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What’s up guys! Greg’s here, and welcome back to the shop! And in today’s video I want to showcase 3 amazing snow sports mono suits from TOBE: the Novo V3 Mono Suit Shell, the Tiro Insulated Mono Suit, and the Velox Snowbike Mono Suit. Now, TOBE is one of the top snow sports outerwear brands in the world, making gear for snowmobiling, snowbiking, skiing and snowboarding, but, if you don’t know the TOBE story, here’s a quick rundown for you. Now, company founder and avid skier Tomas Berntsson got hooked on snowmobiling in the late 1990s. He quickly found that his skiing gear didn’t cut it when he was aboard a sled, but the snowmobiling wear of the day didn’t really appeal to him either. Now, at the time, Berntsson ran a welding business, so he was used to fabricating things when he couldn’t find what he wanted. With that mindset, he decided to create his own snowmobile gear, and then launched TOBE in 2001. Now, today TOBE is dedicated to keeping their customers warm, safe, and dry that’s why they offer highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and exceptionally durable outerwear, created using the latest design and materials. They are especially known for their one-piece mono suits, like the ones that you see here, and for making gear that’s designed to excel at specific snow activities. Now, take this Novo V3 Mono Suit Shell, for example. It’s packed with all the features that mountain riders demand. Now, riding in the backcountry is strenuous, and the terrain can be rough and unforgiving. So, you need a suit that will keep you cool and dry, and be rugged and durable enough for protection. And with its non-insulated Cordura/Sympatex shell, this Novo suit delivers. The zippered mesh-lined vents air on the chest provide airflow to keep you cool when you’re challenging yourself in deep powder and on steep hills. And the Sympatex membrane absorbs moisture from sweat, allowing it to evaporate through the actual garment to the outside, all while remaining completely waterproof. The tough, fully seam sealed, Cordura outer layer is going to be completely windproof, and it uses double stitching and reinforced seams for durability. This Novo V3 even features Kevlar reinforcement on the knees, inner calf, and leg cuff for extra protection. Now, because mountain riding is usually in remote areas, riders have to be prepared, and they carry safety gear with them, like a shovel, probe and transceiver for avalanche rescue. The Novo suit has 4 generous exterior pockets for all that and more, plus a goggle pocket and a functional cell phone pocket. Now, to ensure you’re comfortable and enjoy the best fit, the Novo suit also has an adjustable waist, an expandable collar with a removable hood, ergonomic and adjustable shoulder braces, integrated laser cut wrist gaiters and integrated leg gaiters with metal hooks and snap loop, and a mesh and taffeta lining. Top quality YKK Aquaguard zippers are used throughout, with full leg zips from hip to cuff. Now, unlike mountain riders, trail riders generally stick to established routes, often riding at higher speeds. And keeping warm at below zero temperatures, with wind chills that make it seem even colder, is a necessity. Now, the Tiro Mono Suit, with its 2-layer insulated construction, is ideal for these conditions. With reinforced seams and double stitching, it will keep the wind out, and the full insulation with room for layering underneath will also keep the heat in. And you will be warm and dry thanks to the same Sympatex membrane that’s used on the Novo suit. Now, Sympatex is unaffected by grease and oils from your skin and salt from sweat that can clog the pores on other breathable/waterproof materials. In addition to keeping you warm and protected, the Tiro suit is highly functional. With 5 exterior pockets, 2 big cargo pockets, a goggle pocket, and functional cell phone pocket. It’s also equipped with zippered vents under the arms, if you get too warm. The Tiro also features Aquaguard zippers, integrated wrist and leg gaiters with metal hooks, adjustable shoulder braces, and, of coarse, an adjustable and removable hood. Last, but certainly not least, we have the Velox snowbike mono suit. This suit is going to incorporates most of the features of TOBE’s other mono suits, including the Sympatex membrane that keeps the rider cool and dry. But because of the way a snowbike is ridden, the Velox suit has specific features designed to keep a snowbike rider comfortable and protected. Now, snowbike riders spend most of their time in the seated position, but they move around a lot on the seat, as they shift their body position, so TOBE put in reinforced padding in the suit’s seat area for greater comfort and leather on the inner calf to protect the rider and suit from the exhaust pipe. The suspenders are also made slightly longer for greater comfort, while in a seating position, and the ankle cuffs are adjustable. Well everyone, that’s going to wrap up my review of TOBE’s snow sports mono suits. No matter what kind of winter fun you’re into, whether it be snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding, TOBE has the gear to keep you warm, dry, and protected. So, head on over to right now and check out all these feature packed suits for yourself. And while you are there, feel free to browse through our extensive inventory of other great TOBE products. And, as always, I’m Greg, and I’ll see you, guys, next time.

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