Top Ways To Create Engaging Instagram Stories For Business

Top Ways To Create Engaging Instagram Stories For Business

Jamar Diggs: Are your Instagram stories making
you any money? Well, if not, in this video, I’m going to
show you what kind of content you should be putting in your stories to move the needle
forward and get people to want to work with you. Jamar Diggs: For more business and social
media advice, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell to be notified when I upload
a new video every Monday. Jamar Diggs: I’m Jamar Diggs and I teach coaches,
consultants, and professional service providers how to position themselves as the expert so
they can attract their ideal clients. If you’re just flying by the seat of your
pants whenever you’re posting Instagram stories, by the end of this video, I’m going to show
you my three ways to use Instagram stories that allow me to make my story viewers into
buyers. So let’s dive into these three ways. If you do all three of these types of stories,
then you are definitely going to have increased Instagram engagement and revenue in your business. Jamar Diggs: The first way that I use Instagram
stories to actually drive revenue in my business is by providing expert content. So expert content is content that immediately
positions you as the expert. Hence the name. So I want you to think about these maybe five
things that you could be teaching about on a consistent basis in your Instagram stories,
and then start serving your people with quick wins. Jamar Diggs: So out of those five things that
you know how to teach, what is a quick win for each of them? What is a quick kind of, if they’re watching
their story right now if they’re like, oh wow, I can do that right now. Like, it’s giving them value in their stories
while they’re just sitting on their bed or sitting in their bathroom or sitting in class. They’re watching your story for something
that is like, okay, I know this person knows what they’re talking about. And it immediately builds that credibility
for you. Jamar Diggs: If you’re having trouble figuring
out what kind of content you could be talking about on stories, I have a another video that
talks you through how to create fresh content ideas. There’s an exercise in there that I think
will help you a lot. So go ahead and click the link in the card
to get to that video. Jamar Diggs: The second type of story is your
behind the scenes content. So as you’re thinking about this, like you
know, people want to see what makes you tick. Are you showing your face? Like, they want to see if you are an actual
human being behind this whole Instagram account. These things may sound a little silly, but
they can make or break the relationship with your audience. Jamar Diggs: Having behind the scenes content
really shows that you know how to talk and talk and walk the walk. People really need to see that from you. So for example, if I’m a fitness trainer,
I want to see you go buy groceries. I want to see what is a day in the life of
you going to the grocery store. How do you think about things, right? I want to see you actually try to do like
a hard movement that may motivate me to start working out. Jamar Diggs: So these things are really going
to help your followers, your audience want to kind of be encouraged to kind of get to
work with you more. Like, they’re going to want to engage with
you a lot more in these stories if they’re seeing these actions from you. Jamar Diggs: Basically, to sum that all up,
if you’re telling me to go to the gym, your (beep) better be at the gym too, okay? Jamar Diggs: A good way to also do behind
the scenes content is to show off your clients. Like, did your client do something that you’re
super proud of? Shout them out on Instagram. They will love that. They may even re share that up on to their
story and that will allow you to kind of get more exposure. Jamar Diggs: So real quick, are you searching
to see how this builds know, like, and trust with your audience? Keep in mind that no one just buys something
off of the internet. They need to see it first. They need proof from you. They need to see that you are the expert. They need to see that you are walking the
walk and talking the talk. They need to see that you know how to give
them results. So comment down below and let me know how
you’re planning on switching up your Instagram stories. Jamar Diggs: The third way that I use my Instagram
stories is by showing my personality. I have this little thing called I try to teach
people to find their bonnet, right? So I say that it’s find your bonnet because
I actually wear a bonnet in most of my Instagram stories and I kind of do that because one,
it’s amazing, it’s fancy and I am comfortable. So, if there is a marketing gem that I want
to drop, I’m not going to just take off my bonnet and like then get prim and proper. It doesn’t have to be super polished. You don’t have to be really, really polished. Jamar Diggs: There’s this buzzword flying
around about being authentic. You can just be yourself on Instagram stories
and it will not hurt you at all. So find your bonnet. You don’t have to be super polished, drop
your gems. Show that you’re an expert. Show that behind the scenes content and even
have something nice that you want to share, do it in a bonnet or do whatever makes you
happy, do something that makes you stand out. Jamar Diggs: People know me by seeing me on
Instagram stories knowing that I’m going to post something about when Instagram shuts
down, they know that my post about an email lists and they know that I’m going to almost
certainly be in my bonnet, while doing both of those things. Jamar Diggs: So find out what makes you tick,
find out what makes you, you know, stand out amongst other people. What makes you different? What is that thing? Some people drink wine. Some people are always out at Starbucks. Jamar Diggs: Some people are also, you know,
Natalie Frank from the Rising Tide Society, she’s always … she never has wifi. She has the most biggest struggle with wifi. It’s crazy. But like, find those things that make you
different and start telling those stories through Instagram. Like, that’s going to be the things that people
are going to remember the most out of you. And this is going to be how you find your
bonnet. Jamar Diggs: If you’re ready to get more clients
with your social media strategy, then I want you to take full advantage of my free training
called Posting for Profit. In this training, I’m going to walk you through
how to save time, eliminate burn out, and make more money with social media. You can grab the link to that training in
the description below. Jamar Diggs: If you like this video, please
let me know by subscribing to this channel, liking this video, and tagging me on Instagram
with this screenshot. Don’t forget to comment down below with your
ideas of switching up your Instagram stories and I will see you in the next video. Bye. (beep). Jamar Diggs: I’m like, wow. Okay, tomorrow. Who? You’re a big dog. Ooh, I never used that before, but yes, I
like that. Okay. What do you want me to do and what are we
doing? Yeah, I’m like, they’re all going to have
whiplash. I know. I don’t know. What am I saying? Jamar. What are you saying? Chop queen. Shimmy shimmy yeah, shimmy yeah, shimmy. Shimmy. Shimmy. Yeah.

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