Top 3 women with strangest fates in Vietnam history

Top 3 women with strangest fates in Vietnam history

Hello everyone! This is my news tv! I’m Evelyn. Today we’ll bring you the top 3 women with strangest fates in Vietnam’s history. Numerous women, as noted by Vietnamese feudalism, are believed to suffer strange fates at the hands of destiny. Particularly, Lý Chiêu Hoàng – the queen of Ly dynasty, noble consort Lê of Lê Uy Mục, Princess Ngọc Bình of king Lê Hiển Tông are the ones who met the strangest twist of fate. Lý Chiêu Hoàng – Tip of the icebergs Known as the only queen in Vietnam’s history; however, Ly Chieu Hoang couldn’t protect her family’s assets nor decide her future. Unfortunately, the queen’s path was ridden with a string of high walls and deep pitfalls. According to Complete Annals of Đại Việt (Đại Việt Sử Ký Toàn Thư), Lý Chiêu Hoàng, whose real name is Lý Phật Kim, changed her name to Lý Thiên Hinh, , is a daughter of king Lý Huệ Tông and queen Trần Thị Dung. As Lý turned to 7, the king abdicated in favor of his daughter. It is hard for a woman at that time to usurp the throne, not even a child. The power was concentrated in the hands of Tran’s family. In 1224, in a move of Tran Thu Do, Lý was forced to abdicate the throne to her husband, Trần Cảnh, putting an end on the Lý dynasty. Since that point, the Tran’s dynasty wrote a new page in Vietnam’s history After her abdication, Lý was crowned as queen Chiêu Thánh. 7 years later, she gave birth to her first son but the prince breathed his last shortly after. Intimidated by the thought that Trần Thái Tông would have no son, Tran Thu Đo compelled the king to make a new queen and depose Chiêu Thánh to be a princess. A chain of dramatic events leading to Lý’s decision that she would cut her hair and take a vow. Nevertheless, the tragic life of the only queen didn’t end there. After the resounding victory over Mongols (1257-1258), Lý has restored to her princess’ tittle and got married with Lê Phụ Trần, a grandee had once saved king Trần Thái Tông. During her 20-year marriage, Lý had 2 children. In 1278, Lý rested in peace at the age of 60 in a visit to her hometown at Cổ Pháp (Từ Sơn, Bắc Ninh). During her lifetime, Lý Chiêu Hoàng was proclaimed many titles, ranging from the princess, , crowned princess, the only queen of the Lý dynasty to the queen of Tran dynasty, a nun and finally a lady. From slave to noble consort Back to the feudal system in ancient time, slaves are the lowest level in the society. Virtually all of them lost basic rights. Notwithstanding, a story is told that there was a woman of inferior birth became a noble consort. This unbelievable story happened at the reign of king Lê Uy Mục of the Post – Lê dynasty. Among Lê Uy Mục’s concubines, the most outstanding beauty was undoubtedly the noble consort Lê (as noted in some history book by the name Lê Thị Thanh) who was born in Vĩnh Linh (now Quang Tri) According to Vietnam’s history, because of her family’s crimes, she was sold as a slave and worked in the palace. When Lê Uy Mục was a crown prince, it happened that once the prince met her eyes, he fell in love with Lê. After becoming a king, Lê Uy Mục proclaimed her his noble consort. According to The record of Ô Châu, owing to the king’s favor, Lê’s brothers were also granted tittles and undertook the mission of land reclamation and built a great number of villages in Quang Tri nowadays. Given their merits, after Le’s death, people built their temples in many places. Presently, most of her temples were destroyed but the main temple in Vinh Long, Quang Tri remains its best condition. Annually, local people celebrate the noble consort at her temple on the 27th day of the third month in the Lunar calendar. A strange fate of a princess Suffering the same fate as Ly Chieu Hoang, in spite of being born in the royal family, princess Ngọc Bình of the Post – Lê dynasty had led a miserable life. She was the 23rd daughter of king Lê Hiển Tông, sister of princess Ngọc Hân – the famous wife of King Quang Trung. Known as her breathtaking beauty, in 1795, princess Ngọc Bình married Nguyen Quang Toan (king Cảnh Thịnh) After becoming the wife of Tay Son’s king, princess Ngoc Binh was soon to be crowned queen. During her 6-year reign, the princess and king Cảnh Thịnh didn’t have any child because of their young age. After the downfall of Tay Son dynasty in 1801, both king Cảnh Thịnh and princess Ngọc Bình were captured. King Gia Long decided to marry Ngoc Binh and made her a noble consort. According to the book “Nine generations of Trịnh Lords, thirteen generations of Nguyễn Kings”, ”, although Gia Long had a plethora of concubines under his sleeves, rumor has it that Ngọc Bình was the closest one to the king. During 10 years of their marriage, Ngọc Bình gave birth to 2 princes and 2 princesses. The arranged marriage with Gia Long has made Ngọc Bình become one of the women who have the strangest fate in Vietnam’s history. She was a daughter of a king, and eventually got married to 2 kings of two opposing dynasties in history. Do you any stories to share with us about your royal family in your country? Please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for watching! This is my news tv. I’m Evelyn.

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