Top 10 PowerPoint New Features

There are several amazing new features
available in PowerPoint for office 365. Here are the top 10. #1-3D Model
Animation. One of the coolest new features in PowerPoint for office 365 is
3D Models. Just go to the Insert tab, click on 3D Models, and a list of several
categories comes up on the screen. You can choose one of the categories, like
animals and select an image that you want to insert into your presentation.
You can also search for models by name. Click the Insert and it imports the
image into PowerPoint. You can select from a number of preset views or better
yet, grab this control in the center and rotate the 3D model in the direction
that you want. You can move it around the screen as with any other graphics. You can
also pan and zoom to select an area of the 3D Model. There’s one other feature
about these images and that is some of them are animated. So if you select from
the All Animated Models category, any of these models that you select are full
motion graphics. So I’m going to insert this bee. You can see here that it’s full
motion and just like the other 3D models you can rotate them, move them, and resize them as you want. You’ll need to be cautious when using these models in your
presentations because they take up a large amount of storage space. Many of
these models are 25 MB or more but if you want to spice up your PowerPoint
presentations use 3D models. #2- Enhanced Morph. There is a new morph option in the
latest version of PowerPoint. Normally Morph provides a smooth transition from
one slide to another for the same object. For example, let’s say we have a
rectangle, we copy and paste a new slide with the same rectangle, move it, resize
it, and even rotate it. Now when we apply the transition Morph, you can see
that it moves from one location to the other. It automatically resizes. It is a
smooth morph transition but what if we want to change a rectangle to a circle?
So on the second slide let’s insert a circle and go back to the transitions
and run preview. You can see that it fades out of the rectangle and then
fades into the circle but it doesn’t do a smooth transition like we want with
normal morphing. This is where the new selection naming feature comes in. Bring
up the Selection Pane. You can do that in Windows by going to the Home tab. In the
drawing group under Arrange, click on Selection Pane. You’ll notice that the
selection is Oval 1 and on this page it’s Rectangle 3. If you double-click
on that we can name this something else but the key with this solution is you
have to start with two exclamation points. So I’m going to just call it
shape with the two exclamation points and you want to do the same thing with
the same name in the second slide. Now when you look at the transition morphing it does a smooth transition from the
rectangle to the circle. And that’s how you use Enhanced Morph. #3-Draw & Ruler. There is a new menu tab in PowerPoint
called Draw. It includes drawing pens, highlighters, and a ruler. If this tab is
missing from your menu just right-click on the ribbon in an empty area, choose
Customize the Ribbon, and make sure you’ve checked the box for Draw in the
right column. Hit OK and you should have the Draw tab on your menu. Select a pen
from the menu and you can freehand draw. You can add additional pens, change the
thickness, change the color, and even add some effects, and when you select that it
will use that as your drawing. There is an eraser that allows you to erase an
entire section or small, medium, or segment erasing. One of the coolest
features of all is the ruler which brings up a ruler on the screen and
allows you to use the wheel on your mouse to adjust the angle. You can move
it around the screen and when you select a pen you can actually draw a line using
the ruler. To turn the ruler off just click the
button again and you’re left with your straight edges. You can also hit the Ink
Replay which reproduces the drawing in the order that you created it. Use the
Lasso selection to draw around the object and it will select it so that you
can now move it around, resize it. One key thing to remember is if you want to get
out of drawing mode make sure you hit the Escape key. You can even select
individual objects and delete them and highlight an entire word and use the
Ink to Text option. Let’s grab pen and draw a circle. We’re gonna lasso that and do Ink to
Shape. It converts it to a perfect circle. All together, the Draw tool adds a whole
new set of features to the latest version of PowerPoint. #4-Presenter Coach. If you want some assistance with your presentation skills
use the Presenter Coach. Presenter Coach is only available in the web version of
PowerPoint for office 365. Under Slide Show, go to Rehearse with Coach. It
opens up your PowerPoint slide with a window in the corner for Welcome to
PowerPoint Presenter Coach. Click the button to Start Rehearsing and start
talking as if you’re presenting your PowerPoint presentation. You’ll get
immediate feedback. If you say filler words like umm or use non-inclusive words
like fireman. It even warns you if you are mindlessly reading your slide. When
you’re done, stop the recording. It provides a rehearsal summary with
recommendations, your presentation pace over time, and links to learn more about
each suggestion. It’s a helpful tool to improve your presentation. #5-Zoom. Zoom gives you the ability to jump to
and from specific slides in your presentation. There are three zoom types.
The first is the Summary Zoom. Go to the Insert tab, select Zoom, and here are the
three choices. We’re going to choose Summary Zoom and it brings up a list of
slides in your presentation. Select the ones that you want to zoom in and out of
and hit Insert. It creates a summary page and you can move and resize these and
position them anywhere you want. Once you have the page set, view your slideshow
and you’ll see the zoom in action. It shows the slides that we selected. When
you click on one it zooms in to that slide. Hit the arrow key it goes to the
next page and then when it’s done with that it comes back to the zoom. Now I can
select another one and zoom in. You can move around any way you want within the
zoom summary. The second type of zoom is the Section Zoom. It zooms in and out
from sections in your presentation. You can add, delete, and rename sections in
the slide pane on the left. To create a section zoom, go to the Insert tab, click
on Zoom-Section Zoom, and it brings up all the sections in your presentation.
Select the ones that you want, hit Insert, and now you can manually adjust each one
of these and position them where you want on the page. When you bring up the
slideshow it brings up your slide presentation in sections. You can click
on one, it zooms in, continues through that section, and then returns back to
the main page. The third type of zoom is the Slide Zoom. It works the same as the
Section Zoom but lets you select from all slides in your presentation. It allows you to reposition them
anywhere in the slide. Another item worth mentioning is when
you click on a slide you have a Zoom menu option. It allows you to control
those slides. You can choose to return to zoom after you’re done with that slide
by checking this box, you can change the alignment, you can adjust the borders, and
have zoom effects with preset shadowing, reflections, glowing, bevels. So if you want to spice up your presentation make sure to use one of the
three zoom options. #6-Scalable Vector Graphics. One of the latest
improvements to PowerPoint is the ability to import scalable vector
graphics. Images with an SVG extension, like this PowerPoint logo, are scalable.
No matter what size you make them the resolution clarity is maintained because
the image is made up of vectors and not pixels. This also results in smaller file
size for your presentations. SVG images can be edited so you can change the
color, you can change the transparency, and make artistic effects. All this can
be done under the Picture Format tab that comes up when you have an SVG image in your slide. If you go to the Insert tab and you choose Icons, you can select
from a variety of icons in SVG format, which makes these scalable as well. So if
you want the best quality images in your PowerPoint presentations use Scalable
Vector Graphic images as much as possible.
#7-HD Video Export. The latest version of PowerPoint for Office 365
includes the ability to export your presentation as an HD quality video. Just
go to File-Export and select Create a Video. It gives you four different
resolutions to choose from; Standard, HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD. You can also use
your pre-recorded timings and narrations or record them right now. It lets you
walk through the presentation. You can record, stop, and replay as if you are
presenting your PowerPoint presentation. You can record audio and video and
change the color of the slides in the process. You can also see your notes and
when you’re done close the window. It returns back to your export where you
can create your video. If you don’t want to use the pre-recorded timings and
narration just select a time that you want to spend on each slide and create
your video. The HD Video Export’s a great option if you want to pre-record all of
your presentation instead of doing it live, and with the added high resolution
options, it makes it much crisper looking for your audience.
#8-Dictate and Translate. Dictate and Translate our two new
additions to PowerPoint. Let’s insert a text box on this slide, position it,
resize it, and double-click inside the box. Now from the Home tab select Dictate, and it records your message: “This is a test of PowerPoint dictation”. Turn it off and it inserts the text into your slide. You can now edit and move the
text box just as if you typed it in. Translate is available from the Review
tab. Highlight text, click on Translate, and it detects the current language and
lets you choose from a variety of different languages to convert it to.
Click the Insert and it replaces the text with the new language. Click on the
double arrow to reverse the translation and you can insert it back to the original
language. You can choose your default language for
proofreading and also set your language preferences for all of your buttons,
menus, and other controls. Dictate and Translate are two great new features
that help you speed up creating your presentations and helps manage them in
different languages. #9-Design Ideas. Design Ideas has
been available in PowerPoint since 2019 but Microsoft continues to improve the
artificial intelligence it uses to determine different design ideas. From
the Home tab, select Design Ideas and it generates a variety of different choices
for layouts in your slides. PowerPoint will use your slide template to make
design suggestions and it even incorporates online images into those
designs. It will even use the subject of your text to make decisions. Select the layout and it replaces your
slide. Design Ideas is the simplest and best tool to make your presentations
look professional, and it’s only one click from the menu. Now it’s even better
with the new intelligence built-in. #10-Reuse Slides. You can add
slides to your presentation from another, without having to open the other file.
Just select the Reuse Slides from the Home tab. It shows a list of recent
PowerPoint files. Click on one and select each slide that you want to insert into
your presentation. You can position the location where you want the slides
inserted in the left pane. Also at the top, you can uncheck this Use Source
Formatting. If you want to insert a slide it will convert the slide into the
format of the slide above your insertion point. With office 365 you will also see
recent PowerPoint slides that have been shared with you from other team members
as well. This feature makes it easy to collaborate on team presentations. So
save yourself a bunch of time with the Reuse Slides feature. Hey, if you want to
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