True Blood – A Fellowship of the Sun Lock-In!

True Blood – A Fellowship of the Sun Lock-In!

Yep. See you soon. Careful now. Careful? About what? Sometimes when
we open these doors so much love comes flowing out
that it’ll knock you down if you’re not ready for it. We’ll be sure to brace
ourselves. [♪♪♪] SOOKIE:
Oh, my gosh. SARAH:
I know.
I just love it in here. The way it glows
like it does. Particularly in
the late afternoon. Oh,
it’s inspiring, isn’t it? It really is. HUGO:
Yes, sirree. This is where
we’re getting married. I can’t wait to see you
walk down this aisle. Me either. STEVE: Hey. Have either of you ever been
to a lock-in? A lock-in? STEVE:
Of course she hasn’t.
She’s no Christian. Oh, yeah, it’s loads of fun. SARAH:
Come on, Steve.
Don’t bring the girl into this. She’s probably so scared. She
doesn’t wanna be doing this. Those vampires
made her do it. STEVE:
They say she can hear me. I wonder if that fang-loving
freakazoid can hear me now. She sure don’t look normal. That lock-in
does sound like fun. Rufus, we gotta go get
our sleeping bags. But the tour’s
not even over yet. I know, but I think
we really ought to go so we can come back
for the lockdown. STEVE:
There’ll be plenty of time. The lock-in is not until
tomorrow night. GABE:
You wanted to see me? Oh, good. Holly, Rufus, I’d like you to meet
an aide of mine. This is Gabe. HUGO: Pleased to meet you. Hi. GABE:
Nice. Very nice.
She’s got just the perfect amount
of titties showing. Gabe here is gonna be joining us
for the rest of the tour.

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