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  1. Disagreement shouldn't shut down the government – a politician's job is to work through issues that people disagree about. This shutdown is directly hurting hundreds of thousands of government employees and their families, and it needs to stop.

  2. "Ask your landlord for odd jobs." "Have a garage sale." "Make a deal with your mortgage bank." This is what the "President" tells federal workers so he can have his latest futile tantrum. Jeeziz Krikes.

  3. We only have one immediate national security threat at the moment and it comes from Trumps presidency leading a criminal enterprise seemingly traitorous administration

  4. So he has the audacity to recommend bartering? Isn't that a communist thing? I could be wrong. But if it is, isn't that a little suspicious because of who his best friend is?

  5. No, we DON’T want the TSA to come back to work. The TSA is a major anti-social and unconstitutional pile of overreach bullshit!

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