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  1. Hi Cathy Cat, will you make videos about foreign animated medias that inspired from animes? Such as Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham, Winx Club, Avatar, RWBY, etc? Like your opinion or Japanese people's opinion on foreign animated medias that inspired from animes? I'm wondering what Japaneses think about Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir since the creator said that he was inspired from Magical Girl animes. Thanks

  2. I like your voice and you are Soo cute 😍. Last year I got a message for typhoon of evacuation and this year earthquake was scary 😨

  3. Moonie Cathy Cat!I hope when i come out this year nothing will happen but in realistic terms you never know what tomorrow may bring!Thank you for this advice well worth knowing ,I am guessing hotels have emergency packs in there rooms?

  4. The 5 national disasters that Australians are afraid of.
    1. Bushfires
    2. Bushfires
    3. Bushfires
    4. Bushfires
    5. Bushfires.

    Australian bushfires destroy entire communities in just a few hours. Imagine a 70ft high wall of fire approaching your house.

  5. I love that this was 'unedited'. I know that there was some, but I love that there are hiccups and interactions with people (I assumed that happens from time to time.) Thanks for genuine videos.

  6. No.1 to be aware of is the Human.
    Catty said @ 1:28 "Before everyone else does" and this is so true!
    Always have a buffer supply of essentials no matter the time of year. Don't just buy 1 toilet roll as you need it. Have at least six as your buffer. Use one add one.
    Any hint of an emergency and people will panic buy bread, milk, bottled water, toilet paper and batteries. You go to the store 15 minutes late and it's empty!
    Always have at least 5-10 of the following. As you use one replace it…
    Canned food such as sweetcorn, tuna, tomatoes, beans, meat. Enough toilet paper for two weeks, bottled water (even if you don't drink it regularly), hot drink base like tea, coffee, cocoa, soup. Instant noodles. You get the idea.
    If you are living in Japan for an extended period then you need to run a buffered supply of important things. I am not even covering medical kits and survival packs.

  7. 日本在住の日本人ですが「日本には絶対安全な場所はない」と断言できます

  8. What about Kaiju? So many Kaiju in Japan.

    But seriously, thank you for the great information. Be prepared. Know your action plan. Many community centers have great info on preparing and evacuation plans.

  9. What a rude guy that was taking unsolicited pictures, its not if you are a costumed mannequin, a bit of courtesy speaks volumes, but I suppose it is a burden that the Super Stylish have to bare.

  10. In the US even in areas where there usually snow, if a big storm is announced many stores will be sold out of bread and milk. People everywhere panic buy for some reason. Also in the US if you are out in public you do not have an expectation of privacy and your picture can be taken.

  11. I'm from Chile and I'm used to earthquakes, I actually enjoy it 😂 BUT I'm sacared of rain and snow, which it's ridiculous lol

  12. More snow in last two years and people believe like a cattle "global warming" …idiots…the ice age is coming and HUNGER soon will be your greatest fear!

    BTW – no landslide?

  13. Why frame your subject with leaves, flowers and branches? I felt like a bug snooping on her and couldn't see her very well. It was weird. Great subject though.

  14. Hi Cathy Cat! I'm going to Japan in April and I'm unsure of what kind of clothes I should bring. I'm from Sweden, where we will wear layers in winter so I'm unfamiliar with the weather and temperature in Japan around that time of year. Is it necessary to bring a jacket, or would that just take up space?

    Anybody else who has info is highly appreciated as well!

    Thanks in advance <3

  15. Why does she complain on getting pictures taken if she's standing in the middle of the street, it's a public space, what if he wants pictures of the street, he's not gonna tell everyone to move out of the way is he?

  16. Thank you so much, cute Kitty, for all the FYI tips you’ve been giving for foreigners, such as myself!
    I myself live in Oklahoma, in the middle of the States across the pond, and we’ve seen our fair share of natural disasters. We get earthquakes here, which you can easily sleep through, tornadoes, lots of ice, and if Texas (below Oklahoma and against the Caribbean Sea) gets hit by a hurricane, we get days and days of nonstop rain (last time it was 9 or 11 days of rain without stopping). We rarely get snow, we just get primarily ice. As small as Japan is, you could pretty easily walk most of the places you need to go, if it’s icy. America’s pretty spread out and built around the car; when you work 30 miles away (I’m a man 27 miles away from work, myself), walking to work is unrealistic. But we don’t get hit by tsunami’s and we’re buffered from hurricanes by Texas, so we don’t get major destruction from said disasters. OUR destructive disasters are tornadoes, Oklahoma’s part of Tornado Alley, and they can get pretty gruesome.
    On another subject, I loved your look today! Your punk choker, your pretty pigtails, your pretty dress, and your giant bow all looked lovely accenting your beautiful eyes!!! 🥰

  17. A little story: In september 2018, Chile National Soccer Team was in Sapporo to play a friendly match with Japan, 2 of the most seismic countries in the world.. First a typhoon struck during the night and then an earthquake rocked the zone. Because of the rainfall there were a number of landslides and sadly several casualties. Obviously the match was never played.

  18. Thank you for the helpful tips! Ask Japanese always provides very helpful information for those traveling in and around Japan.

  19. Anyone else think she said thai food for 3? I was just listening to this and was like…
    Snow? Ok yeah car accidents are higher
    Volcano? Yeah the ground spewing rocks and molten lava is pretty bad.
    Thai food? ….what? I love some thai food but some thai food doesnt like me.

  20. 写真を撮られても構わないなら撮らせればよいし、撮られたくないなら近くまで行ってきちんと断るべきだと思います。

  21. that damn alarm for earthquake woke me up at 3:20 Am i get so scared with the noise , it's so useless put alarms for earthquake , it's not that you can do anything, i came from a country when we have a loot of earthquake, so we still slepping even if 6 or 7 on the scale of ritcher lol

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