Trump explodes at Reuters reporter asking about Ukraine

Trump explodes at Reuters reporter asking about Ukraine

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  1. I dont remember trump being a king, and all of us americans Pence. Meaning we are all below him, serving him. I never voted for him. Nor do I acknowledge Him representing all of us in the United States.

  2. Mr. Trump's is a Wise Man, probably probably American Politics to ward's foreign Countries are not. I heard Mr. Trump's pleased Americans Soldier in Vietnam fighting for Americans, sorry but I never heard about Vietnamese where threating Americans People's living in the State's. Today's Vietnamese people's are born crippled because of the " Oranges" bombs.

  3. The poor President of Finland, he must have felt like he was watching a melt down in real time. Its fascinating watching Trump twist new lies and stories. To take credit for a WTO decision he wasn't even aware of when he took office is a clear demonstration of his hubris.

  4. Qarabag FK is Azerbaijan club, Qarabag is Azerbaijan land occupied by armenia and russia, current Azerbaijan dictator ilham aliyev doesnt care about our own lands and using his police force to torture Azerbaijan people and activists who wants democracy and freedom.!

  5. 🚧2019🚧🇺🇸🇻🇮🇺🇸🚧🇪🇺affected, culture 1🇪🇺🚧 Trump, Impeachment 🚧🇪🇺affected, culture 1🇪🇺🚧🇺🇸🇻🇮🇺🇸🚧2019🚧

  6. For the first time we have the best president that is doing the duty of democracy inside of the U S, and is keeping the United states healing from inside out,to demonstrate leadership in the nation,,

  7. Trump is a big 5 year old smh… gets mad at the guy for asking him a tough question he doesnt want to answer and tells him to ask other president a question, then cuts in and answers the other question.

  8. From London! This Reuter company is nothing more than a British Tabloid Junk News, funded by the US Government Defense Department! It's just another Fake News Machine like the New York Time. God Bless America.

  9. Trump is to small. He's not the cause of the hate in the USA. Trump is simply the tool for his voters, which like to see him act: raw, dividing people, searching Guilty's. We laugh about you, USA !!! You will never great again. Greetings from Switzerland.

  10. This criminal is disgusting with his lies, I just can't believe we are living in these times with this CLOWN pretending to be a President which he is a million light years away from even being thought of in that regard!

  11. He won't even let the other guy answer the question disguise of fraud a criminal a mob boss he needs it P put down like a badd dog

  12. How are we a democracy when we realistically have 2 choices for president that must be approved by the trilateral commission. Then we can't even pick the topics of the debate. Why are we ignoring the dangers of EMF while 5 G is being rolled out behind the curtain? The US alone has over 400,000 missing children a year, think of that number. Yet, never even a concern, democracy haha.

  13. All sucker countries like china must suffer now because we must completely pull the plug of globalization ,if countries want American market let them deal with US government. Not go to WTO and try to make America their market. because WTO must be killed ,it is not serving for America.

  14. Ukraine is paying for the Mexican Wall .Trump pays Ukraine , Ukraine pays back to Trump and Trump will keep on telling us that Mexico will pay for the wall with a Beautiful gate , golden Gate with gorgeous diamonds . OMG . He is such a crook

  15. 1. US isn't the only country helping Ukraine.
    2. Rob Portman isn't that honorable – he could not get a security clearance to continue working for the WH because he's a domestic abuser.
    3. Ukraine was extremely corrupt (top 3 countries in 2012), Biden – with bipartisan support, pro democracy Ukrainians, European allies – gets top prosecutor removed in 2016 AFTER the investigation into Burisma was complete. In 2018, Ukraine is still corrupt, but 120th out of 180 countries. Not 3rd of 180.
    4. The corrupt politicians that were butt hurt about #3 are trying to get even, with Giuliani's help….

  16. It’s true tho why the hell are we paying to protect Europeans if at the end they aren’t with us. They would rather be in the pockets of the chinese. And just because we love to help countries, doesn’t mean we can’t stand up and say hey what are we getting back. It’s time Europe did something for the United States. It’s true what trump has been saying. Here we are spending billions to protect Europe and the keep buying the oil from Russia. And while the Europeans are drinking tea and eating beans in the morning watching the sheep and Cheese age. We the Americans are paying for your safety. But when it comes to China and the United States. They take the side of the chinese thieves.

  17. Se o Presidente Donalt Trump for cassado da função, os EUA entrará em uma ebulição geológica, onde, toda a nação sofrerá a ira de meu Deus. As forças contrárias a verdade, a honra, o que é justo e o que é lícito sofreram as consequências!

  18. President trump, has been the president of the United States, who so far has been keen – and managed to avoid a third world war – is undoubtedly an intelligent man who has the gift of communication – with the whole world! Commercial Assurances! extraordinary how He managed without wars and blood to reach consensus with sensitive countries like Korea and China, Russia – The Wall that everyone ridicules out there in America, is a way to prevent the entry of terrorists. congratulations to President Trump once again – It has nothing to do with racism or Mexico! but terrorism! I predict his election to 2020 yes, those who are against him are only those unable to …. much that in the past happened in the united states

  19. Trump is always 50/50. Respectfully we're not United at all but Trump was right we do have "fake news" meaning what's going on in the United States is not being shared with us.

  20. That is 100 percent correct…American citizen in a democratic republic would be far more free if the mainstream media would report facts from both sides and allow Americans to make their judgments. Fake news like CNN is less credible than national inquirer.

  21. Another conspiracy from humpy Trumpy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    No pressure???? NO PRESSURE??? MF, they’re dying out there! Why do u think they call u? It wasn’t to know how u been, it was for u to tell them the aid was on its way ASAP because Russia is kicking their butts and they need our help and u took that as an opportunity to force them to do your personal deeds.

  22. That's what I.lime about Pres Trump, he is very frank, honest and very transparent which we did not have with ex Pres Obama, ex, he secretly transport cash to Iran in the middle of the nite.our hard-earned taxpayers money.

  23. Nobody can ripp off such an ideologically advanced country like US. It was not ripp offs it was only bad politics and decisions.

    Stop lying. Mr Manafort was in the totally corrupt and got very rich.

  25. Has there ever been a person in history who loves himself as much as Trump? How can Americans be so blind to what an unbelievable embarrassing twit he is?

  26. Dumbass. You can't hold money that has been appropriated by congress, like it or not.
    You wanted to use it to investigate a political rival.


  28. OMG! Most of these accusations and arguments are unfounded and we the people are witnessing this idiosyncrasies. Anybody looking for truth? Looks what’s happening to the world’s reality. Americans at war with their own shell bombers.

  29. Life is really hard when one is not very bright but happens to get into a position that requires a certain amount of intelligence.

  30. Obama taught everyone how to handle people he didn't like. Get the IRS to shutdown people is a good way to operate. Trump needs to have the FCC take away the networks licenses since they are political organizations and not media.

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