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  1. Ok so with this logic you shouldn’t be able to buy lottery tickets until 21 either? If anything we should be lowering the gambling and drinking age. 18 is an adult.

  2. So I can vote and make decisions on public matters and have an opinion on who should lead the country but I cant make a decision for myself to choose to vape or not? This is getting out of control. If they are doing this to specific freedoms have it all be cut off at one age not "You are an adult at 18 but actually no" they should either bring the age for everything down to 18 or bring the age for everything up to 21

  3. If that's the case they should raise the legal age to join the military to 21. You can die for your country at 18 but smoking is a big no no.

  4. I could not care less about smokers' rights, I hate the smell and mess of smoking. But since the smoking ban in many public places such as restaurants I am no longer bothered by it.. If people are stupid enough to smoke then let them if they can do it without littering the world with the butts and infringing on the rights of people who do not smoke.

  5. No wonder there is still a black market for Cannabis in California . The taxes on the cannabis there is over 40%. What we really should do is talk about why Cannabis was outlawed in the first place. Harry Anslinger would be a great starting point for this discussion.

  6. It should be:

    18 to vote
    18 to drink
    18 to use tobacco
    18 to use e-cigs
    18 to enlist
    18 to be tried as an adult

    If we're going to have a legal age of consent then it has to be consistent.

  7. Raise the age of enlistment to 21.
    No one should be allowed to sign a contract until 21.
    Criminals under 21 should be tried as juveniles.

  8. Then we need to raise the military age to 21 if we can vote, purchase guns, join the military or police force, have children, Star in adult films, etc then we should be able to buy alcohol and tobacco look at Most of the world the drinking and smoking age is less and you see less binge drinking and overall healthier people the government Doesn’t do that then they don’t care about our health just want us alive ling enough to take every last tax dollars we can give them.

  9. Wish the government would focus their efforts on important things like our roads, economy, debt not raising the smoking age if you’re old enough to serve your country you should be old enough to smoke

  10. The average age for many years was 21…..only in recent decades have 18 yr olds been allowed to vote or buy tobacco products legally. Bottom line, though, whether they snitch them or have a friend or family member buy them, it’s not not going to have a major impact as a law. I had my first cigarette at 11, started smoking regularly as a young teen, and the legal age then was 21. I do agree, though, that if 18 year olds can join the military and fight for our country, as well as vote, then smoking should not be something they have no choice in. They need to learn responsibility for their own health – there are just too many things like that we should not have legislated by federal or state governments. I certainly don’t want Big Brother telling me how to conduct my life and take care of my body. That’s my responsibility – not government’s.

  11. I think the " legal age" is a anti constitutional sham. Amendment 26 lowered the voting age to 18 because of the draft. Age to be liable including carrying and buying guns and cigarettes should reflect that. But, you can be a dependent on the parents health insurance till 26. Or is it 40 ?

  12. I was smoking and drinking at the time of my active duty date of Nov 1984. I was 18 years old. So F U lets make it 21 years old to join the military or 21 years old to vote. The left always gets their way. Always about their choice not yours. Just like a woman's right to abortion because its her body; but i be damned, don't get caught without your seatbelt on. Or don't smoke even though its your body. Oh and btw, your only 18 or 19 but you can take a bullet for your country that's turning its back on common sense. The next time someone robs you, just let it happen you wont have a right to carry a gun or defend yourself and it will be their right to do so because that's their occupation… Yeah this world is going crazy.. Rant over.. Happy New Year!!

  13. Not a smoker but I see a lot of people asking to bum cigarettes off of people. I guess there goes that since I've seen 21 year old that look 40.

  14. I feel that this is less about protecting the young individuals and more about being able to tell their populations what they can and can't do

  15. So they raise the age for tobacco to 21, then they should raise the voting age to 21, and raise the age to 21 to join our military forces

  16. If you can join the USA military at the age of 18 and allowed to carry and shoot a M16 and die for you country, then you should be allowed to drink alcohol and smoke or chew tobacco.

  17. I am twenty year's old. If I have to endure the fatalities of working with the public then why can't I roll a blunt at the end of the day? This absurd. I'm considered an adult, why not treat me like one?

  18. Also, we can go to federal prison at 18, but inside we technically couldn’t buy a pack? Wow I feel like a real adult now.

  19. I’m 29 this dose not effect me but president trump your a fool you just lost the vote of every single smoking 18-19-20 year old do the math young kids normally look forward to that freedom although I can see it helping make it less accessible they will just have an older friend buy it this is pointless people that want to smoke will I did at age 13 y was this hidden from voters I would say this is completely idiotic and just another way to steel money from the youth with mip they already raised tobacco tax I quit for 10 years now but on my own accord so foolish

  20. Now they need to stop kids from getting these crazy sentences to prison since we just cannot make decisions for ourselves right

  21. Honestly I hate Trump and Republicans now. Republicans also tried to make it so that the police would have easier backdoors into social media. The Republicans have proven that they are not small government. It's just as bad as the Bush days.

  22. I understand why they are doing this but at the same time, Look I can Join the military fight an die but I can't drink or smoke at 18 as well I can get 100k in debt and still can't drink or smoke I can buy Rifles(Depending on the State) and going hunting, and still can't drink or smoke with my dad and his friends legally. At the end of the day, I believe that they should Grandfather people that are already 18,19,20. I hope one day the "We the People" comes out as truth an not some bull for money.
    PS: this is my rant just is upsetting I am 20 so if u wanna hate then hate. Have a nice yall

  23. I feel bad for all 18 year olds that thought they were adults and use nicotine get completely cut off from being able to do adult activities smh this country Is dumb af

  24. Fight in the army/navy: age 18
    Voting: 18
    Smoking: 21
    Alcohol: 21
    Weed: 21
    Yeah we’re old enough to die in other countries for our country and vote for our president but we’re not old enough to smoke or drink.
    Are we children or not?
    Maybe raise the ages for those things as well too then 🙄
    As a 20 year old who’s smoked since I was 18 I find this wild for them to do on such short notice. I guess I’ll stock up on cigarettes and since I already bought them y’all can’t stop me from smoking them

  25. Think about all the 20 year olds who are addicted and now have to commit a crime to be able to sustain that addiction. Fml

  26. if Anybody Wants to get Tobacco for FREE' They can Allways get a Bunch of Cigarette Butts Laying on the Ground & use a Smoke Pipe to Smoke it…

  27. Raise the military age to 21 then raise the adult age to 21 then raise everything else if you wanna put a big middle finger to us

  28. Im a liberal And I’m sure a lot of conservatives agree with me on this the problem is not the vaping it’s da maringuana thc black market and not fda approved cartridges there has not been a case where sumone has died of vapin except for the thc based ones how is a president of the United States that is in the Republican Party and which the party represents “less restrictive government “ do that to its people he didn’t want to limit the flavors because of the loss of big corporations so he just raises the age all I’m sayin is if you want to do something to stop the epidemic you don’t raise the age that just causes more need for other opioids which are going to be more accessible from the streets then buying from the store. If we are old enough to fight for our county we should he entitled as adults of the greatest country to be entitled to our rights as Americans we learned this error already from the 26th amendment let’s move forward and stop repeating history ✊🏻

  29. EBay and Amazon are a culprit in this whole vaping thing to they do not card you you can go on eBay and Amazon as a teenager in order e-cigarettes and e-cig supplies I bought them before and with the last couple years and I'm 27 and they never did card me

  30. You make them an adult at 18 so let them make adult mistakes. The law won't change their behavior. If tobacco is bad, then ban it for everyone and the same for vaping.

  31. If I cared about my health I wouldn’t vape in the first place but I don’t I’m an adult and should be able to do what I want

  32. No Fatalities due to vaping none on record fact check please, Also to make clams half of vape shops sell to minors. Whose word are we taking here? Some underage kid that doesn't want to get his buddy that is of age buying for them. So they lie and say it came from a vape shop. I have personally been involved in this scenario I have pulled video footage of transactions always turns out someone of legal age bought the products and distributed them to a minor.

  33. This was a bad move for Trump. This is absolutely not a small government move. It's definitely infringing on rights of citizens. Definitely a bad move.

  34. I like how everyone is crying about raising the age for tobacco products. But if Obama would have done this it woulda been such a good thing to do. Just like how they regulated our kids diet at school because it was "better" for the country.

  35. Ignorance is a victory wow keep smiling.
    You want to win the battle on tobacco? Educate yourself numbers of tobacco users are at their lowest cigarettes are a tobacco product. Vaping
    has reduced the number of tobacco users more than any other product known e-liquid is not a tobacco product. Hold the "nicotine is tobacco"
    argument. Remember educating yourselves by-product possible but the whole leaf isn't used in vaping like in cigarettes. Vaping heats a solution as cigarettes
    ignite and burn why else do we drop low in a fire situation. In a fire, smoke and poisonous air hurt more people than the actual flames do. You'll breathe less smoke if you stay close to the ground.. But we don't know what's in the solution e-liquid makers can add what they want False. Before you

    want to make that argument educate yourselves every product which in combination four ingredients. All are already bought as FDA approved products.
    I spent months on a horrible FDA software system with hundreds of e-liquid manufacturers giving our recipes and procedures for making e-liquid. So, the we
    don't know what's in its argument is mute. Please just educate yourselves and
    short the information out.

  36. Again if you can vote you can smoke if I can be drafted and sent to war I should be able to drink while I'm there raising the age will do nothing but raise the amount of people who need cigs bought for them

  37. Man I sure do love the fact I can go to war and die for my country but I cant smoke or drink because I'm not ready yet.

  38. And to top it all off…the administration just proclaimed they will be definitely announcing their "temporary" ban on fruit vapor pods this week. Those fruity pods got me off cigarettes and are helping me to wean down. Can't stomach the ones that will be "legal". Shall we discuss the return of prohibition next?

  39. Kids have no interest in the candy flavors of vaping juice…what they're keen on is either THC (the black market for this is what has caused ALL of the vaping deaths), or ridiculously high Nicotine content. Your kids just wanna get _high_, folks…..go figure…

  40. While I agree with the goal this new tobacco law is intended to have, much like I agree with the drinking age at 21, I do feel this creates confusion on what the legal age of an adult is.
    Right now, an 18 year old can vote, join the military, and go to trial as an adult. However, those 18 year olds cannot be considered responsible enough to choose to put alcohol or tobacco products into their bodies. An 18 year old is allowed to have an abortion and end the life of an unborn child, but they cannot choose to consume alcohol.
    Perhaps, it is also time to revisit what the US considers an adult. Perhaps the age should be lifted to 21 considering the tobacco/alcohol age and the fact that parents can keep their kids on their insurance longer. Until they are 21, they would lose the right to vote and enter legal contracts (like with the military or the porn industry) without written permission from their legal guardian(s).
    This change would take a new amendment, which means a 2/3 vote in the House, a 2/3 vote in the Senate, and ratified by 75% of the states. I am not advocating we do this, but it may be time to start discussing this option.

  41. There’s already a lot of people addicted and a law will not get rid of their craving. People will still get a hold of what they need.. Honestly this will expand the black market and I really think it’s a waste of time if a cop were to arrest anyone who’s 18 smoking or vaping. All in all my opinion is that this is a very stupid law. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I get that people shouldn’t smoke for health reasons but it’s really about personal choices that every American adult deserves.

  42. Ok so I’m 19 I can go vote, fight for my country, working for my state, become a police officer but I can’t go out and buy a pack of cigarettes? The day I turned 18 I’m considered adult I can be tried in court as a adult but apparently I’m not adult unless I’m 21. I have been buying cigarettes for myself since I was 18 little over a year now. I have been smoking since I was 17 and now I can’t buy my own. This is a joke! This country is a joke.

  43. I'm a non smoker. I do respect peoples rights to so what they want. Our government in the US is run by a bunch of morons. So the idea is that we have to increase the age because they arent old enough to make life decisions. They are however old enough for the govt to recruit people 18 to 21 for the military. So if they can't make good life decisions due to age then they cant .ake good life decisions about the military. In other words no way should the military recruitment stations ever talk to anyone until they turn 21.

  44. Pay taxes, go to war and die, but dont smoke cigs for another 3 years! Welcome to the land where you dont have the freedom to drive under the speed limit nor the freedom to pass them unless the government lines tell you too…..

  45. The ball is in your court 18, 19, and 20 year olds. Fight it or Take it. The choice is yours. I remember how we handled it in the late 60's and early 70's.

  46. Bc I’m not a adult and being 18 isn’t enough I don’t wanna have to join the military to get dip I wanted to by a can of grizzly

  47. If they raised it it should have been to 19 to reduce the amount of high schools that can buy and distribute to younger kids. 21 is way too high. Also the alcohol age should be lowered to 19 in my opinion. That's how it is in Canada and I don't see any major problems being caused by it.

  48. I thinking voting should be raised to 25. 18 year olds are too arrogant to make that kind of choice. 25 is the age that your mind is fully developed.

  49. From what I've read this law only bans a tobacco dealer from selling to someone under 21. But from what I've seen a private transfer from a nondealer and the use of tobacco products is still ok if 18+? Everything I've seen is strictly limited to sales from tobacco dealers. So I supposed it technically is not against the law for your 21 year old friend to buy you cigs when you're 18. It is illegal with alcohol as the law bans possession or use however. I guess its sort of like handguns. With handguns its legal in most states to buy one from a nondealer at 18 but from a federal dealer its 21.

  50. This law was passed as if dying from tobacco consumption is a huge issue in this country. News flash, Americans are dying from heart disease, diabetes, and other complications caused by being overweight/obese. But you don't see any laws being passed to regulate sugar and carbohydrate consumption. You don't see laws passed to discourage a sedentary lifestyle and encourage weight loss. This country is run by loons

  51. The drinking age is 21, how many kids are still drinking under 21? Quite alot actually. These laws stop nobody. Just like gun laws don't stop criminals from obtaining them. Yet they want to lower the voting age to 16?! If anything THAT should be raised to 21. We're doomed.

  52. How come when you’re 18 and you do a crime you’re charged as an adult???
    Apparently 18 is still child like I guess

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