Tips for Hiring An Attorney for Your Case | Peabody Workers’ Compensation Family Law Bankruptcy

Hi, I’m Attorney Peter Konstantilakis of Konstantilakis
Law. So you have a legal problem and you’d like
to fix it. You’re thinking about hiring an Attorney but
you don’t know where to start. You want to research attorneys as best you
can before you meet them. Ask a friend or family member if they can
refer you to an attorney who specializes in the problem that you’re experiencing. Once you’ve had that referral, check out the
attorney online, see if they have any reviews. Nowadays there are several platforms for clients,
former clients to leave reviews about their experiences with that attorney. I’ve always a very lawyer specific website. On our website you’ll see the Better Business
Bureau rating which is A+, and there’s a link right on our website for clients to leave
a review. Colleagues of mine think this is a risky type
of a thing to have on your website because sometimes somebody might not be happy with
the result in a case and they may blame the attorney for that. We feel that it’s necessary to have that opportunity
for everyone to leave a review, and that way when you’re looking at our reviews you feel
as though they’re being balanced and they’re not just being sought by clients that I’ve
had a good experience. Once you’ve done your research, meet with
the lawyer. Try to do it in person oftentimes meeting
someone face-to-face, looking at them in their eye you’ll get a sense as to whether or not
you can work with this person. If you have any questions give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you

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