Trump allowing US companies to do limited business with Huawei

Trump allowing US companies to do limited business with Huawei

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  1. Trump changed his small mind again? What a surprise! He also believes Hitler’s brain is being kept alive in Paraguay, so there’s that.

  2. No one who knows anything about wireless networks and how they operate can miss how utterly nonsensical and politically motivated this whole spin is. I love Fox News, truly I do, but this is every bit as fictitious as the RussiaGate thing was. This is 100 percent "fake news" but it is being treated as real. And, why? To scare Americans, and get sensationalist news coverage. It is really sad. At least President Trump shows some common sense here.

  3. For the right amount of money trump would do business with the devil.

    Just the worst president ever.

    Trump in jail by 2020!

  4. this is huge news Epstein is arrested and you don't take no comments box I'm tired of you doing a dumb crap I hope he sings Like a Bird he's going to tell everything on the clintons you watch

  5. The CIA & FBI been spying on people in America and other countries for years so what is the difference.

  6. If you want to get rid of backdoors, someone has to copy all the certificates and replace microsoft and google's certificates.


  8. I’m afraid that it will be the second mistake after letting go of ZTE if Trump opens up the door to Huawei again even though limited business.

  9. Hong Kong is gone to the dogs. Won't be long before Hong Kongers get a taste of Chinese troops and tanks. Don't be foolish by waiting till 2047 to exit, coz there may not be exits at that point.

  10. Nobody should do business with China. They are the most indecent people on the planet selling poison food and fake products. They would sell anything, lie, cheat and steal to do so. I buy nothing from China.

  11. Gordon is too extreme! US Companies can’t sell highly profitable microchips to China now?! So, we can only sell low tech Potato Chips to China. Are you happy now, Gordon and Kyle Bass?! Ridiculous!!

  12. So, when will the US stop illegal wars, regime changes and unilateral sanctions that have taken millions of innocent lives?

  13. I love trump: we now spend 16 times more on military than Russia (which is 4 time bigger). A total waste, of hundreds of billions a year, but we, the GOP, are sponsored heavily by the robbing military industry, to justify this yearly waste, so….ideal!

  14. Due to past non-patriotic US administrations, China has served itself of our science and technology and received lots of our help.. chinese now gloat as if they were the top of the top of the world and that they got there on their own!.. but, how far did they get in thousands of years without the US intelectual property and help?… check pictures of China in the sixties and seventies and you will see!!…

  15. Those STANDING against The Honorable DIE on this hill!!! Go home suckers, You DIE – We promise you, won't be lonely.

  16. Franklin Roosevelt let U.S. companies deal with Germany during WWII. General Motors, RCA, Chase Bank, that just to name a few, there were a lot more.

  17. I voted for trump but my worse fears came true. He let the immigration issue worsen and more state will turn blue. Working with democrats for some fences and the signing amnesty for unaccompanied minors showed me he is controlled opposition. Not to mention he did more to make Israel great again than he did America.

  18. It’s a trap.. it’s like The Who is leaking top secret info ? Release several versions which will let you know who leaked.. trump is watching what happens – testing the company and he will win because he is the best president ever !!

  19. What about isreal we cant forget them we have to help them on the fight they are having with other countrys. We have always stood beside them all i know i have ive helped them out to buy them food for their people we cant let them done trump is president not obama whose treated them like animals and they are humans like all of us we have to help them fight the palestines who we hate and love isreal as i grew up the united states and isreal were very close helping each other when we needed each other so president trump stand up for isreal god loves us all.

  20. It's too bad most Americans are 2 stupid to realize that every time you guys say China is going to collapse that the entire country of China is laughing at you please people stop believing this propaganda China is using 85% of the world's cranes right now they're building and building and building and they can't have a recession because the government owns the banks so the banking system is protected Stop Believing the lies and propaganda that's being pushed on you by the CIA control media they're wanting you to be afraid to invest your money outside of in the United States all of the controllers Want You To Die Here broke they don't want you to think that you could possibly survive in another country and do well China is the future

  21. It's so funny on media pundits are always asking every country to stop doing what America is doing to everyone else it's just so embarrassing listening to these Liars

  22. I am watching this on a Huawei tablet. I live in Thailand so you cannot get Hewlett Packard here. Is my security at risk?

  23. China has all our jobs and tech. Stop sending it too them government.Globalist crap is killing us. Make here buy here if you care.

  24. Trump's tactics: "Step forward, then step back." He is like his son, constantly marking time, but with a clever and meaningful look.

  25. The real thing to take from this conversation is that before Trump China Good. Look at the money the Clintons got from China. Now Trump lightens up a little and ————- FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. There is a circus somewhere…I just know it, wondering where their clown ran off to. Sorry to go by looks, but this character reeks of "unintended consequences." Yikes!

  27. Don't just say "LIMITED" tell the whole story that it is ONE WAY so US suppliers don't get burned but a total cutoff as the Dems try to complain. Just maintain an "iron curtain" and do not let anything ZTE or Huawee makes come into the country.

  28. China wouldn't appreciate a magnanimous US in victory. Who can be surprised the relationship has gone south again already. I'm thinking the DPRK is the only thing keeping us in talks with China. At some point we will wise up and just cut them off. US firms should get the hell out of China ASAP and move production elsewhere before it's too late.

  29. $600 billions china steals American intellectual properties each year? Why Gordon Chang declares China steals $14 trillions from America!

  30. wrong spelling in the subtitle "COMING "COLLPASE "(??) OF CHINA",
    Gordon, have you got a new date for "collapse of China" yet?

  31. Foreign nations are flocking to be spied on by Huawei. Guess who gave Iran the infrastructure for nuclear energy? Obama and Halliburton.

  32. no question, CCP huaway or the highway, from CCP history, they use hua(any) to do their business dealing, hua(resource) to purchase commodity they can't get

  33. Just wonder this guest talker knows this:

  34. Do you know that Gordon Guthrie Chang has diversified his portfolio to include North Korea too. He is now the subject matter expert on North Korea.
    Ha ha ha ha ha….

    As long as they can get yellow faces to slander China and North Korea, the naive and braindead roundeyes will believe that their comments must be true.

    Now where's Pei MinXin ? He would also want to join the bandwagon.

  35. Fix the opioid crises, educate your youth, end your worship of guns, start investing on your people and you will not need to be afraid of China

  36. Gordon is a good fortune teller but not an intellectual.
    Little does he knows limiting Huawei doing business in US is hurting US economy as Huawei doesn't need US market at all.
    Furthermore, Huawei is making its own chips and looking for alternative in the supply chain. The future is bleak when Huawei successful making a big turnover in the supply chain.

  37. G.C should stick to Ice road truckers, even just changing tyres in the snow would be respectable for him than talking bad a cute panda !

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