest nation for this misery and financial insecurity to be perpetually upon the common classes. Congress is no longer representing the People but the lobbies, the corporations, the ideologues, and the special interests, and as the Founding Fathers said, NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!! Corruption in and absence of Congress is a big part of why things still aren't getting better fast enough for us commoners! But they are right. We the People should be doing a lot better than we are right now. The Trump economy is good, but our personal economies still are not. But this unnecessary evil is from the absentee Congress serving the lobbies instead of the People, and not from President Trump who is the only one in Washington trying to serve the People. Before Trump, everyone else was pretending the 0bama malaise was utopia and we had no problems whatsoever and anyone who was struggling must be personally doing something wrong. You elites think We the People have short memories.

  21. Trump made what exactly more unequal?
    And compared to which president?

    This guy is an idiot. Wealth taxes are very dangerous. It would bankrupt many businesses. Take a farmer whos take home pay is 0.25% of his total revenue and around 0.025% of his total net value.
    I'm sure a lot of low overhead companies think it's fine, but that's because it's not a far tax.

  22. So..who went to jail for Lehman…Bear sterns? Who went to jail for writing 25 trillion in falsified Mortgages? Who went to jail for manipulating the world gold market? Etc…we can talk about taxing once the filth is cleaned up…why tax them when you can arrest them, take everything they have? Especially since they are the architects of the theft of the middle class…

  23. So make an already useless college degree even more useless by giving away education for free via taxation and keep lowering standards so those that can't pass basic tests passable…yeah ok seems logical.

  24. What a lying Dirt. I just some more MSM ridiculous nonsense that is so not reality. And looking out oldie is I wonder if he even as children that are going to school and if he has grandchildren then you be the first one and when that happens make sure you have the media there so we can see that all your grandchildren are going to state-run schools

  25. Who cares if a person who works hard and makes a good living and can afford to send their kids to any school of their choise thats up to them to decide those choices , if i made a little or a lot each year it should be my decision to send my kids to the school of my choice based on my lifestyle i would love for my kids to be very educated as long as i can afford it .

  26. Just calling yourself patriotic does not make it so. A patriot does not want to steal from someone just because they attained success.

  27. Split your fortune with me for equality. Im okay with that. Each of you give me a 100 thousand. Keep it in the private sector for equality.

  28. Everyone with a 401k is in the stock market. If you’re not investing, that’s a YOU problem. Economy has been amazing for my family since Trump has been in office. Again, it’s a YOU problem if things aren’t working out. Sorry ??‍♂️

  29. We should have the option to pay for elementary school with the ability to opt out.

    This way parents can teach their children at home and spend important time with them. If the parents do a bad job then their own children will suffer and it is their own choice and responsibility.

    This way we can make smarter decisions when it comes time to go into the work farce.
    Free college tuition would be a lot cheaper than free primary education. I believe the ripple effect of a horrible primary education system is far more expensive than some free college. Especially when you can now learn online.

    They do not do a good job in most cases of public, k-12. Its not the teachers fault it's the system. So it's not a punishment to take it away. Its a godsend.
    They don't educate they indoctrinate. And they take the children away too soon from the Mama's and Papa's.

    This way we'd also have a more emotionally stable population that is much happier to work hard.

    Most schools are a mixture of daycare and politically correct common core mind numbing.

    A waste of time where the children learn to regurgitate lots of useless info to pass standardized tests to determine what kind of college they can go to. Granted that they can pay for it. Its also a waste of money for the govt. to have to keep all those schools maintained etc.

  30. The only way government can get free education at the state level or the federal level is raising taxes. By the way most Democrats and their children to private schools they are the largest minority of millionaires and billionaires in this country. They talking good game until you come to take the money out of their wallet they’re all trying to stay politically correct.

  31. So long as the FED is a private international entity that is not accountable to the United states of America, the income tax is illegal. The FED is unconstitutional and illegal. We the people have a right to control our own currency. Decommission the FED and create a state bank. For now, tax exemption for Joe plumbers making under $1 million.

  32. Some of these millionaires probably make their money from government contracts or other service related institutions billing the government for their services. Paying taxes is probably just an investment to them. Why don’t they get together and directly help our communities? Just saying!!!

  33. Typical millionaire's/billionaire's we want to pay more to help the less fortunate and there's plenty to do so.
    If your dumb enough to believe they will make policies to force themselves to be fair with the money that it takes mostly the less paid employee's to actually make for these companies when they are free to choose to do so now and they choose not to even though they have plenty you can deny your stupid, a sheep, ext. but your actions speak louder than your words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. This is BS, and people driving on public hi ways are not free, where do they think the fuel tax goes, public schools and everything they call free is not free, it's paid for by tax payers.

  35. Tax cuts to companies creates jobs. This millionaire can share his wealth anytime. Actual tax revenues increased just more was spent

  36. This fellow is full of s—t . He is clearly a Democrook/Demorat . The dems and many republicans have sold out the middle class.the Clintons , Bush’s and Obama’s are just a few . President Trump has our country back on track. We can expect much more progress in the next four years. The so called liberals are the elitists and globalists . Vote Trump/Pence 20/20 !! KAG !!. Promises made Promises kept. !! The do nothing dems are alienated from the majority of working Americans. !!.

  37. Fellow Americans I strongly recommend that you obtain your news coverage on OAN One America News . Forget Fox as it is part and parcel of the MSM . This is more fake news /propaganda .

  38. 0:15 – College is NOT a public good, and never will be no matter who pays for it, and anyone who thinks it is a public good they're an idiot.

  39. I always believed we should give back to those who are less fortunate on our own and if we can, not to be forced to by government (and how much). It’s oppressive to raise taxes for this. Whatever happened to self reliance.

  40. Here is what they are really asking for.

    They want high up middle class and people slightly above them to pay more in taxes, so they can push back against these smaller businesses that could eventually grow and compete with them.
    There are rules in the system that allows money to flow to businesses and people, in a way that it is not taxed, these folks use those rules to avoid the majority of taxes they are meant to pay.
    Meaning they would avoid being affected by the tax raise, leaving small business and individuals from the middle class to take the hit. This means that they could swallow up areas of the market and make it that no one can compete with them.

  41. What a crock; I never made even $30,000 in my whole working life. President Trump gave me an income tax return in excess of $2000! I 'ain't' no millionaire and that check sure helped with bills.

  42. How can you say were the richest country when we’re borrowing money from China and we’re 22 plus trillion dollars in debt. Are you a naïve or are you just stupid. We have not spent very much on infrastructure while government bureaucracy is just wasting money. I we continue to donate money overseas that we don’t have. Now yes we have a very strong economy just because you’re making a lot of money and you’re not paying your debts does not make you a rich country. It’s funny how they keep using the tax cut to support the rich when it did indeed help everybody. The poor of the poor aren’t paying very much tax While the middle class gets screwed paying the most. It’s not the rich paying the most although I do not begrudge the rich as they should pay the same rate that everybody else is. Why should you be penalized for being successful?

  43. Typical Democrats Spend the tax payer money on everything instead of allowing students to get a job or have the rich daddy pay for tuition. Governments were set up for essential things like building roads, military, and other areas that are really important to nation building. They simply cannot afford to be all things to all people. That would bankrupt the country. Ask the Former Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and many other areas where private business's can excel in it better !!

  44. Fox is polluted. Eventually they will force their only good people like Dobbs, Ingram, Tucker, and Hannity to a new network. When they do this their ratings will slide down to the abyss.

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