Hey guys today I want to talk about the
top 7 low-cost high profit business ideas in 2019 now a lot of these
business ideas I’m currently involved in and a few of them I’ve done my due
diligence have done the research so that I can share this information with you
and I believe these the 7 business ideas that are going to be sustainable long
term into the future especially since everything is changing you know we’re
seeing more development innovation and technology and things are changing the
business landscape is evolving it’s such a rapid and unprecedented state it’s
important to look beyond and do the research and see what’s going to be
sufficient long term into the future so with that being said we’ll jump straight
into it and the first business idea is actually air B&B now not just air B&B as
a host but air B&B experiences now if you haven’t heard of air B&B experiences
essentially what it is is rather than listing your house or listing a room
what you’re doing is your listing and experience now this could be an
experience that you know you’re confident with this could be a skill of
yours or it could be an experience in your local area
you know you’ve developed the knowledge the experience and you’re able to take
people on a tour or some kind of activity in your local area and this is
a great way to kind of build up your brand build up a business and
essentially take people around and show them your passion show them what you’re
good at and people want to see you know different things in different countries
different experiences that they’re not going to get back at home and so air B&B
experience is a great way to show foreigners people from overseas you know
that the unique cultural experiences or activities in your local area so that’s
number one air B&B experiences the second business idea is digital
marketing now if you run a business now you’ll know that it’s important to start
marketing online you know the world is changing in the way that we promote our
services and products and it’s important to adopt to the digital age and catch that digital wave into the future so as a
digital agency it’s quite easy to you know generate leads and find customers
because businesses need to be online these days if they want to be found if
they want to generate those leads if they want to generate sales and as a
digital marketing agency what you can do is offer packages you know you can do
Google Ads you can focus on SEO search engine optimization you can focus on and
traditional marketing but digital marketing is the biggest boom at the
moment a lot of people are jumping on it and you got to find a way that you can
be unique and you can offer value and through your digital marketing skills
the great thing about digital marketing is you can learn it online you know
everything there is to know is found on YouTube and other platforms and to teach
yourself kind of how digital marketing works the different channels that you
can optimize and leverage and help local businesses essentially grow so a digital
marketing agency is the second low cost high profit business idea in 2019 the
third business idea is actually web design agency now similar to digital
marketing because with with web design what you can actually do is there’s a
lot of platforms like WordPress or Wix Squarespace and there’s all these
different our website building platforms that you can actually take advantage of
and you can upsell to your clients upsell to small businesses you know
business to business or to personal bloggers people that are building their
brand and you can actually learn through different tutorials on YouTube or on
other platforms how to actually build a website from scratch and it’s not hard
obviously you’re gonna have to do the due diligence the research and learn how
to build these websites but today you don’t need the coding you don’t need to
know anything about HTML or CSS what you can actually do is just do the research
yourself and learn how to create these these websites
okay using all these different amazing platforms that make it so much easier
today then it did you know 20 years ago we had to know coding and and all this
tedious kind of stuff so with that being said again with two and three the
business ideas digital marketing and web design what you can also do is kind of
merge them together and integrate the two into one business where you’re
offering you know web design as their kind of course service as well as
marketing on top of that so you’re happening you know customers potential
customers find that business website so you can integrate the two together
that’s just gonna grow into the future as people start their own businesses
people become self-employed is a big demand for web designers and digital
marketers so that’s number three now let’s jump on to number 4 the fourth
business idea is actually outsourcing okay outsourcing is as simple is that we
live in such an interconnected globalized world it’s really easy to
outsource over to a developing country at for services that are a fraction of
the cost in your local country especially if you’re in a developed
country like I am I live in New Zealand and if you’re an America or the UK or
any other developed country what you can do is outsource these digital activities
and to you know India or the Philippines with a developing they charge a lot less
for the same services that you do in your in your home country and you make
the profit in between so you make that profit margin this is what we call
market arbitrage and essentially what you’re doing is you know you’re offering
these services and your local country you’re outsourcing the production of
those services and then you’re offering them back to your client you’re giving
them the end result by up marking that sale that their product and so it’s a
great way there’s a lot of platforms that you can use for example there’s
Fiverr and there’s these are two great outsourcing
platforms where you can find so much great
talent at such a low cost that you can in the end up sell to your customers in
your local community in your neighborhood so that being said that’s
the fourth so jump on to the fifth business idea and that is an online
personal trainer now the reason I want to talk about this is because you can
actually become a personal trainer online very easily Plus health is such a
big industry you know health is only going to grow as we live longer as as
new diets is new you know programs out there there’s new fitness techniques to
get into shape to lose that weight you know it’s it’s a big trend and it’s only
going to grow and so if you wanted to start a business in there it’s going to
be sustainable long term now there’s a lot of different areas you can go onto a
personal training but because again we live in an interconnected world it’s
very easy to move your business online and to actually start selling your
products selling your your personal training services your classes online
you create forums you can create communities build up a brand and you can
start selling digital products workouts and nutrition or you can start running
classes online so being a personal trainer or in the health sector is huge
and it’s only going to grow as we move into the future okay so that’s the
that’s this fifth sorry the fifth business idea of 2019 now we’ll jump
into the six the six business idea is affiliate programs now if you don’t know
what an affiliate program is essentially think about you know say if I made this
video now and I had links in the description below and say I was talking
about a product say we’re talking about Fiverr and I have a link below that goes
to the fibers page for you to sign up if you click on that link and it’s an
affiliate link so I’m associated with their company then I’ll get a commission
based on the sale so what you essentially do is you partner yourself
with lots of different businesses or agencies if a customer or a follower
clicks on their link and they pay that price then you’ll get paid commission
based on a percentage of that sale so it’s fantastic you know a lot of
people are doing that these days as if you’re into blogging or if you into
digital marketing or if you’re you know a personal trainer like we talked about
before and you sell products online they might not even be your products or they
might not even be your classes but what you can do is have links to these
businesses where they sell these packages they sell these products and if
someone clicks on your profile or on your video on your link and they get
sent to the business and they pay for that package or product then you get
paid a commission so fully at marketing is great it’s only gonna grow as
influencing influencer marketing is just going to grow expecially on YouTube
Instagram Facebook all these different social medias they’re on the rise so if
you can grow your personal brand you become an influencer and in a certain
niche you want to look at different niches and something that you can focus
on that’s very small and very niche then you can actually start selling these
affiliate programs okay if you truly believe and you obviously want to be
passionate you want to truly believe in these services products that you’re that
you’re essentially endorsing to your followers because your followers want to
follow you because you’re entertaining or your educational you know that’s why
people follow you okay so that’s the six now the seventh and final low cost high
profit business idea in 2019 is actually producing a brand okay a brand online
now this could be and if you have a physical business that’s perfect as well
so if you have a small or local business is to create that brand but put it
online so create blogs create a youtube channel you know video content is
becoming the most viewed content online and that’s only going to grow so what
you want to do if you’re a local business small business or you have a
personal brand you want to put that up online you want to turn it into a blog
or a YouTube channel okay the reason I say that is because if you start growing
this brand you’re producing content every day and remember content is king
marketing is queen and she’s always gonna run the show
so what you want to do is always produce content content content content it’s got
to be good content and content that your viewers want to see and then you can
build a brand that way and start selling products or services through your
personal brand if you own a smaller local business again it’s a great way to
kind of grow your business and once you’ve got that following you can start
selling your services through your blog or through your YouTube channel so blog
or blog essentially so that’s very powerful and it’s only gonna grow it’s
extremely low cost to start like I said but at the end of the day if you keep
growing it you’re consistent you’re persistent and you’re continually
producing high-quality content then your channel your brand your personal brand
is gonna grow and people are gonna respect you and see you as an authority
and your community in your business sector and so there we have it guys
those are the top seven low cost high profit business ideas in 2019 I hope I
hope you guys got value out of this video please share your comments down
below let me know what you think if you know any other business ideas that you
think are gonna be lucrative a long-term and sustainable into the future then
please pop them down in the comments I’d love to hear from everyone a few if you
enjoyed this video then please subscribe you know I’d truly appreciate that guys
and leave a thumbs up and with that being said remember with all these
business ideas you still need to be consistent you need to provide high
quality content in products and services and you need to be disciplined okay it
takes time to grow a business even with these businesses that are low cost high
profit businesses they’re still going to take time to grow okay sometimes six
months to a year two years or three years you’ve got to be consistent you’ve
got to keep growing so if you enjoyed this video guys please like it like I
said subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video see you later bye

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