Trump bans Bloomberg News from 2020 campaign events

Trump bans Bloomberg News from 2020 campaign events

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  1. The first amendment ONLY protects the reporting of verifiable facts…opinion is NOT protected because it may prove to be wrong…and the temptation to garner political influence by misrepresenting opinion as fact is too great.
    All gratuitous opinion fails the test of yelling fire in a crowded theater…period.

  2. What happens to a reporter if they mention Sanders? It is so obvious that they are frightened of Sanders, so much they can’t even say his name. ?.

  3. I can’t imagine anything more swampy than making some guy the ambassador of the EU because he wrote your inaugural committee a one million dollar check. How is that draining the swamp…

  4. Now that Bloomberg is running, I'm sure if he was in any foreign country, Trump will ask the person running it to dig up dirt on Bloomberg. It's in his nature. He's a criminal for life.

  5. I can read between the Bloomberg lines
    Simple it news running for whiteboard house
    News is not fair it just gives the news sometimes it just brainwashing voters
    and votes who do I vote for easygoing but not the news I do like fox at times but for my vote NO NEWS

  6. What makes you think he's going to make it to Super Tuesday? His money? Oh, yeah, that. He doesn't stand a chance, unless he starts paying people off left and right. Oh, wait, he's already doing that, you say? Thanks for the information

  7. tRump says he doesnt believe in the CONSTITUTION ….trump thinks he can stronghold United States……Independents will decide that tRump is a fake and liar and a TRAITOR….

  8. Bloomberg WILL take our right to own guns if elected. No patriot will vote for him or any of them for that matter. They have all stated they don't want us having them. Creepy joe will let us have a shotgun only. Very nice of him

  9. Cavutto's gravel voice is unlistenable. Isn't there a medical procedure for that? After all, his job is sounding good. I cannot get past that voice to hear his content. Signing out.

  10. If they're being ordered by their boss to NOT engage in real journalism, then it doesn't matter if they're "good people" or not: they aren't doing the job people expect of them in a fair way.

  11. bloomberg will report "fairly"????? is this guest DRUNK of schiff's coolaid???? what a stupid thing to say. bloomberg and fair is an oxymoron. there is nothing fair about bloomberg. there are no "good people" in bloomberg news. they are BLOOMBERG people. once their objectivity is compromised, they cannot be considered "objective or fair". sorry cavuto, another bullschiff report and guest narrative. this segment stinks and gets worse and worse. your own credibility is up the schiff creek without a paddle. your own bias is sticking out and cannot be hidden.

    try calling balls and strikes fairly cavuto. no need to defend the undefended – and bloomberg news is as partisan as the rest of the demo-tard party, and you for that matter.

  12. Of course Trump will be hashed even though Bloomberg announced they will be bias against Republican candidates. Perhaps since Bloomberg news is tainted to be fair they are excluded from all election events for any candidate.

  13. Had so many adds on this weekend he is going to make people hate him. Just two days after them I turned channel. Just two days. To many!!!!

  14. Ok then so whenever just TRUMPS state run FOX NEWS Is the only one left, can they still use the "fair and balanced" tagline? If that's the case then I was a a Mau Mau fighter pilot!

  15. I am curious if the Democrats are demanding Bloombergs tax records or for that matter anyone of their candidate's tax records.

  16. It is amazing what money can buy! When I searched for fox news on google in the past they would pop up first in the search results now BLOOMBERG pops up and has a big statement Tweeting is not leading I DISAGREE. Bloomberg is spewing FAKE news and has to buy his way into your head!
    DO not TRUST Bloomberg or his money he reminds me of Monty Burns on the Simpsons.

  17. So glad!!! He and "his reporters" have no business there besides deplorables will not be happy because will be like sleeping with the enemy!!! Better do not attend because deplorables may end up tossing them out of their rally anyway.???

  18. Doesn't this tell you all you need to know about Bloomberg if he becomes President? lol Won't happen anyway. He forgot the step of becoming a famous tv reality star in his attempt to copy the Donald Trump road to the White House.

  19. Bloomberg doesn't want to win! He's using a loophole! He can't donate $150,000 to the DNC, BUT running for President he can spend all he wants!!

  20. There’s no better then Trump
    You get it !’
    Bloomberg maybe rich
    I think if Bloomberg wins lol
    Just say which it will not
    Like to see the republican to the same to him like they did trump
    Bloomberg is boaring
    Trump 20/20 End of story

  21. Bloomberg can't separate himself from his business the left certainly doesn't let Trump do so. I agree with Jestermon1 they are going after Trump he has every right to control Bloomberg access. F off Cavuto!

  22. Good. I'm sick of seeing Bloomberg hiding behind his media empire to put out deceptive headlines against the President. I hope someone is watching the relationship between Bloomberg and how he's using his company for political gain.

  23. Shouldn't Bloomberg just retire…Good god he's puffing the skinny chest of his since I was a baby 72 years ago. These 80 something antiques need to exit the stage…. and relax.

  24. Him jumping in right now is laughable so it doesn't worry me one bit. Trump will smash him like he did Hillary. Bloomberg is already on an apology tour for his NYC stop and frisk fiasco….even after his pledge not to apologize. I will never vote for a man who thinks it's ok for police to walk up to any American and search them without a warrant. And Dems think Trump is a dictator?? LOL! You can't have any salt at your restaurant table, no Big Gulps for you and we're going to physically search you to see if you're guilty of something. No thank you Michael.

  25. Didn't Bloomberg News say they won't be investigating Michael Bloomberg or other Democrats. That's the issue. Might as well be DPRK State Sponsored News

  26. They telegraphed their position and it was not ambiguous. The Trump campaign responded. I don’t really see it as a big issue.

  27. You Republican Americans are some of the most ignorant people in the world. Putin was able to hypnotise you all easier than a Russian Chicken. You elected an imbecile as your leader…Wow, I think that makes you, his supporters lesser intellectually than an imbecile….Wow again.

  28. Bloomberg needs to be a job doing something constructive like picking up trash along the interstate highway and leave politics to the master (Trump)!

  29. I'm adding this juicy (UGH!) little splash of truth because the more you know about Trump, the easier it is to hate him! Thanks to the Steele dossier another mystery is solved! The orange skin tone that Trump is infamous for can now decisively be linked to his propensity for wallowing in the urine of Russian hookers! Illegitimate president Golden Showers! Make America Gross Again.

  30. How can anybody say Bloomberg isn’t a political rival of Trump……, but Joe Biden is? Anybody who doesn’t see this is an a-hole.

  31. Is this Russia, China, Africa or USA? A POTUS is banning journalists he doesn't like? Is he the Hong Kong ers want to be their NEW KING? LOL.

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