Hey friend, Brandon here.
So maybe you or someone that you know recently got your
hands on a google pixel 4 or google pixel 4 xl and you’ve
watched quite a few videos on tips and tricks and you really
haven’t learned anything yet. Well this video will hopefully
change that. Here are my top 21 tips and tricks hidden in
advance features for iPhone switchers or novice users.
Of course, if there’s something that I haven’t covered that you
personally love go ahead and leave a comment down below.
To help the community let’s maximize your use of
the Google Pixel 4. If you haven’t already please
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description to find the best deal. So tip number one is my go to
it’s my favorite and it may be a little bit daunting if you’re
not really hardcore into the Android community, but I
promise you it’ll be OK. Let’s first swipe
down on the notification shade two times. You’re going to click on this
little gear icon in the bottom right corner. Now scroll all
the way down to the bottom and click on “About phone”.
And scroll down all the way again. And you’re gonna
click on build number and keep tapping on that until it asks
for your pin. Now this pin number is your own PIN number,
it’s the one that you set up it’s not mine. There’s no
secret one out there it’s what you chose. So I’ll put mine in.
OK. So now it states that you’re a developer. Let’s go
back and click on ” system,” and click on advance
and then go down to developer options. Scroll all the way down until
you find drawing so you’ll find an animation scale setting,
click on View animation scale and click on
0.5, 0.5, etc. Point five for all three
of them. So what’s happening here is it’s accelerating the
animation so it feels really snappy and smooth. So
if I swipe up that’s what looks like.. See how fast it is? So lets
actually turn it back to one x just so you can see
what it looks like normally So you swipe up. So this is
what the animations normally look like. So let’s go back to
the point five and then see it again Way faster right? I love this. So tip number two kind of goes
along with that. If you go back to your settings you’re
in the developer options there. We have this 90 Hertz panel,
It makes everything look way smoother than like a 60-hertz
panel like you’d find on the iPhone. Well, you can
actually force it to run at 90 Hertz at all times because it’s
actually adjusting it’s going lower at certain times when it
doesn’t need it. But if you really want to make sure that’s
going at all times you can turn it on so you’ll scroll up and
there’s this option right here says force 90 Hertz refresh
rate and you would make sure that’s on. So I had it on already.
Now keep in mind this does impact your battery life so
you’ll have to determine if that’s worth it to you. For me,
I’m oftentimes next to a charger and things like that.
So it doesn’t really bother me but if it impacts your battery
life a lot, you may want to turn this off so that the
system automatically scales on its own. So one of the great things
about this new version of Android is this mode called
dark theme. So this is my third tip go to your settings click
on the gear icon and then go to display so you’ll see
this option. Here it says dark theme. So go
ahead and turn it on and see. It goes completely black.
So all of your settings even your notification shade it
becomes black. So what’s really great about that is that this
is an OLED Panel or AMOLED and when you have an OLED panel,
when the pixels are completely black, that means that the
pixels are completely off. So that helps you save some
battery life. So that may compensate for that force to 90
Hertz setting that we turned on in the previous step. So tip number four is unique to
the pixel four and on this new version of Android. So let’s go
back to your settings and go to a display and then you’ll see
this option for styles and wallpapers. So if you go here you’ll see
there are different options you’re seeking actually change
the way that the icons are shaped what colors there are
things like that. You can even change your wallpaper.
It’s really cool just a little bit more customization if you
want it. For me, I think Google did a great job with the
default settings so I’ll stick with that. So tip number five is kind of
similar. If you just go back and you click on advance and
you’ll see an option for font size. Now I like
everything super duper small. So you make it small there and
can fit more on your screen but even more, you
can choose your display size. So I like going down to small.
I feel like you can see so much more on my screen. Now of
course if you have a hard time seeing text that small you can
actually make it bigger. So there’s something there to
fit your taste. Tip Number Six is actually
something that makes it a little bit easier for us
to get to the notifications. So normally you have to swipe
down two times to get to your quick toggles where you can do
and says take two fingers and swipe down the same time and
you go straight there And for Tip Number Seven
while we’re there, you can actually click on this little
Edit icon right here and you can adjust it and can
put in different types of quick toggles there or remove
some if you want to. Now you’re probably wondering ”
why does my Google pixel 4 look different?” It’s because I have
a skin that looks like concrete by the channel sponsor dbrand.
They have a bunch of different options and colors on their
Web site. There’s an orange one that you can pick up if you
weren’t able to get the eliminated edition. Oh so
orange color or maybe you just want to feel what that panda
life is like or maybe you want a matte black one because
Google did make a matte Black version for some reason, but you
can get your own by clicking the link down
below in the description. So tip number eight is
really great. See what I did there? So if you happen to have
some media up maybe it’s something on Twitter if you’re
not following me on
Twitter it’s @thisistechtoday, or maybe you’re watching
YouTube video and you just kind of want to see what they’re
saying without distracting people around you. There is
this option called Live transcribe. So if you just
click on your volume button there’s a little box down at
the bottom. If you click on it it starts transcribing what is
playing in the video. So you see how it’s transcribed
right here? It’s doing this live and on your device.
So even if you’re in airplane mode it’ll start during this,
which is crazy. And of course you can click on
it and drag it around. Now if you want to turn off your life
transcribe it’s as simple as just hitting the volume button
and then at the bottom hitting the live transcribed button
again and you shut it off just like that. That’s it. I love
this and I think it’s amazing especially for accessibility. So tip number nine is it
really cool. It’s the recorder app and I know you’re probably
thinking what’s so interesting about that. Well, let
me explain. Let’s hit record and you can see that
it’s recording my voice right now like normal but what’s
really interesting if he is if you go over the transcript and
right now it’s recording, it’s dictating exactly what I’m
saying life right now, on the phone without any internet
connection which is really cool. Now if I hit pause and hit save
and type in something in the search where I like really cool
which is what I just said. It’ll find it here.
In that recording, if you click on it it’ll show you the exact
spot where that shows up. Isn’t that crazy? This is nuts
and they can even show you the whole transcription. I’m, I’m
just blown away by this. It’s really great if
you’re in the media you’re student you’re going to
a meeting. Man, the possibilities are
just endless. So tip number 10 has to do a
lot with the new gestures there on your phone. So it’s kind of
like an iPhone but if you swipe along the bottom right or left
you can actually go to the different apps that you’ve
been using. So it’s a fast app switcher. By the way if
you’re not following me on Instagram you can
follow me @thisistechtoday. There’s a post
by my friend Jason. Now if you’re not a big fan of
the whole gesture thing on here you can actually go
back to the old three-button navigation option. So that
changed that. Let’s just go to settings to
finger swipe down the gear icon and then we’ll click on system
click on gestures and then click on System navigation and
then you have the option for the three button navigation Look familiar, right? I happen
to really really like the gestures I’ve gotten really.
So I’m going to go back to that With the new version of Android
and the pixel for you have this option
of continue conversation, or the new Google assistant but
you can’t use that if you’re using a G Suite account.
That’s that’s a bummer. I don’t know why Google did that. So in
order to use a new Google assistant and the continued
conversation option you have to be in the. Gesture navigation
and then you have to remove your other accounts that
are G Suite accounts. So let me show you what I
mean. When I activate the Google system with a
squeeze option. This version is the old version of the Google
assistant and takes up the whole screen. So the fix this
whole issue with the G suite account you’re going to go to
your settings go to the gear icon and go down to accounts
and I’m going to remove my business account. Once you
squeeze and it’s actually transcribing live you can see
it at the bottom. It’s really cool. When did the
pixel 4 come out? You notice we don’t have continued
conversation on yet. So let’s actually activate that. I’m
just going to type in a continued conversation click on
that and then just check that little tab there to
activate it. Now when you squeeze it you can continue to
ask it questions like your Google home if you happen to
have one of those. So tip number 13 is really
great for multitasking. So if you swipe up into the right and
hold it brings up these app cards. Now if you click on
the actual app icon at the top there is this option for
split screen. So and choose that. And then this one
down here. Now you can actually look at two different apps at
the same time which is really great if you have like an email
and you’re trying to type up something from some notes
elsewhere and to exit out of split screen just click and
direct all the way down and that’s it. So tip number 14 is
really great. If you have kids and you want them to just play
a game and not mess with your phone or maybe you’re letting
someone borrow your phone to make a phone call and you don’t
want them to start snooping around on your phone. Go to
your settings and then type in pin and click on screen
pinning. Then turn that on swipe up into the right for the
card view and tap on the icon and there’s an option to pin.
So once you pin it you can’t exit out of it. I can’t leave
now in order to get out of the screen pinning view if you have
the three-button navigation you just hold down on the home
button and the back button at the same time. But if you’re using gestures
you just kind of hold down on the home button and swipe up And then it’ll go to
your lock screen and unlock and that’s it. So number 15 is really great if
you have your screen lock turn on so it’s not rotating a bunch
when you happen to be laying down like in bed. If you rotate
your phone. This little icon in the bottom shows up. And you
can manually rotate your phone. And then it locks it in. So if
you want to go back to the vertical view and have
horizontal you can just rotate it and I can choose again And that’s it. It’s really
great super simple and easy. This doesn’t really matter too
much if you have your screen rotation option on already
it’ll you’ll do it for you. But if you lock it,hat’s where
you can manually toggle it. Number 16 is really helpful if
you want to find out how your battery is doing. If you go to
your settings click on battery. You can actually enable the
better percentage in the top right corner. Now along with
that maybe you want some more information for your clock so
maybe you want to see more than just the hour in the minutes
you might see the seconds. If you go to the app store and
you look up Nova Launcher it’s a free app
that you can download. So once you’ve installed Nova
Launcher go ahead and hold down on your home screen and click
on widgets and then go to Nova Launcher and install an
activities or add an activity. So you just hold it drag and
drop and go into this menu and load a whole bunch of
activities that you can choose from. And we’re going to
find the options as system UI go all the way down to the
bottom of that one and choose system UI demo mode. We’ll just
click on that. And it’s a little wrench there so click on
it and then you have this option here to
adjust a few things. So their status bar you can
choose what icons are showing in the top. You can even
choose, for the time to show, hours,
minutes, and seconds. I really like this. But maybe
you don’t want to have all these other things like Do not
disturb and volume and internet and all these other things
showing up in your menu bar and you can actually remove that.
So even like Bluetooth can be gone. So maybe
you like a cleaner experience. So number 17 is really helpful
for the Google Assistant if you squeeze it and then click on
this little icon in the bottom left corner and then click on
your icon on the top right corner. You can add your
places and this is where you can add the address for your
home or your work or any other spots are important to you. And when you do that you can
simply ask it give me directions to work or home and
I’ll give you results based upon that. It’s number 18 is really
helpful for security and protecting your personal
information if you know your settings type in lockdown. And there’s this option
to show lockdown options what’s enabled that. Now when you hold
on your power button. You can just simply hit lockdown. So no
one can get into it. Even with your face unless you
have the PIN number. That’s the only way
that you can get in. So number 19 is another really
amazing feature for safety. If you go to your
apps and click on their safety It’s a personal safety app so
you have the option to add people that you have for
emergency contacts. You can add a medical information as well.
And then there’s this option for Crash detection if you get
in a car accident let’s check out the demo. Let’s start it.
So it seems and here’s what happens when your phone detects
a car crash make sure your volume is up so turn up
the volume. So it’s vibrating a lot right now. *alert noise*
So you can hear how it starts to make a noise. “Car crash. Say. Emergency.
Call nine one one now. Otherwise, say cancel.” So you can tap okay or say
cancel and then it’ll cancel it. But it’ll ask
what happened. So maybe here there’s no crash so it’ll
probably learn a little bit more so it doesn’t have false
alarms or say that’s just a minor crash or you can simply
hit 9 1 1 if you don’t respond at all it will call nine one
one for you or you can ask it to call 9 1 1. That is really cool. And then a
ton of information is available but just by holding
the power button and clicking on emergency. Now face unlock it’s really
great because it’s super fast. You just look at it and logs
you in right away. But you also don’t have the opportunity to
look at your notifications. So if you actually like looking
at those notifications and you don’t want to go straight into
your phone you can turn that on. So let’s go
into the settings and type in face unlock. It’ll ask you to put in your
PIN and then we can do is you can uncheck the
skip lock screen option. Now when I turn it off and then
look back at it you can see information like your media
that’s playing right now your any other notifications
are there. So maybe that’s really helpful if you like to
quick toggle different things here and then you can swipe up
and go right into your phone. So a lot like an iPhone because
when you unlock it doesn’t go straight into your phone you
have to swipe up in order to enter And number 21 is a common one
that I have for all of my tips and tricks videos. How in the
world mm I recording my screen? Well, it’s a free app
called AZ screen recorder. This is not sponsored or
anything but it works really well. When I go into it
there are a ton of different settings here you can change
the resolution the frame rate the bit rate all of these
different things they’re super helpful. So it’s
absolutely free and it’s great if you ever need to teach
anyone anything on a phone. So do you have any other tips
and tricks that you’d like to share with the community.
Go ahead and leave a comment down below and join
the This is Tech Today community discord chat server. There’s a
link down below in the description next to a link for
the dbrand skins to pick up for your Pixel 4 XL
or any other phone really. And I would really appreciate
if you share this video with anybody else that you think
might find it helpful. And don’t forget
to hit subscribe and hit that bell icon to be
notified and when I post new videos
on the google pixel 4
and other tech. Thank you so much for watching
This is tech today where we talk about the intersection of
technology in our everyday lives and business
and all things creative. Until next time

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