Tips for SSHRC scholarship and fellowship applicants

Tips for SSHRC scholarship and fellowship applicants

Well the goal of the talent program is to support students and postdoctoral researchers to develop the next generation of leaders and researchers not only in academia, but in the private, public and nonprofit sectors And within the talent program we offer scholarship and fellowship funding opportunities geared towards master’s students doctoral students as well as postdoctoral researchers And it’s also those who are recipients of these awards are selected through an independent nair review process my top piece of advice would be that in the midst of your summer work and research plans barbecues and days at the beach to start planning and crafting your application. It takes a great deal of time to draft a solid research proposal. In addition to that it takes also a lot of time to collect your letters appraisal as well as your transcripts Also starting early allows you the time to contact your your colleagues your peers on your research proposal and ask them to review your draft proposal and provide their advice. But lastly and most importantly we all we get frantic calls from applicants days before the deadline so my main piece of advice would be to keep track of the application deadlines to ensure that your application is submitted well beforehand to ensure that you avoid any possible delays. I would say to consult the award holders guide. We often hear from award holders that they though they are surprised to hear that they can interrupt their award to start an internship or that they can request paid parental leave they can check out our website specifically in the resource centre area or they can call us at 613-943-7777 or they can email us at [email protected]

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