Top 10 Most Disgusting Things Fast Food Workers Have Ever Done To Food

Top 10 Most Disgusting Things Fast Food Workers Have Ever Done To Food

US President Donald Trump reportedly loves
McDonald’s because he’s a bit OCD when it comes to his food and he likes the consistency
of them as well as the fact that it’s pre-made. This way people are unable to either poison
or spit in his food. But like most things Trump thinks or says,
he’s not really correct about the food being pre-made. Sure, a lot of the time, especially when it’s
busy, the food will have been made before you ordered it based on the expectation that
people will buy X-amount of Big Macs Y-amount of cheeseburgers etcetera, but when it’s not
busy your food is being made when the order comes through and thus there’s a chance that
if you’re rude to the cashier, or a famous person, they might do something to your food. This video is proof of that. We’re bringing you the Top 10 most disgusting
things fast food workers have done to food! Wendy’s Employee Deep Throats Frosty Machine Now that Dave Thomas is dead, Wendy’s is mostly
most well known for it’s Frosty’s. The super thick and delicious frozen treat
is so good that it offsets the weird feeling you get while eating a square-shaped hamburger. Wendy’s is aware of this and used that fact,
combined with the other fact that McDonald’s’ ice cream/shake machine is broken more often
than not, to troll McDonald’s with a savage Tweet back in 2017. So, it’s hard to blame this now former Wendy’s
employee who posted a video of himself eating a vanilla Frosty straight from the machine
(and probably giving himself the world’s worst ice cream headache in the process). The video went viral and Wendy’s promptly
fired him while using the Tweet announcing that fact to also announce that they were
“reinforcing proper procedures” with employees. So not only did he get fired he also forced
a meeting on every Wendy’s employee. Dave Thomas must be turning in his grave. Taco Bell Employee Licks Shells
It was theorized that the Wendy’s deep throat incident was a response to this “prank” as
they both occurred in the same month back in 2013. This offense happened at a Taco Bell in Ridgecrest,
California and almost tore the internet apart as people questioned whether it was a joke
or real and whether even if it was a joke it warranted discipline for the employee or
whether people were overreacting and needed to just needed to relax. The problem here was that people weren’t aware
of the context, which was sanctioned by the company and asked it’s employees to share
pictures of themselves “enjoying a first bite” of their Taco Bell product of choice. Regardless, it wasn’t a good look for Taco
Bell, which was in the middle of a lot of PR nightmares earlier this decade. So, they suspended the employee instead of
firing him, as he was participating in the contest by licking shells that were going
to be thrown away anyways. It makes this list because of the uproar,
the conversation(s) it started and also the copycats it birthed. It’s safe to say he won the contest, right? Maybe not. Taco Bell Employee Pees on Nachos The last entry in this video mentioned that
Taco Bell was in the midst of PR nightmares at the time and one of the main reasons that
that nightmare existed was thanks to a former employee named Cameron Jankowski. Jankowski worked at the Fort Wayne, Indiana
Taco Bell and was participating in what may be the trashiest Twitter contest of all-time. Hunter Moore, who was the owner of a revenge
porn website, basically asked his 108k to participate in what he called “#pissolympics”
and because if you followed Moore you were sort of a scumbag, Jankowski decided that
he’d urinate on the food that the restaurant that employed him made while at work and on
the floor of his employer. The image went viral and he was first suspended
and then fired for the “prank”, however, he did win the contest so at least he’s got that
going for him. Burger King Employee Outed by 4Chan This is the first entry in this video that
was responsible for the firing of more than one employee, as Burger King ended up firing
three of its workers over this “Prank” that was posted to the website 4Chan, you know,
4Chan, the darkest corner on the internet. In the post, the user showed himself stomping
on bins of lettuce in a post titled “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King”. Surprisingly, members of 4Chan were so appalled
by the image that they used the GPS data that’s attached to every cell phone picture to figure
out the location of the Burger King in the photo, which ended up being in Cleveland,
Ohio. The members first contacted the local media
in Cleveland and went a step beyond that by figuring out the phone number and thus name
and address of the employee in the photo. The entire investigation took 15 minutes,
and the shift manager at the Burger King in question said that the person in the picture
was a long time employee and that he and the shift managers on duty at the time were both
let go. Different Restaurant. Same Licking Incident. You’d think that after all the negative press
and effects on one’s employment status that people that work at fast food restaurants
would stop posting images of themselves doing things like the following online, especially
when they’re doing the exact same thing that caused an uproar in the past. However, in the day and age where people feel
validation from the number of clicks, likes, and attention they get online, perhaps they
just can’t help themselves. Regardless of the “Why?” behind it, there was another incident of a
fast food employee posting a picture of himself licking the food that they serve. In this instance, the taco shells were replaced
with mashed potatoes and Taco Bell was replaced with KFC. The KFC located in Johnson City, Tennessee,
immediately fired the employee and said that the potatoes weren’t served to customers. Ironically, KFC is owned by the same company
that owns Taco Bell, so maybe they need to look at their hiring policies to avoid bringing
in people that seem to want to lick things and maybe those people can get a gig licking
stamps at the post office instead. McDonald’s Worker Spits in Customer’s Drinks In April 2012, a South Carolina McDonald’s
joined the list of fast food restaurants dealing with PR disasters. In this instance, an employee at a restaurant
in Greenville County actually didn’t post a video or picture online but rather was seen
on a surveillance video spitting in two different customers’ cups of iced tea. The employee should probably go to the doctor,
as the reason that they were caught was that when the customers opened up their drinks
to add sugar, they both noticed phlegm in the drink and immediately contacted the police. The employee was fired and it turned out that
they were fed up with people bringing their sweet teas back because they weren’t “sweet
enough”. Unlike other instances on this list McDonald’s
corporate didn’t release a statement, however, the owner of the franchise in question asked
that people “not to reach conclusions until all the facts come out”. The facts included phlegm, so, maybe he should’ve
chosen his words more wisely. Domino’s Up His Nose… One of the earliest instances of a video of
a fast food employee going viral happened in April of 2009. An employee of Domino’s, before they rebranded
themselves and remade all of their stores to be fancier, filmed his soon to be former
co-worker putting cheese up his nose, blowing mucous on a sandwich and putting a sponge
meant for washing dishes “between his buttocks”. As you would guess is typical by now, the
employees stated that the food (and hopefully the sponge) was immediately thrown away and
not served to anyone, but because of the obvious bad look for the company, both were fired. The entire restaurant ended up getting “re-staffed”
and the franchise owner was also given a strict talking to about company culture and went
as far as to post an apology from the President (and soon to be CEO) of the company on YouTube. Looking back, four years later, a Domino’s
spokesperson did say that the video did nothing to hurt their sales or a global brand and
that they actually had an increase in sales in 2009, so maybe it’s true, any press is
good press. Burger King Bath Burger King is maybe best known for its flame-broiled
burgers like the Whopper, so it makes sense that the employees that work hour after hour,
day after day, may sometimes need to cool off after spending all day taming that flame. That’s the best rationalization I can come
up with for the fact that an employee at the Xenia, Ohio Burger King, who was at least
self-aware enough to refer to himself as “Mr. Unstable” in the video, got completely naked
and took a bubble bath in one of the sinks used to clean the cooking utensils used to
make those flame broiled masterpieces. Burger King stated that they had sanitized
the sink and “disposed of all other kitchen tools and utensils that were used in the incident”. A good rule of thumb: if you think that your
employer is going to end up referring to what you’re about to do as “the incident”, perhaps
don’t do it. A Subway PR Disaster Subway rose from second-rate sandwich fast
food place to the number one fast food restaurant in the world thanks to its marketing plan
that focused on how healthy it was as compared to other fast food options. The face of that campaign was Jared Fogle,
who lost hundreds of pounds eating at Subway and ended up being a complete monster of a
human being. Not to be undone, a couple of “Sandwich Artists”
from the Columbus, Ohio Subway (or at least one of the Subway’s in Columbus) were fired
for rubbing their genitals on bread, making bread that looked like penises and peeing
in water bottles and freezing them. They posted their exploits to Instagram with
titles like “Today I froze my pee” and “My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich
artist today”, which clearly made for a major PR disaster for a company that really didn’t
need additional branding issues. Huffington Post talked with Mr. Jett, who
claimed that the images were taken at home, not at work and were a “joke”. The person who reported the images to Subway
said; “I saw the frozen piss picture and thought, what is this guy doing” the tipster
said. “Then came the penis picture. They’re stupid enough for doing this in
the first place, but then to post it to the world? It was a dumb move.” Indubitably. The Jack in the Box Fast Food Disaster There’s a scene in the classic film, Super
Troopers, in which a couple of fast food workers spit in one of the Trooper’s sandwiches (amongst
other things that they do). Broken Lizard, the fellas behind Super Troopers
may have had inspiration from the first documented incident of a fast food employee defiling
the food they’re paid to make. This incident happened way back in 1990 at
a Jack in the Box in Phoenix, Arizona. Reportedly, one of the employees at Jack in
the Box, George Juan Kuehme blew his nose into the burgers of two police officers who
came through the drive-thru. Kuehme was employed for less than a week at
the Phoenix, Restaurant when the incident happened and was noticed by one of the officers. Officer Gary Underhill had taken three bites
from his sandwich when he noticed “something wrong”. Beyond that, another worker had overheard
Kuehme say “That’s what the cop gets” after serving the burgers. The incident was the first of it’s kind and
pre-dated the internet (at least as we know it) and was so detrimental to Jack in the
Box’s brand that they stopped advertising on radio and TV in the Phoenix area, mostly
because of all of the “jokes on local radio stations”. Beyond Kuehme, a second unidentified employee
was fired over the incident and Jack in the Box contributed $2,000 to a police fund as
well. Anyone else just super hungry now? Guys? Anybody? Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
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