Top 10 OneDrive for Business Tips and Tricks

Top 10 OneDrive for Business Tips and Tricks

Here are my top 10 OneDrive for Business
tips and tricks. OneDrive for Business is a component of the Office 365 suite
of applications. This powerful tool offers you easy sharing, enhanced
security, and convenient mobility with all your files. Here are my top 10
favorite OneDrive for Business tips and tricks. Number 1 – Version History. When you log into the Office 365 portal and go into OneDrive you’ll see a list of files.
If you drill down into individual files you’ll notice that there is a dot dot
dot on the right of each file. This brings up a menu when you click on it
and there’s an option for version history. One of the great features of
OneDrive is that every change that you’ve made of this file and saved
becomes a different version and you have choices to click on one and restore it.
You can also open files that are older and see what they looked like before you
made changes. It gives you great flexibility to recover when you’ve
damaged a file and be able to look at the changes over time. Number 2 – File
Share Externally. One of the great features of OneDrive is the ability to
share files externally outside of your organization. As long as your admin has
given you the right to do this you can come into the menu for a file, click the
Share option, and by default it sets it to your organization only but if you
change this to specific people you can put in the name of an external email
address and it recognizes this as outside of your organization. You can add a message and hit Send and that person will receive an email with a link to the
file that you just presented and they’ll be able to access it directly. You can
also click this button to copy the link. Copy it and paste it into another email
or some other document so that when people click on that
reference they’ll be able to get to the file and the good news is you can share
files up to 15 gigabytes which means there’s no more need for an FTP download site. For anything large you can actually share it all from OneDrive. Number 3 – Sync Local Files. The real power of OneDrive is synchronizing your local files. You
can do this by clicking the Sync option at the top of the OneDrive menus. When
you sync it creates a OneDrive location that contains the same files and folders
as what’s stored in your OneDrive in the cloud. As you work on files from either
location they will synchronize and keep both places current. This allows you to
take your computer, go on a flight where you have no internet access, edit
documents, and as soon as you plug back into the internet it will synchronize
the files back up to the cloud so that you’re back in sync again. You no longer
have to worry about what state the file is in because OneDrive manages that for
you very well. Since office 365 gives you five licenses for your office apps you
can do the installation of the office applications on your local home computer and your office computer and have them both synchronize to the same file
location in OneDrive. That means you can work on a file at work make changes to
it and then when you get home you can open that same file with the updates.
This gives you a great deal of flexibility working mobile. Number 4 – Co-authoring. Co-authoring gives you the ability to
have multiple people working on the same document at the same time and you can
see live edits. When you create a document in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other office applications you can share that document with another user.
When you open it and make sure to edit the workbook in the browser because it
has to be on the online version. The other user can open that same document
online and now when I make changes those changes show up on the other person’s
screen as well and when they make changes you see they’re live changes at
the same time. It gives you the ability to collaborate together all shared
through your OneDrive sharing feature. Number 5 – Drag Files to Upload. No need
to do anything special to get files into OneDrive. If you have your portal
open all you have to do is take a file and drag and drop it right on to the
desktop. It’ll automatically upload that file into the folder that you’re located
at and synchronize it back to your C Drive if you’ve got the syncing turned
on. Number 6 – Recycle Bin. Separate from the version history is the
recycle bin. If you take a file and you delete it, it will move it into the
recycle bin in a way that you can click on it and restore it back to the
original location. Files will be stored in the recycle bin for 90 days by
default. After 90 days they will be permanently deleted. Number 7 – OneDrive Mobile App. OneDrive’s available as a mobile app. When you open it up it’ll
show you the same folders that you have on OneDrive. You can go into a folder and
see the individual files and you can even click on a file like this Excel in
the mobile app. Office 365 gives you five mobile licenses in addition to your five
other licenses and it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the other Microsoft Office applications. Number 8 – Shared With Me. We saw how you can share
documents with other people but when people share them with you those files
are located in the Shared With Me folder. This shows you all the files that have
been shared to you from other individuals in your organization. The
nice feature about this is you can edit these documents and view them if they’ve
given you permission and the changes that you make will actually be updated
on the other person’s OneDrive location. So it gives you the ability to share
documents, edit them just like they’re on a network shared drive location. Number
9 – Search Everything. OneDrive has a great search tool. I even think it’s better than some of the other applications in Office. Up in
the upper left corner of the OneDrive area you can do a search for everything.
So if I type in a keyword and hit enter it does a search for that word in all of
your documents on your OneDrive folder. You can come down here and select from
the different applications like Excel and it filters out
just the Excel documents and I can change the dates to go back only three
months and now I found my file. It’s a great search filter capability and makes
it really easy to find documents anywhere on your OneDrive. Number 10 – Tile Preview. In the upper right corner of OneDrive you have a View Items with Tile
Previews button. If you click that it changes the formatting so that you can
see it in tile format. It does show all the folders but if you go into a folder
it will actually show you the individual files with a little preview window so
you can get an idea of what the document looks like much better than in a list
form and if you want to change it back just click this button again. That
concludes the top 10 OneDrive for business tips and tricks. Don’t forget to
take a look at the other playlists for tips and tricks which includes Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and more tips and tricks to come. Thanks for
watching. Hey, if you want to see more videos like this one please subscribe
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  1. can office 365 and one drive for business be used on both pc's and android phones or does it need a Microsoft phone

  2. Thank you for the tips. I will definately try them all out. Can see productivity on the rise at the office 😉

  3. I cant find anyone that can help… I am sharing a powerpoint via Onedrive so my reps can edit the pics everytime they visit a store, problem is that the 1st time they had no problem but now it wont let them edit on their phones,
    I made sure to set it as "sharing this link can edit" but nothing yet! help, what they see now is a document that can only zoom in and out, no edit.

  4. Exactly what I was looking for. Have been using OneDrive for a few months now but using Chrome and not Edge. Will use Edge from now on. I learned a lot. Thanks very much!

  5. Can you please explain how can I make Onedrive look like this?
    Currently mine is like sharepoint with a ribbon on the top of the page.
    Or is this driven by the system admin?

  6. It is nice ! One Drive have a lot of feature !
    Do u agree ? Please reply !

  7. Very helpful, especially showing how to share the files and simultaneously work on them with another user.

  8. wow good education good knowledge good technology great tutorial good explanation. many more thanks to you who teaches us. god bless

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