Tipsy Tarka Topdeck Tour – Sugar Scoops and Pilothouses

Tipsy Tarka Topdeck Tour – Sugar Scoops and Pilothouses

this is your warning this video contains
content that might not be appropriate for all audiences you guys know what this
means tipsy topside tarka tours and I’m gonna try not to
mumble this time cuz I got a lot of comments a lot of hurtful comments Oh hey, welcome aboard and lets do a tipsy tarka topside tour Sugar scoop, pirate boarding platform our kick up rudder you see here lots of mechanisms that do things
I don’t quite understand yet but my understanding is this thing kicks up spare
emergency tiller slots it here from the other side if we were to lose our
pendant steering which we’ll get to in the front of this swim ladder
boarding ladder dope ass davit system like a Mad Max sort of platform we can lift
our whole thing out of the water very easily a lot of solar shower kind of low
pressure right now trickle but you can like trickle yourself and get wet
so explain why the rudder in the skeg are so cool
our rudder system is so cool because I can lift this thing up and then we drive
well, no feet in the back but with the keel like two or three feet so we can
pick up a rudder by pulling out this handy dandy pain in the ass pin stand on this thing this bad boy floats and the pin that was removed gets reinstall to different heights of Necessity I don’t want to do the whole thing, but you get the idea I know what you guys are saying you’re
like oh shit like in heavy weather wont this pin just break yes
and so this is our coastal cruising pin and we have an aluminum pin for offshore
where we know we’re not gonna hit anything but the idea is this if we hit something in shallow
waters this will break before everything else
Breena will find out okay go ahead
This is mine this is my tour they’re all mine Bee so, looking back
here this is the wench that pulls up the skeg that’s under the seat here
excellent hatches for ventilation if you were to be aboard the boat nice breeze
coming through that’s great these giant six inches
holes are the ventilation for the engine and if we were to have a indoor heating
system which we do it on right now it all vent out right there nice tight
clean beautiful safety features always good to have
ours says our name on it which i think is pretty dank I think that’s
everything back here you can kind of see this giant platform which we’ll get to
in a second so much goddamn shade Breena picked the boat out because of her
aversion towards the Sun okay now the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Screaming) that was the sugar scoot moving into the cockpit
which is an interesting configuration because it’s kind of like a center
cockpit but kind of like an aft cockpit but kind of like an on top cockpit because
there’s really no back to it so if it were to get pooped with a wave then it would drain out everywhere and there’s like a working section of the cockpit and then
there is a hangout chilling section of the cockpit yes and if you were to be
steering back here you see all these electronics some which are functioning some which are not but it’s a cool little station where you can see every point of
the boat from the main steering area even with the giant ass dodger and Bimini
which are kind of ugly but they serve a purpose and they’re working good so far
okay from the main steering station you’re still noting this awesome giant
hard Bimini that has water catchment in place so the whole edge of it has about three quarters inch lip that when it rains it just dumps water out the sides we
don’t have a water maker because we have this thing now Dyneema not running back stays but adjustable back stays I know it’s furry, we’re going to replace that it’s a red flag but we can adjust back here and tension the back stay back
when we’re beating towards the wind everything’s here walkie talkie actually
works we can do a radio check should we call ’em yeah do it radio check, radio check, radio check well that’s disappointing yeah loud and clear catamarans
thank you put that
in today fuckin works pretty sweet what’s above you
what this? it’s a window there’s no mast head anemometer thing
or wind pointy Direction deal so I don’t really know
why you so I guess so you can see the tell tails on the main Breena likes this
feature our throttle and gear shifting lever is down by your feet so this is
how you do it one two one two forward, back we got a locker here that you can find
people in you should show the locker I know but it’s like lifting waits CrossFit the locker look at that
thing how deep does that go to the bottom that’s the size of their boat emergency
bilge pump next to the steering station all the books say you should do that because what if your boat gets swamped your taking on water you still got to handle the situation
storm action pump pump pump you’re out here doing it Breena’s watching TV mostly
outlander down there over here propane locker keep all our explosive
things out here we have another storage area for gasoline and diesel so we don’t
have any jerry cans on deck which i think is a great feature it’s under
Breena’s feet right now she’ll do some b-roll of that from my
point of view see Breena great I see we got speed log we got depth we got wind
pointing direction thing we got autopilot
we got steering wheel lock I got the Raymarine GPS system that is not
working now that will be working in this Pelican box this is definitely a Rio
fix like you couldn’t order the part that you wanted down here and so you
made this Pelican box do I like it, I think it’s a nice addition
VHF now working because of me thank God for me that’s most of the oh yeah this
cool aft roller system so if you would ever like send out a drodge like in heavy
weather I’ll never use it but it’s really cool if I were to use it okay I’ve
got a 400 watt solar panels and we got a airex
wind gen up there which it sounds like hell when it’s going we turned it off for
the video which should be sufficient to run all our batteries batteries toasted I
don’t really know but they seem to do the chargey bit things their supposed to do
tell them what you hate about the cockpit that I love well it’s not here because
it’s my video I took ’em out this whole fucking thing turns into like some sort
of Parisian lounge that we should have hookahs out here with all these God damn
cushions everywhere which I’ve been stepping on it and it’s been driving me
nuts so for my cockpit tour I took them all out but when Breena does her tour
the whole goddamn boats gonna be throw pillows traveler in the middle I think
it’s nice a lot of boats we’ll have it further
forward by the companionway I don’t like that you get stuck on it coming in and out of the companionway this is like the like we said the working station area so like the
business end can be all back here and then that’s the lounging end uh, should I go up top
yeah can we both get up there yeah get up deck sure Sure, I mean I didn’t design it this is
the view from the top of the world on top of our hard bimini also water catcher
if you remember we talked about a second ago people keep saying it’s a yoga platform we’re not gonna do that bullshit but one could do yoga up here I suppose Oh bright orange our
boat is painted safety orange everywhere we have this giant dot on top if we were
to be in trouble helicopter could see the dot and it may
make us a little more susceptible to being saved or we just look like assholes with giant orange shit on top of our boat moving forward while Breena is steering underway this
is the hanging out cockpit I was discussing prior we have a ample seating
you can fit at least a hockey team in here lots of really nice big
aluminum self tailing wenches recently greased look at that that is nice under here is where we keep our diesel cans our generator fuel things that blow the boat up
things we don’t want clutter the deck with I’ll go down in the hole other
things Oh the boats set up where all of the mast work is done back here through
a bunch of clutches and wenches here so none of the shit you don’t have to go forward get it all here nice easy the boat is over built on
every standard imaginable so like our blocks are huge wenches are huge
cleats are welded in and enormous like you’d pull the dock off
before you pull the cleat off because it’s three inches welded aluminum I
think good oh these cool little baskets too Breena likes these you put all your shit in there keep the clutter out of the cockpit
you don’t need to tangle up you don’t need like two dogs in heat this is
just nice and tight everything is where it needs to be Dodger the previous
owners were very very tall just huge giant people so everything is tall
obviously could come down a little bit but it’s nice so like I can stand up actually on
the back seat and still not hit my head on there but look at this cool shit huh
look at this it’s nice I mean it looks goofy but serves a purpose this is for only when
we’re at anchor we take this shit down Breena bought this Luci light it was
expensive I’m still upset about it go forward K going forward being
aluminum no soft decks what do you Glassers think about that our pilot house from
the outside looks much better than from the inside cuz it’s all crazed and
shitty and needs to be redone but when it’s done it is going to be siiiiiiiiiick everything’s welded in which is one of
the features on our aluminum boat so our stanchions and stuff they don’t leak
because there’s no through bolts it’s just it’s just heavy-duty and nice like
you could lien on theat I don’t want to but you could lean on that if you wanted to
pretty Spartan rig everything is very simple you got this boom break which is
in addition to the Spartan bit but nice so I don’t die when Breena jibe….errr Breena doesn’t die when I jibe I should say we get caught on that one she woulda…hoo hoooo
everything runs back to the cockpit nice nice three reefs in the main sloop rig
we have a removable fore stay that you can put a storm jib on that runs on its
own little track system I haven’t played with it much yet but it looks like a
fore reaching system like everything is drawn in a very tight so so that’s good
aluminum deck step mast higher quality than we’re used to very nice heavy gear
a lot of self tailing shit lazy jacks Breena is not a fan she wants to cut them
off immediately but the boats so goddamn big that it’s very nice to have a
helping hand taking down all the gear so we’re gonna we’re gonna play with those a
little bit the jungle did destroy most of the lines running rigging is a lot of
replacement is in our near future but that’s on the higher priority list monster spinnaker
pole for the monster Genoa we have you’ll see a video where I probably break my arm with this pole there’s a good chance in the near future I’ll hurt myself
one of the nice features. up there. I’m sorry I’m the creative, Bee one of the nice features on our
boat it’s fucking raining in the jungle damn it
one of the nice features on our boat is that we have a lot of ventilation so a lot of
these nice Lewmar hatches one two three four five six six in total in
different compartments in the boat these flip up with the galley and the living I
think we call it the fun station in the last video or
something along those lines that keeps it nice and ventilated
this one is nice it’s above the…. just rude anyway this hatch is above the nav
station which has leaked previously and now is repaired yeah I’m gonna cut to
the repair now you guys can see the new one dorads man that is salty as shit right
that’s nice so like air can go in them water can’t keeps things ventilated you’re
not at the boat maybe you’re under way in the passage just getting no one’s
actually under way in a passage but if you were under way in the passage
and blue water green water colors of water coming over the fucking bow no
water’s getting in those that’s keeping the boat aerated nice crews happy you
got to feed them though make sure you feed the crew [inaudible]
we will go offshore I don’t know what this is no idea someone put a lot of time into
it there’s a couple sheave block things fuck if I know looking up we didn’t discuss our rig
is a very heavy duty double spreader lots of stays especially for a sloop
rig the chain plates are welded in like a 3/4 inch aluminum I know there’s gonna be a lot of chatter about like ahh good like galvanic corrosion they look good
heavy solid tighten this shit up good to go forward of me is our anchoring
station my anchoring station that’s one of my my jobs on the board one of many, couple I suppose it’s nice and deep it’s a deep well so
if you’re like getting pooped by waves you feel safe even though it’s a false
security you feel like you’re tight to the boat at least you’re in a hole we
have a manual Sampson Lawrence what the fuck is that thing. windlass. I know it’s a
windlass it’s a sea something oh it’s really starting to rain now five five but good windlass OHH Here we go! it’s good roller furler, ok great let’s go inside we’ll finish the tour video in more of
a coffee variety as opposed which will be less fun but I’ll probably be more
informative if that’s your if you’re watching us it’s not for information
I assume but you should definitely change channels if it’s for information but
we’ll do in the am with more coffee and I will point out some more features of the
boat that we like and I hope you like too okay okay I’m ready
we’re doing it yeah oh okay what’s your rode, whats our rode I actually have no idea
what our chain is tell you the truth we have our previous Rocna from our smaller
boat so right now we have like a little lunch hook of an anchor but and then we
have 3/8 chain that’s marked in increments I don’t know what the
increments are so right now I put three sets out which is numbers we’re gonna
check that when we get to the yard we’re gonna dump it all out so we will
measure it it’s just temporarily the way it is
nice roller harken roll, is it harken Profurler, Profurler roller
Furler very nice easy to clean easy to maintain everything’s out in the open
spray it down with water no lubrication needed this, this Bee is our inner
fore stay, removable inner fore stay for our storm jib that swings back and forth
on that little track I was talking about previously last night whew fuck me it’s hot
can we call it, is that good I don’t really want to do a call-out this time though
yeah I’m really not interested in hearing from these folks about my mumbling if you guys enjoyed these tours and would like them to continue
shoot a little comment down on what you want me to tour next whether it be my workshop more
in-depth someone else’s boat the dinghy I mean it’s up to you whatever you guys
want I’m just I’m just here okay bye guys

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