Tokyo Hidden Gems Food Tour in Shibuya Okushibu

Tokyo Hidden Gems Food Tour in Shibuya Okushibu

in this video I’m taking you guys on another Tokyo hidden food tours so we’re in Shibuya right now but when you think of Shibuya you usually think of dog and czaka you think of Santa gah you think of all of like the busy busy areas but today I’m gonna take you into the back alleys and the back streets of Shibuya called oku Cebu but the fact is I live here and I’ve been going to this area for so long that I finally decided to share with you guys I might see you guys like here cuz I’m here all the time but before I continue if you want to help support the channel then definitely check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see what I’m doing on a daily then check out my Instagram account without further ado let me take you to that back streets of Shibuya alright let’s do this and back by popular demand for I don’t know maybe not so popular might go you ready for this oh yeah ready to eat very very [Music] number one the Lotte Tokyo hidden away in a three-floor concept store complex called the in tucked away on the first floor is a latte shop in addition to offering various latte flavors this tiny space hosts seasonal collaboration goods with various illustrators alrighty there the Tokyo Jerri Kanika something it’s supposed to be kind of like a khaki Cody iced cafe latte and has some ice cream on top has some crunchy bits here it’s like a cookie Cody like ice I wasn’t actually planning on getting my coffee because I’m not much of a lot a fan but this is just one of those cheat days I guess you can see the bottom here is where all the coffee jelly is watch this and mix it around that’s great Frappuccino style mm-hmm very much has the sweetness of the ice cream and the top has the bitterness of the coffee I like the texture of the jelly itself to look at it’s falling the difference between kakigori and this is they have really thick pieces of ice here so you get more of a like a chunky crunchy texture hmm it is sweet but it’s not super super like strong and sweet it has kind of like light summery vibe it’s more like whipped cream light okay so I got the regular latte which I usually get if you’re a first-time and they were always gonna ask you to like drink the milk first we just bottle me the milk is supposed to taste really good Sookie smooth light type of milk like it’s called Tokyo dunya it’s like I said I said I flip me over it’s nice roasted coffee I like how it is so in fashion goes in there my friend who likes all the good from here be honest with you though I don’t really go to this bottle like Michael goes here all the time whereas I’m more of just like a straight coffee fan like I just like black cold coffee in the morning can coffee I’m not that much of a how do you say a coffee head but it always is nice to get something a little bit sweet a little bit creamy and and this is it let me show you the next spot number two cheese stand if you happen to see a random cow in a cushy booth then you know you’ve arrived at cheese stand every morning this shop has fresh milk delivered from a farm in Tokyo and they make four types of cheese mozzarella burrata ricotta and cacio Cavallo oh and they also offer wine to pair with a cheese if you’re into that sort of thing this is kind of like their appetizer this is a burrata cheese fresh tomatoes and some oregano oil it is but on the inside just creamy almost kind of like fluid like it appears so cherry tomatoes I can feel like the outer shell is in like a little bit hard give you that consistency and then inside it has a creamy goodness of the cheese the center is awesome not even like a cheese is almost like a very a very heavy cream or just I really really like cheese I just looked down him like the entire plane is almost gone I can see why my cousin’s killing this right now also serve pizza and sandwiches using their freshly made cheese pizza uses a mozzarella cheese of while the sandwich uses I’m melting ricotta I love how they paired it with a grainy bread to add texture number three Sebastian I featured this shaved ice pot about a year ago and I should be a street food video but this okishima evacuate god wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it Sebastian Peters a cake-like hunky gaudi dolce ice the owner borrows from his experience as a French chef to create this delectable treat the creme brulee shaved ice is their signature dish the top is brilliantly layered with a merengue so when it’s brûléed the shaved ice beneath doesn’t melt so in fact I’ve already been here before my other should be a street food video but I actually didn’t go inside and now today I get to show you what it’s like inside if you want to see that video in the cookie body then definitely check out the Shibuya Streetman video but today we have the piece de resistance attack EcoRI creme brulee also known as a flame-broiled tachycardia let’s just take the first bite because I cannot wait any longer Wow that is such a rare taste you don’t have like this nice creamy refreshing ice filled to reboot late at time I can taste the sweetness in the top but also there’s like a condensed kind of like a milk in here as well also adds to the sweetness but it’s not like too too sweet and look at that surprise you can see that right now and it has a nice strawberry filling am I almost halfway done with this it is this is so light definitely one person gonna finish this I don’t even know if I want to share this as it might go the fashion also has a unique cake shape shaped eyes that like this one that Myka ordered but one thing you guys need to remember you need to come here a little bit early because it does get booked actually getting in line then you can choose a time of day to come back and then you could come back and we came here early in the morning like just before 10:00 and we had to wait about one hour before we didn’t come back but if you come too late in the day then it might just be all booked up so definitely if it wanted to come here and come here early let me show you guys the next backstreets five one of the things I love about this place is that it’s just as so quiet compared to like if you come from Shibuya and it’s just like busy on dogenzaka or you’re on sendagaya is just as so many people but just on the outskirts it’s just so quiet here and it’s nice could you feel like you’re in like a Japanese neighborhood but we’re still in Shibuya what do you think about this quiet neighborhood there you go good thing we live around here number four rody key from the outside it looks like an old school fish store that you would see at any fish market but it’s actually a popular taste sugar spot meaning set meals to local Sailor man in fact this hidden gem has more than 100 years of history instead of ordering from a standard menu I had to grab a card with a dishes name on it and take it upstairs into the second floor interestingly that card has a lottery number on the so that matches you get an extra side dish this is their most popular set Saba no miso need mackerel cooked with me so I was able to choose between the head or the tail and of course I went with a head this is the sum of miso The Saboteur looks is so tender and then in the second maybe so instant soup wow there’s a lot of flavor in there it’s like building the mummy it’s a little bit sweet and have some savoriness but more speed than savory look at that salad out there I’m not a fan of like stewed Saba usually because it’s a very like fishy but this is cooked us so well but you don’t get any right now fishy taste and it’s just kind of like a sweet nice and like wasted fish it was a very very tender in Sabah that’s great that goes it really really relative rights because there’s just so much flavor here except the rice itself comic picks all of that flavor and then just kind of spreads it out get some rice dip it into the enemy so itself just like this see that dip in Dripping Wow that’s good even have a sashimi miso soup we can see it has like a little clam shells doesn’t like shellfish and bitterness to it but it’s nice look so this is the sashimi flank you know you have some octopus Hachi hamaji and then sell for that day right there which is like scallops that cut so is justice so I think it is compared to my chopstick this is scallops right there that’s good love it fresh fish for lunch so if you’re looking for kind of like that old school workers cartoon I mean it’s like a good and he shook me old bullshit spot it’s like a thousand it’s quite satisfying you can see the discipline for filling in right now so Michael want some more coffee yeah so let me take you to another coffee spot number five rostro [Music] Roscoe is an ultra unique coffee shop without an ordering menu it asked me how I preferred the taste of the coffee and then selected the best bean blend and customized the brew method to create my perfect cup of coffee that’s my coffee what’s cool about this place is that you can really really specify what kind of coffee you make they make everything fresh like every little step’ from browning the coffee beans to icing it everything is done by hand which is amazing and so this coffee that I got is iced coffee but then I could choose whether or not I wanted to make it it’s like bitter if I wanted to make it fruity actually made it like kind of like a little fruity a little bit lighter cuz we had coffee earlier this morning they won’t have too much coffee but you can go like very strong bitter klitz take the first drink definitely taste and fruitiness of the coffee it’s a very mild look really really easy to drink this one is nice because it’s not watered-down because you can see like when they actually cooled it down if they just put the eyes on the outside and then they just they just rotated this shaker so that it made the actual coffee itself cold that’s good if you want like a homemade Japanese and brew coffee this is the spot let’s see how am I going so I got love to go they can jinx straight coffee or black coffee they’ll give me choice between nutty flavor and the berry flavor and it’s just nutty the co with the milk she asked me like every little detail [Music] was it good it’s exactly the way I like it and number six Camelback it’s still warm to the touch check out this egg omelet leave it to Japan for this omelet to be almost like perfectly square rectangular the bread itself it’s like nice and toasted but the actual omelet egg is cool so it’s been like refrigerated and in fact what’s really cool is that it’s a made by a sushi chef the bread has that nice crunchy crunch I mean that’s amazing is that the omelet itself a slight sweetness to him it almost has kind of like this what sabi taste inside it’s like it’s been seasoned like nothing I’ve ever had it before I’ve never ever thought of actually putting freaking wasabi in your egg omelette but what a fantastic idea oh that’s oh my go try this hobbie yeah yeah I know it really goes well but my wouldn’t look that sweet like the regular like a home cooking tamagoyaki it’s usually pretty sweet good as soon as you want to just keep on having another bite but unfortunately I have to share with Michael so this video is a little bit different than the regular videos this is not a top ten but it’s more of a hidden food tour let me know if you like this video and this type of style button and the like button also let me know in the comments but before I go I wanted to thank our sponsor for this video without them I wouldn’t be able to make these videos for you guys so thank you to audible audible has the world’s largest selection of audio books and audio entertainment including audible originals audible originals are stories created exclusively for audio including documentaries exclusive audio books and scripted shows you can’t hear anywhere else you can listen to the gym you can listen while you’re running you can listen while you’re shopping you did in the car or when you’re in the train or when you’re on an airplane coming to Japan any time you can’t read you can listen to audible and one of the things I love about audible is that it also has Japanese authors one of the first Japanese authors that I got turned on to is Haruki Murakami and one of my favorites is a wild sheep chase in which you can listen to on audible so started listening with a thirty-day audible trial choose one audiobook and two audible originals for free all you have to do is visit for slash Paulo or Tex Powell at a 500 500 so check out audible today and finally before I forget if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily check out my Instagram account and if you want to help support the channel check out the Tokyo merch I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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