Tokoin News Episode 10: November 2019

Tokoin News Episode 10: November 2019

Hi! Welcome back to Tokoin News. We
are going to give you the latest updates about Tokoin Campus Meet Up, Tokoinside video series, our CEO at Alibaba eFounders Fellowship, investment from Blockcrafters Capital, TOKO lock-up program, and the upcoming new exchange. We have kickstarted Tokoin Campus Meetup at Perbanas Institute Jakarta The purpose of Tokoin Campus Meetup is to educate the young generation about Industry 4.0, as well as the significant role of blockchain in the era Wait for us at more universities! If you want to invite us to your campus, you can fill-up the form available via the link on the video description below On October 31st, we celebrated our very own version of Halloween and named it #TOKOWeen! With footage from that day and more sneak peeks of our fun office culture, we’ve also recently released #TokoInside video series! You can see how it’s really like working at a blockchain company Unlike what people say, it doesn’t have to be boring. The teaser is out on our Youtube Channel. Stay tuned for more
episodes of Tokoinside video series! We are proud to announce that the CEO of
Tokoin, Eddie Christian Ng has been chosen as one of the few people to attend
Alibaba eFounder Fellowship There, he will directly learn from the executive chairman and founder of Alibaba Group himself, Jack Ma We’re hoping that he will come back with a deeper knowledge and contribution that would be beneficial for the country’s economy We’ve just held TOKO lock up program, where TOKO holders can stake their tokens for a period of 3 months and then, get a fixed return that is more than what bank deposits can offer! For those of you who have joined the program, do look forward to the high return that you will get by February next year! Following our long-established partnership with BlockCrafters, we just received an investment from BlockCrafters Capital! This is evidence of how trustworthy Tokoin is, as our partners trust and believe in us more and more as time goes by. After KuCoin, Tokoin is coming to another global exchange. We have published the clues. So see by yourself if you can guess the name of the exchange! That’s a wrap! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you won’t miss any updates. All the links that related to the news today are on the description below Thanks for watching and see ya!

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