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  1. I used to point out tourists in dark dress socks and sneakers, now black socks are almost de rigueur. I'm also old enough to remember when Japanese tourists with cameras was a regular thing, almost trope-like.

  2. I love how the rules in Japan are general rules that should be taken worldwide, but just because it's Japan people think that it is WOW

  3. ん~・・・無許可で撮影した場合盗撮扱いになり犯罪と認識されます

  4. 5:30 "quick sip on your cigarette" 😂 This episode is a GOLD mine. Also, seems like Cathy Cat has started using the British term for a cigarette less often. Might have been raising some eyebrows in the comments. Also 6:00 "Do not randomly smell" was a good one.

  5. I think “Don’t cut in lines” is understood all across the world, at least it is here in the States across the pond! People can be total jerks and cut when there’s very clearly a line of people waiting their turns; ugh, it’s so annoying!
    I support the “no smoking” rule. I hate the smell and, like you mentioned, you’re harming others by forcing them to breathe your secondhand smoke!
    I can kinda understand that you should moderate your voice and be sure you’re not talking too loud. When we get passionate about something, our voices tend to get louder and louder out of excitement. We just need to be really on ourselves to watch for that.
    Not speaking on phones on trains somewhat surprises me. I would think it would be no big deal, so long as you don’t speak loudly. But if it’s against the rules, then it’s against the rules, so don’t do it.
    I wish the media would be forced to go to Japan and get slapped with harassment charges when they all cluster around famous people and currently popular people and just start taking all the pictures they want. It’s like they feel entitled to harass you and/or possibly endanger you! They’re so annoying and disrespectful!!!
    Sorta changing the subject here, but you looked awful lovely today! I noticed you’re wearing your big bow in your hair and you have your hair in those cute, long pigtails. You just look adorable!!! And thank you for making these videos for foreigners, thanks for helping us all out! I, for one, really appreciate your efforts and your consideration! 😊

  6. In Heidelberg Japanese tourists were notorious for taking pictures "paching patching" anywhere anytime. Nowadays however they are replaced mostly by chinese tourists.

  7. 6. Always stand on the left side of an escalator and leave the right side clear. Except if you are around Osaka, in that case do the exact opposite 🙃

  8. I'd love to see a video on how Japanese girls view foreign girls and if they are interested in interacting with or forming a friendship with them!

  9. Camera man forgot his CPL filter this time.
    I think u should have told this man at 02:38 to keep blocking the sun.
    Though most probably that was the camera man himself ..

  10. Most of this is common sense. I am worried for Japan with the Olympics coming up. I am probably not going to get to Japan until before then I hope idiots don't ruin for the rest of us foreigners who are respectful. People have got to realize that in a country like Japan they don't just represent themselves, they represent every foreigner.

  11. 5:37 あっ!「誤り」1点見っけ。(笑)日本語字幕の「禁煙スペース」→「喫煙スペース」ですね。

  12. The most embarrassing foreigner is the one that expects women not to be molested in peak hour trains by the politest people

  13. I’m from England and even I ask @ home out in public if a Queue is a Queue so I don’t cut in and annoy everyone it’s just common sense so foreigners can’t claim ignorance in Japan and get away with it it should be a universal thing. For there to be so many videos highlighting this issue it must happen a lot with tourists in Japan?

  14. embarrassing moments for me when I went to Japan? smacking my head on the roof of the train exit. I am 6'6" so not every place is tall people friendly lol

  15. It’s kind of funny with the pictures thing, because when I was at the Grand Canyon in Lollita, I was at one of the observation points on a bus load full of Japanese tourist pulled up. It was literally like something out of an anime with stereo typical Japanese tourists with cameras lol They immediately started taking pictures. Like.. almost all of them . While I didn’t mind, it kind of felt like I was someone famous lolI also never heard the word kawaii more than I did on that day! Lol . But I can imagine how that could have made someone uncomfortable, I’m probably just used to it since I wear Lolita every day and it happens a lot. I think the pictures thing should be something people should always ask no matter what country you are in. Politeness is international.

  16. FIRST I'd be happy if people from other countries dressed like they were not getting out of bed like the clown behind Cathy wearing black socks, blue tennies, white T and dark blue shorts in the beginning. SERIOUSLY people dress like adults.

    FIRM belief the cops should be arresting people for taking pictures without permission because IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.


  17. Moonie Cathy Cat I to love the rules you hear out in japan but does that apply to Cats with photos?LOL!my first trip is going to be such an amazing experience i so cant wait to visit for the first time, Perhaps i might get lucky cat moment, see two cats on my travels Moonie Cathy Cat and Ninja Cat,Thank god i dont smoke!

  18. I seem to recall my infant son (who has red hair and blue eyes) being the subject of a lot of unwanted attention from Japanese people when we lived there. Touching and taking pictures occurred without the permission of either my spouse or myself. Stares were common as well. We felt like zoo animals at times. It definitely goes both ways.

  19. I went to Tokyo in November 2019. We were walking inside the train station at Ikebukuro, one of the busiet train stations in Tokyo. We were about to walk down the stairs to the train itself and like 6 americans were literally standing on the stairs having a coversation while CROWDS AND CROWDS OF PEOPLE AT 7PM ON A WEEKDAY WERE TRYING TO GET THROUGH! They didnt care. They stood there with no room for anyone to walk around them. My husband and i really tried to fit in with the Japanese by following the unspoken rules and talking quietly on the trains. Every time we saw a fellow american, they made complete fools of themselves by talking loudly on the trains, walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, and thinking they own the pathways

  20. 1:58 I read in car magazines that if you want to take a photo of a model in the Tokyo Auto Salon, you have to ask permission. I never imagined a paid model would have a problem with being photographed in the show.
    4:10 did you get that drawing of people in line from the "Nobita From Japan" channel? The style seem similar.

  21. I find it really hard to believe that Japan hasn't adopted credit cards like so many other countries. I would have thought that with all the tech that gets developed in Japan that they would be early adopters of it.

  22. rule of pictures… on my trip to miyajima, there where 2 japanese ladies who sneaked in a selfie with me clear on the picture… so i photo-bombed that one XD. ended up exploring the island together and having dinner as well. so yea it can also happen to you as a foreigner as well.

  23. What about the Japanese people who randomly take pics of Canadians on the street and subway? We don't want to be shot either. Don't be a hypocrit

  24. i like how these rules are what everyone here in Norway thinks and wants it to be like also. none of it is enforced by law here but people will generally see you as rude here too if you do all of these things.

  25. Here in Canada Japanese tourists taking photos of anything and anyone became a joke. I don't recall the locals being all that upset about it.

  26. I think japan need to reconsider about olympic games . Because there will be wave after wave annoying and disgusting foreigner especialy yanks

  27. I have a doubt! What if you're on a busy street and want to take a panoramic picture? You can't ask anyone for permission because everyone is walking you know.
    You're not focusing the camera on someone specifically but the whole scenary.

  28. The one about photographing people needs to be cleared up. If you take a photo and there are people in it no one cares, it only really applies if you walk up to someone and shove your camera in their face to take pictures. Personally I feel a bigger issue in Japan are all the "Youtubers" videoing everything and getting in everyone's way with their gimbals all the time, they feel like they have a right to be at the front of everything and everyone else should move so they can make their video, as they are making money from their videos they are the ones who should be getting permission from the people they include in their videos, people taking holiday snap shots are a much lesser problem.

  29. in the uk we always que up in lines anyway, plus we are pretty well mannered as a country and smoking in public is pretty much frowned on now days. so i found i fitted in ok when i was there.

  30. 6) People exit first, people enter after the people have exited
    7) Walk on the right side for everything, because if everyone does, no one will ever run into each other
    (both of these need to be implemented worldwide)

  31. Oh man, I remember when canada had smoking sections in restaurants! Feels like a lifetime ago now, have to be several yards away from the entrance now. Also, my regular speaking voice is pretty soft and quiet, most people can't hear me at first so hopefully that wouldn't be an issue over there xD

  32. I once took a photo without permission of a girl in Kyoto because I thought she had a spectacular body – she noticed what I had done and burst out laughing. Its not all bad different rules for different situations.

  33. LMAO don't take pictures of random let's debate that one….
    As a black guy I can tell you that if u go to Japan seeing some random taking pictures of you WILL happened they are super rude on this point (same game for S. Korea)
    For the rest those rules are literally basic decency n apply kinda every where

  34. You should change the title of your video to: “How to not be a tourist from mainland China”.
    The Chinese are the absolute worst tourists. Loud, smoking, line-cutting, with a total lack of situational awareness.

  35. Some of these rules are embarrassing as well here in Europe except talking loud(unfortunately too many do this..thank god for headphones) and in public places you can smoke .The difference between Japan and here: Japanese people get annoyed and the atmosphere is down. Europeans start yelling, swearing or/and beating your a.. off when you don't follow these rules (in Germany they call the police..i live in Berlin :))

  36. I would also like to add that NOT ALL ATM MACHINES accept foreign atm cards. In the city 711's will work 99% percent of the time, but in the country side it is much harder to find a atm. If you are going to the country side stop by your local 711 and load up the cold hard cash.

  37. I saw all of this happening when I was in Japan last month. It was kinda awful and I felt so much embarrassment just by being foreign.

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