Top 10 Superhero Casting Choices We Wish Were Real

Top 10 Superhero Casting Choices We Wish Were Real

Welcome back, nerd squad. Part of being a passionate participant in
any fandom is the act of and artistry surrounding speculation. As those who have loved a certain license,
comicbook series or comicbook character for forever or just for awhile, we are eager when
we love a superhero to know who might be portraying them on the big screen or the smaller screen
in the case of television or streaming series. Beyond that, sometimes we love them so much
that we become worried or excited when we hear certain rumours about which actor will
be matched with said character. Today we are going to look into some of the
disappointments of the rumour world when it comes to some castings we heard discussed
but that never came to pass. That’s right. We are counting down the top 10 Superhero
Casting Rumours We Wish Were Real. And be sure to stick around till the end of
this video where I will have some bonus content coming your way. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Channing Tatum as Gambit So the hopes for this rumour for me were honestly
more about the promise of a Gambit feature than Channing Tatum himself in the role. However both Gambit and his long time cher
and now, wife, Rogue, are both known for being a couple of the hottest characters in mutantdom. So when it comes to looks for the role we
know Tatum has that on lock. He’s also got great comedic timing which could
have proved useful for the quick-witted, often sarcastic, flirt known as Remy LeBeau. Unfortunately it’s more than likely we’ll
never get to know how Tatum would manage in the role and would sound with a Cajun accent
as the ongoing project that Tatum himself was pushing for, in regards to playing Gambit
in his own feature film has been permanently cancelled by Marvel, after years of Tatum
working to try to get the project green-lit while it remained shelved. Cancelled for now at least. A big question remains though. If we were to get a Gambit feature, who would
be best to take on the role of Rogue? 9
Taren Egerton as Cyclops Taren Egerton is well known for his role as
the loved character known as Eggsy from the Kingsman franchise. When X-Men Apocalypse was in development,
Egerton was rumoured to be taking on the role of the younger Scott Summers. Kingsman The Secret Service was already a
film based off of a comic series and was directed by the same director as X-Men First Class,
Matthew Vaughn. Unfortunately this rumour proved to be untrue
and it was later debunked that Egerton would play be playing young Cyclops. However with the MCU potentially pushing reset
on the X-Men world, it is possible we could see Egerton take up the role of Summers when
mutants and the X-Men are inevitably integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 8
Donald Glover as Peter Parker That’s right. This fan-suggested casting turned Twitter
upside down in 2010. The rumours started to fly sparking debate
between hundreds of Spidey fan all because of a fan suggestion, promoting the idea of
Donald Glover playing Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield ended up being out Peter Parker
instead. But the quick wit and awkward charm of Glover’s
would have likely been amazing to see when it came to the role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Of course this never came to pass and now
Glover is in his 30s so he might be approaching too old of an age to play the teenage Parker
but at least fans got a consolation prize when it came to Donald Glover’s presence in
the MCU. In Spider-Man Homecoming he played Aaron Davis,
known as being Miles Morales’ uncle in the comicbook world as well as the villain known
as Prowler. 7
Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern Another rumour that started with the fans
was one that Tyrese Gibson would make an excellent John Stewart, one of the most famous Green
Lanterns in comics. Fans made so much noise about their support
for this theoretical casting that both Gibson and Warner Brothers took note. Gibson himself expressed nothing but love
for the idea. A well-established action star, Gibson was
already known for his parts in both the Transformers and Fast and Furious franchises and as such
was also familiar with the responsibilities that come along with being a part of a well-loved
franchise and fandom. For their part, Warner Brothers actually reached
out to Gibson to confirm his interest. While a casting was never confirmed and Gibson’s
age seemed to conflict with what the studio was looking for in regards to the role, it
would definitely be cool to see Tyrese Gibson get to play superhero. 6
Zac Efron as Green Lantern Zac Efron has been rumoured for a few different
Green Lanterns including one of the most famous, Hal Jordan. I personally think he would make a pretty
good Hal as Jordan is supposed to be a very likeable and upstanding dude who always does
his best to do what is right, and Efron also emanates those super good-guy likeable vibes. However, the fan favourite casting for him
in regards to Green Lantern Corps casting was actually Kyle Rayner. Last year, fans even made artwork to promote
the idea of Zac Efron taking on the role of Rayner and give us an idea of just how cool
he’d look in Kyle’s get up and mask. 5
Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman has said
time and time again that Logan was his last film playing Wolverine, the MCU is still holding
out for his return. While casting rumours have been circulating
in regards to a younger actor stepping in for the role, like Rocketman and Kingsmen
star, Taren Egerton, it seems that this hasn’t stopped Marvel for continuing to pine after
Jackman. There’s also an interesting rumour to help
support this, that Disney hasn’t disposed of or sold the costumes from Fox Studio’s
X-Men, leaving many to speculate this is because they may be thinking of just reusing them
and melding the two worlds in some way. Which honestly, I’d kind of be into. There were some good things about the X-Men
films that we should maybe hold onto. Jackman potentially being one of them. Though how much it’ll cost to seduce Hugh
Jackman back into the franchise is another question. Would you like to see him return as
the MCU’s Wolverine? 4
Dwayne Johnson as Ben Grimm While Dwayne Johnson is set to play Black
Adam in the DCEU now, that hasn’t stopped the rumours from continuing to fly regarding
the possibility that we could also eventually see him take on a role in the MCU. Johnson
himself has seemed very team DC when it comes to where his comic book publisher loyalties
lie. When Shazam broke box office records in regards
to the DCEU film franchise and held strong in regards to ticket sales despite both the
MCU’s Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame hitting theatres only a few weeks apart from
Shazam’s theatrical release date, Johnson celebrated on twitter with a video thanking
the fans and poking a little fun at the MCU. But even while poking fun, Johnson went on
to also congratulate the Marvel team’s successes as well in the box office, remaining amicable. This amiability and Johnson’s good-nature
in regards to most things is what has fans thinking he would make a great Ben Grimm,
whenever the MCU decides to welcome the Fantastic Four to the big screen. Though Johnson might not be the best fit depending
on how long we end up having to wait and how ingrained and busy he becomes with his DC
projects. 3
Alison Brie as She Hulk Alison Brie is know for her aptitude as a
comedic performer. She is most well known for her role as keener
Annie Edison in the television show Community. In fact Brie’s imDB is filled with credits
that showcase that she has a particular penchant for playing funny women on screen who are
known for the inability to quit or give up on the things that they believe in. Another role that proved this as well as Alison
Brie’s physical prowess was her role as Ruth Wilder in Netflix’s GLOW, a show based off
of the real world Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. So we know she can be play funny, smart and
strong when it comes to the potential role of Jen Walters but beyond that Brie is also
friend and workout pals with another strong female superhero, Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson. In the comicbook work, Carol and Jen are also
known for being close. Could we see an instance of art mirroring
life should this rumour become reality? 2
Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman As surprisingly excited as I am for Robert
Pattinson to adopt the bat cowl, this is a casting that I feel like we really missed
out on for the Batman fandom community. Jake Gyllenhal has always been a fan favourite
when it comes to him joining the world of superheroes. This is an actor that people have really wanted
to see in tights. When Ben Affleck stepped down for the role
there were a few different actors who were rumoured to be taking up the role. One of the rumours pointed to Jake. Unfortunately this mostly fuelled by fans
and less fuelled by any actual talks that were happening. And in the end Pattinson won out. Fortunately we likely haven’t seen the last
Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio in the MCU, so at least we have him as a supervillain, if not
hero. Still Jake Gyllenhaal would have definitely
made for a very iconic Bruce Wayne and Batman in the DCEU had that magically happened. 1
Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight Fan-made images helped to give this rumour
a big push. However even before that, Keanu Reeves was
rumoured to be joining the MCU, in some capacity. Kevin Feige had mentioned that he was very
much interested in having Reeves play someone in the MCU and that they had talked to Keanu
about it. Though Feige expressed that he would be much
like to make sure that they find both the right role for Reeves and get the timing right. Keanu Reeves himself has expressed interest
especially in regards to the the role of Adam Warlock, who we’ll likely be seeing in Guardians
of the Galaxy 3. However it’s rumoured that the John Wick
team and fans are hoping we get to see Reeves as Moon Knight instead. Either way, although this is still just a
rumour and nothing is yet confirmed, even if this specific rumour of Reeves playing
Moon Knight does not come to fruition, it is very likely we’ll still see him joining
the MCU at some point in the future. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. Are there any potential castings you were
surprised by? What casting rumours would have preferred
when it comes to the MCU and DCEU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. And speaking of comments, it’s time to turn
some comments from one of our latest videos, top 10 oldest anti-heroes. Mj Mikealson comments, “I feel like Harley
Quinn could have been a really good part of the list. Maybe she’s not that much of anti-hero today
but… part 2??” Sadly yes, Harley Quinn is still very much
considered a villain in the comic book world. Though I feel like with every issue I see
her in she creeps closer and closer to anti-hero status. But she was also recently voted one of the
top villains in DC, so we’re not quite there yet apparently. Still I’m with you, and I did almost consider
her for the list. But she was also introduced in 1992 which
makes her not as old as I would have needed her to be either. George Powell comments, “Thank you for mentioning
Namor, Amanda. I always thought of him as an anti-hero.” I agree. I feel like I trigger so many fellow nerds
when I talk about him as anti-hero so I’m glad this wasn’t the case for you. Namor is just such a complex character, I
feel like calling him an anti-hero helps to acknowledge all the potential roles in can
fill in a story. And that’s all the time we have for comments
today. Be sure to comment below for a chance to have
your thoughts and feels responded to in a future video. And be sure to smash that sub if you haven’t
already so can stay up to date with all our nerdy content. This has been top 10 Nerd and I’m your host,
AMANDA McKnight. Until next time, you stay nerdy, YouTube.

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  1. Would it be awesome if Dwayne Johnson was playing the Thing in the MCU Fantastic Four? Who else do you think should play him?

  2. Would it be awesome if Keanu Reeves was playing Adam Warlock in the MCU and that too in Guardians of the Galaxy movie vol.3?

  3. Honestly, I don't want Hugh Jackman to return as Logan was a perfect ending and him coming back would diminish it

  4. The rock as Ben Grimm would be some brilliant casting imho. Not only as an actor, but in the advertising. Though I have a hard time imagining Dwayne Johnson saying " it's clobbering time" with the same gusto I've other animated versions go with it.

  5. I can see.. Keanu Reeves as Doc Samson, Dove Cameron as Spider-Gwen, Even though I liked huntresses actress in birds of prey, I would have liked her played by Michelle Rodriguez, and even though Madame Hydra is a villain, I see Beyoncé playing her.

  6. If we can keep one thing from the Fox X-Men universe, can it be The Gifted? Like, season 2 ended in a way that you can kind of twist into the mcu proper

  7. Zac Efron would be perfect as Kyle Rayner, and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski would be perfect for Sue & Reed Richards. But to be honest, I was hoping Angie Harmon would be She-Hulk. She has such a sexy voice & she's a really awesome actor…

  8. Who should they have play krypto, I say Ryan Reynolds, guys let's make it happen, I say to make TOP 10 ANIMAL POWERED SUPERHEROES AND OR SUPERHEROES THAT ARE ANIMAL, to give Ryan Reynolds some key notes for when he plays krypto

  9. The best superhero movies come about when someone is cast against type. There is nothing in Christian Bale's acting history that suggests he'd ever had made a good Batman – but he was brilliant. And this is one of the reasons I've got high hopes Robert Pattinson. And it's why Anna Diop is so good as Kory/Starfire in the tv show Titans. That said, I'd still like to see Channing Tatum as Gambit – he's got the physicality and acting chops to make it something special (so long as the script was good).

  10. If they want to re-cast Wolverine, the actor should be a shorter than many of the actors that are suggested so I think Daniel Radcliffe would be perfect. He’s short, can bring the muscle bound character to life and he’s proven that facial hair is not a problem. If you have seen Horns you can see some of the traits.

  11. I don’t think Channing Tatum should be Gambit he’s not a good action star and I hate Donald Glover and Tyrse and Keanu Reeves

  12. Ben Grim, The Rock would be cool but standing next to CGI Hulk, He'll need to be taller ha. But look what they did with Mark/Hulk in Endgame with the tech. Would just be odd lol.

  13. With the MCU revamping the X-men, Amanda McKnight would make an excellent Jean Grey. A smart powerful woman who understandably would have Scott & Logan fighting for her attention. 😍

  14. Back in 2010, I was watching the "Chuck" episode "Chuck vs the Ring". In it Chuck (Zachary Levi) had to fight Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh). Routh was the then most recent cinematic Superman. Watching the two of them duking it out, made me think "Zachary Levi would be really good as Captain Marvel." So I was pleasantly surprised when they cast Levi as Billy Batson's alter-ego in that movie they named after the old wizard.

  15. Love the show. DO Image and Valiant Comics lists too, please. There is a lot good stuf. Hugs to all Top 10 amazing crew!

  16. Bringing back Jackman for Wolverine is a horrible idea. Most of these choices are crap beyond Taron Egerton as Wolverine, given his height and physicality and possibly Zac Efron as Kyle Rainer and Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman. I love Keanu, but Moon Knight is far too complex of a character for him to portray, and Dwayne Johnson as The Thing is ridiculous. The rest is a pile of MEH.

  17. 10. Thank god he's not. Eye candy does not mean he can act, which he can't.
    9. I'm onboard with. Not sure of his accent abilities and would probably be better as Warren Worthington/Angel
    8. Hopefully he'll stay as Miles' uncle
    7. John Boyega is my preference for that role
    6. Haven't seen him in a serious role but seems a good choice
    5. He'd cost way too much that could be spent in production or better supporting cast. Plus he deserves his peace from the role
    4. I dig it
    3. Not familiar with
    2. No because he could play a younger Harvey Dent or Thomas Elliot
    1. No because there are exceedingly more applicable roles for him to be if indeed in the MCU.

  18. Amanda McKnight—First of all I loved the Mario Bros shirt you were wearing. And second I was loving this video. Every second was thrilling. You were wonderful in this video.

  19. Top 10 Nerd—Please dedicate one or two video's a week to the good video suggestions people are giving you in the comments section.

  20. 5:30
    I do remember in a interview with Jackman that he would do a wolverine cameos, but not a full on roll in another movie.

  21. Amanda, I was having a little trouble listening to what you were saying because I was too busy watching your innie play peek-a-boo.

  22. I’m not gonna lie I don’t want to see hugh Hackman return as wolverine. However Olivia Munn can come back ash physlocke

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