TRIATHLON NEWS July 17, 2018: New Shoe Company, Deaths at Triathlon in Malaysia, Race Results & more

TRIATHLON NEWS July 17, 2018: New Shoe Company, Deaths at Triathlon in Malaysia, Race Results & more

– What’s up, Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s News Day Tuesday, big things happening, some
unfortunate things happening. Number one, there’s a
new running shoe upstart that is making waves out there. Number two, people are dying in races. And number three, a
young upstart from France surprises people in Hamburg. (upbeat music) What’s up, Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s News Day Tuesday where every single Tuesday
we talk about the on goings around the triathlon world. As always, make sure you
stick around to the end where everyone’s favorite part
of Triathlon News Day Tuesday is shared, and that is a story
from the Trainiac community, and as always, all of the full links to everything that we discuss will be in the description below. Now, let’s start off with
the new running shoe startup that has been founded by Danny Arbishire. Now, he was one of the
founders of Newton Running. He unfortunately had
a bit of a falling out with Newton over the last few years, went and started an insole company. His insole company is
named Active Imprints, and he started up a new
line of running shoes under the Active Imprints brand. The first shoe that he’s
just announced last week is a 5.9 ounce racing flat,
which, if you look at it, looks surprisingly like
the old Newton MV2. Personally, I was a
really big fan of Newton for a lot of years, but
over the last couple years, kinda seem to have fallen off the map. I wondered why that is and
I didn’t really realize that Danny had had this falling out and maybe that has
something to do with it, so I’m interested to see what he comes out with
with Active Imprints. Unfortunately, bad news this
week is that two athletes drowned at an Olympic
distance race in Malaysia. Now, I need my notes to
pronounce their name, 42 year old Jeffrey Yuen Chuan and 39 year old Farmway
Wong both got pulled out of the water after the
swim at this Malaysia race. Now, this was the Port
Dixon International Race, like I said, in Malaysia, and apparently, the waters were really rough
over the course of the weekend. Now, Yuen was found one nautical mile, 1.85 kilometers from the swim wall,. Farm was found 750 meters from the swim. They were both pronounced
dead at a local hospital, and the local minister of
health is investigating the situation to see if
any rules were broken during the course of the race that may have led to
this unfortunate event. And the ITU sprint distance
race in Hamburg happened. This is the race that’s held on the WTS, the World Triathlon circuit, so it always draws some of the most
competitive pro triathletes at that short distance sprint event. And the podium on the
men’s side was basically the virtual who’s who of
short distance running with Mariel Molla winning by five seconds over Vincent Louis from France and eight seconds over Richard Murray. On the women’s side,
we had a big surprise. Young upstart Cassandra Bulgrin who came into the race
as the 26th seed won against a very deep field
being the only female athlete to run under 16 minutes and
she won by over 30 seconds. Now, Flora Duffy also returned to racing after the injury that she’s
been battling recently and she placed tenth in Hamburg. Now, that was Saturday in Hamburg. On Sunday, the mixed team relay happened, which is an absolute bloodbath of a race. It is a 300 meter swim, a seven K bike, and then a 1.7 K run, just absolute pedal to the metal racing from start to finish where four athletes,
two men and two women, race interchangeably and they go all out, like it was carnage at the finish lines. The race was won by the French team of Cassandra Bulgrin, Vincent Louis, Leoni Parrot, and Dorian Coninx. Awful at names today. It was a quieter weekend
on the Iron Man Circuit. The only pro race was the Iron Man UK, which was won by Joe Skipper
of Great Britain in 7:55:34. Now granted, there was
only a 95 mile bike ride, so slightly short course. And on the women’s side, Lucy
Gossage also won on home turf, winning by over 32 minutes in 8:51:18. Now, very quick update on
Triathlon Taren Podcast, just yesterday we published an
interview with Mel Hothchild who I believe is probably
the most underrated and potentially one of the
greatest triathletes of all time, and we talk a lot about
that in the podcast, and if any of you have had
difficulties with the podcast, wondering where it is, why
it hasn’t been publishing, literally as we speak right now, we are changing over to
a new podcast provider, so you should see all of the episodes coming through that you’ve missed. We’ve been doing a weekly
episode every single week, haven’t missed one, we’ve
actually had bonus episodes, so stay tuned, check out
the podcast that you missed. Now finally, on to this
week’s Trainiac story, which starts off by saying, “Hi, Taren. My name is Justin Dunderdale. I decided on Memorial Day weekend of 2017 to get serious about my health. I’ve struggled with my
weight since fourth grade when my parents divorced
and I turned to food as a stress reliever for
the following 25 years. After getting out of the Army and joining the police department where I only had to be
fit during training, I gradually gained weight
for the following nine years until I found myself at
318 pounds, 140 kilograms. Just over a year ago, I
started counting steps, which then led to me
watching my food intake and I set a goal of running
a five K that August, which I did, however straining my achilles just before the halfway point. It was probably a dumb
decision looking back on it, but I started running again
and finished the race. Afterwards, my doctor told
me bicycling would help as long as I could do it without pain. I could and I resolved to do a triathlon. On June 16th, I raced in
the Topeka Tin Man Triathlon doing the sprint distance race, finishing with a time of 1:27:19.” Very good time, Jason. “Going into that race,
I had lost 100 pounds in a little over a year and I took a page out of Joe Friles book and set one goal: finish the race with a smile. I met that goal and then some. I’m now going to try to do
something new fitness wise every single month, whether
it be a race or a workout. For example, not only did
I go for a shirtless run for the first time in May but
I even posted it on Instagram. I also wanna give a shout
out to two of my friends who also did their first triathlon with me at the Tin Man, Kayley and Lucas Thompson. Taren, thank you for what you are doing. Let me join the crowd of
people who are living proof that you and the Trainiac
community can help people to stop making excuses
and drop kick your fears.” Yeah, we haven’t talked about drop kicking your fears lately, Jason,
but that’s awesome to see that you’re taking triathlon,
using it as a spring board to just be more confident in life. What you’re doing on
Instagram is something that takes a lot of people guts and it’s a scary thing to do that, and you’re sharing it here now in front of several thousand
of your closest friends, so thank you for having
the courage to do that. Good on you for doing it and
congratulations on your race. If anyone else wants to
get their story shared here on Triathlon News Day Tuesday, doesn’t have to be with your shirt off, email me at [email protected] and if you’re liking
Triathlon News Day Tuesday and you aren’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, it’s free. And if you are subscribed, thanks. Later, and we will see you next Tuesday.

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  1. Ironman was shorter but tougher…….. long descent removed replaced with a few steep climbs….. you should come over and give it a go I’m sure I could hoast you guys

  2. Hey taren, love your show as always, but want to leave some feedback for once: I think talking about the 2 dead athlets in your normal “cheerful” tri-taren voice, with this jingle running in the back somehow feels off, when I imagine you would talk about a loved one of myself. I know the jingle is always there, but here it doesn’t help to show that the Triathlon-taren comunity is in grief with the families. For everything else, keep the good work up, really enjoying your content 🤙

  3. I participated in the port Dickson triathlon in the kids category and this was a day before the Olympic distance and the waters was very shallow that it could have become a run

  4. Once again another great personal story. Thank you Taren for sharing others' stories and keeping your viewers smile every Tuesday with great stories from your followers.

  5. Are the podcasts on your website working? I've been checking stitcher for a while and it doesn't have anything past the interview with Matt Chrabot. Love the podcasts but I'm sad I haven't got to listen to them for a while.

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