Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: E3 2019 Delta Company Community Program | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: E3 2019 Delta Company Community Program | Ubisoft [NA]

Hi, ghosts. My name’s Laura Cordrey. And I’m Grace Orlady. And we are your
community developers for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We’re very excited to
speak to you about our brand new community leaders
program for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, where
we will step up our side of the relationship. Where we will be able
to support you with all you do to share your
passion for our game. And where we will be able to
celebrate all of your amazing creations. So, ghosts, welcome to
Ghost Recon Delta Company. GRACE ORLADY: Ghost
Recon Delta Company will be made up of five
different detachments, meaning no matter your passion,
there is a place for you. For cosplayers,
fanartists, and writers. In special activities, we’ll
share guides and autosets to aid you with your
kickass creations. Streamers and videographers
in Mission Intel will brief you on what’s
coming up in our game and share additional assets to
help you produce your community content. For our discussion
drivers and company comms, you’ll be empowered to drive
riveting conversations online, thanks to Q&As direct
from the studio. Fan site admins
in team operations will share
information and assets to help you animate
your community channels. For our tactical
assault PVP experts, we’ll organize tournament
with and for you to show off your
Ghost War skills. And for the
first time ever, we are going truly global, with
our program being available worldwide in English and
in more than 10 countries across the globe. We love meeting our community. You guys know our
game inside out. And this is why it’s so
great to share moments with you, where you discuss
what’s coming to the game, attend events, come to our
studio, and, of course, spend time with our teams
and your fellow Delta Company ghosts. No, I hate coming to Paris. It’s just been terrible. It’s a very very
passionate community. It’s a very
knowledgeable community. Now that you guys are
helping us, you know, it’s just going to make
the game bigger and more accessible to everybody. We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing
more about Ghost Recon Delta Company and that you are
as excited as we are. So what are you waiting for? You can apply now on our Ghost
Recon Breakpoint website. Ghosts, lace up your boots
because you’ve got a mission. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Why don't you guys make an offline mode to ghost recon breakpoint for everyone who doesn't have internet… If you guys care so much.

  2. Just make a lone wolf mode that doesn't have anything to do with multiplayer and is offline , and the mode can say everything on this mode doesn't transfer over to the shared progression

  3. So zero focus for single player PVE only. Or Mutli player PVE. Guess we not a focus. Starting to think i be passing on this game. You seem to abandon all like about wildlands.

  4. Thank you for listening and bringing back AI squadmates, doesn’t feel like ghost recon without them

  5. Sorry online only all about ???
    For single player campaign CDPR got it right
    You can make more money if it has a offline mode
    So only 1 out of 2 community requests ,AI teammates cool ???
    But still no go sorry ?

  6. Just actually listen to us, AI isnt all we complained about. Not to mention your website doesnt even work lol

  7. Dev Q&A, you say? Last time we got one of those, it was a lecture and a list of everything that "wasn't in the vision" for the game. Color me skeptical.

  8. Delta Company, ya'll are awesome. One of the few community programs that actually listens to the fans. 2 thumbs up!!

  9. Thank you for bringing back AI squad!

    I think that announcing an optional offline campaign would send a great message to your community. Not doing so seems to me like an unnessesary marketing mistake that could hurt your brand.

  10. 1. Will we be able to customize our AI Squadmates' loadouts based on their attributes, as well as their gender and overall appearance?
    2. Will we also be seeing the return of John Kozak and Scott Mitchell, Sam Fisher and most importantly other Rainbow Six Operatives in additional DLC storylines?

  11. So you ladies represent the Community. I would only like to ask that you speak to the devs about revamping the swimming mechanics. To give it a more tactical feel on water infiltration.

  12. I would love to see some ww2 weapons,outfits to appear again(japenes,american/ M1 Gerand and the german Luger). It would fit into the island feeling. 🙂

  13. I'm so sick and tired of downgrades, this game looks nothing like the first trailer, they literally flipped the ui and sound effects and copied them from wildlands

  14. I have an idea, custom missions and a large scale pvp mode with vehicles, ai minons similar to Titanfall, 18 squads with 4 players, multiple objectives like capture the area or destroy the building and a 6v6 escort the drone mode as well as a CQB game mode.

  15. The only problem I find is no more diversion or reinforcement forces available. Only 4 ghost ops but no more manpower available unlike rebels in Wildlands. It's sad plz bring an extra force of soldiers back!!!

  16. Those bicep tattoos the person on the left is sporting look really cool. Also, the game looks promising so far 🙂

  17. Will breakpoint have character customization like wildlands. I hope the lasers on the guns go on top of the guns like in real life the do. I also hope that add new scopes to change it up.

  18. Ghosts is looking amazing this year and with Delta company great too u supporting small channels like myself… thank you

  19. Comunity developers? If it is marketing, they are supposedly good for, they do not do the best job. If the main point is the "developing of comunity", i hope it is possible witouth direct video-contact, because they could be MUCH better in that, sitting in their offices. Why dont you simply hire some actors and than give them answers and questions for comunity? The effect could be better. Another point – to pick 2 ladies as military simulatorúfps figureheads is (again) not the best idea. Better bet would be military LOOKING guy and/or inteligent and (maybe) too actractive lady. Man are simpler creatures than woman, when it comes to attention around military simulator / FPS game. Not to mention still bigger half of your comunity… whatever – wish you good luck and have to confess, i am craving to learn more about the story of the game, and intrique military technology of tomorrow.

  20. BTW the informations about different groups for the players, the ladies did bring to bare were saucy and did cheer me up.

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