Toxic Tanneries Poisoning Workers in Bangladesh

Toxic Tanneries Poisoning Workers in Bangladesh

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  1. I really dislike the way she is conducting herself. Asking people if they don't feel bad and making pointless questions like that one, not high quality journalism in my humble opinion

  2. 6:22…she feels so bad for them they have to work under such Conditions …she should jump in and help them..😆 or buy then some nívea

  3. i couldn't care less about this problem. they literaly have billions of people in this place that can solve ot. good bye

  4. Why does she keep asking people if they are scared of the chemicals that they are being exposed to and if they wish to avoid the chemicals?? So frustrating because she repeatedly got the answer of “what else are we supposed to do” yet it bounced off her thick skull and she just kept pestering people.

  5. It’s not the Wests issue to fix, these countries need to learn to deal with their own issues rather than ignoring it and waiting on us to fix it

  6. That's terrible. But blame is surely, firstly with the Bangladesh government and factory owners? And not with consumers in the west and what they are offered for purchase.

  7. “That sh*t ain’t good for you. The f**k is that?” In the ghetto people talk like that. Reporters should NOT talk like that on documentaries. Yet, here she is with he foul mouth and swearing like a sailor.

  8. I guess end of the day a leather bag, shoes etc is worth more than clean water, fresh air… This materialistic ideology has obsessed the globe that We have lost the ability to be rational beings.

  9. I’ve seen lots of videos like this and they say the United States should be helping them out constantly. The thing is, the U.S. is a country, too. We can’t keep going around helping other countries like a charity handing out massive amounts of money. It’s their own country’s fault and/or the factory owners fault

  10. This is a result of employing uneducated people for cheap labor, they work in deplorable conditions and lack the knowledge to even speak up for them selves.

  11. This is why the world is getting destroyed all because of us humans. We treat the world like a playground even though soon it'll get bad enough to where you can't live anymore.

  12. "the owners don't know the kind of pollution that is spreading from their factories"

    yes they fucking do and it's god damn appalling

  13. OMG girl, a complete waste of film and everyone who hasn't been living under a rock KNOWS of the rampant pollution created by a few greedy companies coupled with government apathy and in some cases collusion. Why in the HELL didn't you focus on the SOLUTION or the responsible parties, being company owners and government officials? You had a perfect chance to do 2 things; bring light to the real cause, and shame the perpetrators into possible change. But you did neither, you just rehashed and further confirmed what we already know.

    And as a retired Environmental Scientist, the actual on-ground conditions ARE disheartening and I know the eventual consequences of all of those pollutants which are a given. What is NOT a given is how society and governments react. Drinking Chromium and the other RCRA 12 heavy metals is blatantly and inherently toxic, we know that, what is being DONE about it is the only relevant question to pollution prevention and remediation, and one you completely missed.

  14. East Bengal (now 🇧🇩) was more beautiful when it was part of 🇮🇳. The pollution began when the ill-literate ancestors of today's 🇧🇩fought for a Muslim homeland called 🇵🇰, then in 1971, the hatred that these stupid people have for 🇮🇳 made them worse than shit even though they became independent in 1971.

  15. fuckin terrible journalist. Typical sheltered brat reactions. Of course its going to smell bad, they are forced to accept these conditons to survive… yet she still makes them feel bad about trying to live.

  16. The human race is the disease. Our own actions will be the downfall of humanity!. We quite simply destroy anything and everything we come into contact with

  17. Listen, they are doing this for years and that's the only way of their earnings.
    There should be more technological uses for God's Sake.
    But, you know what, they are happy. And suddenly most of the billionaires are not that happy like them.

    Please, stop asking this way, that's sad.

    Government must do their best and thank you so much for covering this.

  18. Good job lady I would've left as soon as I saw all that poop and nasty stuff by the river. I would've been like y'all nasty I'm OUT !

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  20. The implication at the end that the West is to blame is ridiculous. Why don't the workers unionize? Why doesn't their government protect them? Why do these business owners refuse to improve conditions? The issue is that Bangladeshis aren't looking out for one another but instead their pocket books.

  21. Tania Rashid is a great journalist, I think she has a great inner feelings for Bangladeshi people because her ancestors are Bangladeshi.

  22. so the tanneries are the main of pollution..and the dead animals are from factories….yeah vice and it's journalists are inept libtards. If all the tanneries were removed it have very little effect. The entire country throws garbage and sewage directly into the water. There's plenty of credible news sources that have done reports on india's pollution. Even VICE has other reports that contradict the narrative this inept girl is pushing. Have people become so stupid that they can't see the liberal media's agenda?

  23. appreciate the work, just hoping the journalist lady could be more… can't think of the word… observing?? but than she seems very humane so different style of journalism i guess

  24. She is really horrible, she hardly knows how to repot. The worst part she keep on using slangs which is very unprofessional. They should have edited those.

  25. it just pisses me off how she looks at water out of a building and is like “that’s the chromium” as if she knows what that water contains to the t and it irritates me

  26. This journalist probably born in the US being Indian decent doesn't even know whats happening to her fellow Indians.

  27. What is wrong with this country? Tired of watching all these vide of completely unregulated businesses destroying the people. Does India have no government or are they completely corrupt? Whats going on?

  28. All the trash in that river is from the tanneries? Yeah ok. The locals throw their trash in there, shit, eat and bathe in it too. GTFOH

  29. Apnaar voy lagena? Apnaar kharap lagena? Apnaar gaa chulkaay? Apnaar raat e ghum Ashe? Tumi mangsho Khao? Biriyani dile khabe?

  30. India ignores saftey codes constantly and intentionally thats why shes asking these dumb questions because she knows they dont care and will do it anyway shes showing the level of ignorance they have towards the harm their inflicting on themselves india just refuses to change. Its sad these poor men have to do this but india is solely responsible for this problem same with the disease and death in mother ganges polluted river you cant expect people who dont want change to change.

  31. here is an idea….why not pass on environmental taxes/fees to us the consumers…..i bet we will think twice about buying leather goods next time 😁

  32. China learned the high environmental and health cost of operating the tanneries and stifled the industry years ago. Now it's Bangladesh picking up the remains that China dumped and poisoning itself. When will the world, especially the third world, learn that this is the industry not worth to take?

  33. I watch things like this and thank the UNIVERSE that I was born in the u.s. no way…I mean no way would I ever want to be in this country, or India or that side of the world…no ma'am!! People should force their Government to clean themselves and environment up and help their own people, and also promote birth control to save people from being born into this

  34. I think it's safe to say that Bangladesh is the asshole of the world. First it was the ship yard breakers in Chittagong scrapping old ships and dying from that now it's this. Bangladesh is disgusting. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  35. that's all those people have, they have to do this to live either die now from lack of food or die later from working in the chemicals. this lady sounds stupid. they can't do anything about it.
    come up with billions of dollars and help them.

  36. The presenter is asking pointless and unnecessary questions that we already know the answer too, and frustrating the people she is interviewing…..

    …But at least she's attractive and nice on the eye.

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